Monday, April 28, 2008

Don’t get NIFONGED again!

Freda Black's Campaign released photos of ADA Cline sitting second chair at Lacrosse Case Hearing and wearing Nifong for DA t-shirt in election bid!

This morning the following Ad was run in the Herald-Sun by Friends for Freda Black


Cline: “I didn’t have any personal information about what went on in the Lacrosse case, other than what the media reported.” (Herald Sun - October 28, 2007)


If she had no information other than what was reported in the media, why did Cline advise police investigators to prepare the Non Testimonial Order that started the whole fiasco?

During Nifong’s Ethics hearing, Durham Police Officers stated under oath that the District Attorney’s office “thought it was a good idea to go ahead and do a Non Testimonial Order” and that it was Cline they spoke to.

Under direct questioning at the hearing, one officer testified that Cline “was there at some of the Lacrosse hearings” and that “Cline said that she read over our case file.”

At Nifong’s contempt of court hearing, current District Attorney, David Saacks, testified that Cline was “prepared to assist Nifong in the prosecution of the Duke Lacrosse case.”


But....Cline says she had “no information” about the case?
Durham has had one prosecutor whose words didn’t match the facts do we REALLY want another?

Don’t get NIFONGED again!

Attorney General Roy Cooper declared Mike Nifong a rogue prosecutor. Cline now criticizes Nifong’s handling of the case.


Addressing the Lacrosse debacle, Cline suggested Nifong got himself in trouble by not conferring with other prosecutors about the strength -- or lack thereof -- of his case, and also by making too many comments to the media. (Herald Sun - April 13, 2008.)

But, seven months into the national disgrace, Cline sported her “Vote Nifong” t-shirt and said: “I have always supported Mike Nifong as DA and I continue to do so.” (Herald Sun - September 28, 2006)


Cline was a part of that office when all those media comments were being made, yet she was silent as Durham was deceived before a national audience; silent when Durham voters were manipulated with false information and false prosecutions.
Cline has since agreed “that attorneys have a duty to report unethical conduct among their colleagues.” (Herald Sun – October 28, 2007)


Then why didn’t she report Nifong’s misconduct to the NC State Bar?


As a taxpayer of Durham, do you want to continue seeing Durham in the headlines? Fallout from the DukeLacrosse case will continue in the courts as the many lawsuits move forward. Cline will be called upon to testify.

How much more embarrassment and negative media attention should Durham be subjected to?

In my opinion, taxpayers want no part of the embarrassing Nifong regime.
Durham has been Nifonged once. We deserve a fresh start!



Anonymous said...

The slime assumes a different shape and attempts to slither back into office.

Anonymous said...

This should have been the editorial in the HS endorsing Freda Black...


Anonymous said...

Cline was endorsed by the Independent -- reason enough to vote for someone else.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, at this point, it takes great optimism to hope that Durham will finally make one good choice for its own well-being. Their track record is very poor. Tracy Cline is certainly not the answer.