Friday, March 07, 2008

Lessons in Leadership: Mike Pressler

Coach Pressler at Practice - Bryant University
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Men's Health Magazine has a featured article about Coach Mike Pressler and the lessons he learned from the Duke Lacross Hoax/Frame. He comments about what his players endured and how their slogan "All In" gave them the strength to persist against the mob mentality in Durham & Duke during the rush to judgement.

Convicted Without Trial

Mike Pressler, the former head coach of Duke University's lacrosse team, lost his dream job because of one person's lie. And that's where his success story begins
By: Bill Stump, Photographs by: Peter Yang

By now you know all about the Duke lacrosse scandal. You've read about the stripper who carried DNA from multiple sex partners but none from the accused. You've seen the exonerated players on TV. You've watched the career of Durham, North Carolina, district attorney Mike Nifong collapse into a heap of reckless ambition.

But there's one character in this uniquely American passion play about whom you still know very little: Mike Pressler, the former head coach of the Duke University lacrosse team and the only university employee to lose a job over the scandal.

Who is Mike Pressler? Here's a start: He's a man who has lived your worst nightmare. He had his dream job, coaching a top-ranked program at an elite university. He had a newly remodeled home a mile from campus made possible by a new 3-year contract, and a healthy, thriving family. His was a rare life in balance. "We really did have it all," he says now.

Then, in a twist that Kafka couldn't have made up, it all flew apart. The job gone. The team gone. The family in disarray. Who is Mike Pressler? He was about to find out. And so are you.

On April 5, 2006, about 3 weeks after the alleged rape of a woman at a lacrosse team party, Duke's athletic director, Joe Alleva, called Pressler into his office. The story was gaining momentum in the national media, and pressure was mounting on the university to do something, anything.

"We're thinking about canceling the rest of the season," Alleva informed him.

"Let's wait for the truth to come out," Pressler responded. The players' DNA test results were imminent.

"It's not about the truth anymore, Mike," Alleva said.... (Read the complete Article)

The Three Civil Complaints filed by the 2006 Lacrosse team members and their families against the multiple defendants from the City of Durham and their PD, Durham DA's Office, DNASI, & Duke University are about the truth now!

"All in, all the way, no matter what!"

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Anonymous said...

The Presslers have been a wonderful example of responding to the hatred that was the mob in Durham & Duke. I am sure it was difficult. Now it is about the truth & now they are standing tall as we finding out just what a great family they are!

Brodhead needs to be fired.

Anonymous said...

I always thought it was hypocritical of Duke not to have taken any action against Chauncey Nartey who sent the threatening e-mail, yet Ryan McFayden was suspended for his.

Anonymous said...

ok, ok, Pressler is a nice man.

You guys are overdoing this shit.

He's basically an ugly middle-aged man who is a very good coach.

He got the shaft and in return he probably got millions. ok.

This post is shit!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that Coach Pressler would have preferred to live in peace, raise his family in peace and coach in peace rather than all the strife and money.

Anonymous said...

Why are posters who claim to hate the stuff on this blog always reading and making comments here? Just don't read here.

Anonymous said...

Those who appreciate the point of this blog, DIW, and others are also aware there is a 6:59 in every crowd. So just "Walk on By". Thanks Miss Warwick.

Jim in San Diego said...


You acknowledge that Coach Pressler "got the shaft".

Who gave him the shaft?

Why is that person still employed at Duke?

Jim Peterson

Anonymous said...

Still employed at Duke? Well, it is a right to work state. Duke does not appear to be on your side, Jim.

Anonymous said...

6:59: Have you considered masturbation as an alternative to coming here?

Anonymous said...


Have you considered getting laid instead of spending your time getting off on other people's lives?

Bet your tail is glued to that chair.

Anonymous said...

And you're so busy getting laid that you spend all of your time trolling this board, even though nobody wants you here?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of you know Mike Pressler personally. Let me enlighten you-- he is an absolute media-whore who has milked this situation for millions. He is an abusive coach who condones physically hitting and choking his players. While in his "prime" at Duke, he was banned from riding the team bus for a while after he physically assaulted a player. He is also a disgusting example of poor sportsmanship, as he once made the Brown University team change on their bus instead of using his locker room at Duke. He claims to have close ties to his players and their parents, but then why do former Duke players warn Bryant University students about him? Why does he think he is too good to ever meet with the parents of his new players? The man is a fraud.

Anonymous said...



Like brutal, man.