Saturday, April 26, 2008

LieStoppers Forum Hacked

Someone hacked into the LieStoppers Forum and brought down the board. Be very wary of anything posted on LieStoppers Forum at this time.

We expect false information to be spread.

We will update you


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation.

Anonymous said...

No need to be wary, I can't get onto the discussion board.

But I know it will be back. This too shall pass.

Anonymous said...

Been wondering what has been happening. Maybe the hackers are Tracy Cline-Mike Nifong supporters..... ;)

f1guyus said...

Pushback from the liars.

Anonymous said...

What jerks 0 who would do that?

Anonymous said...

Well, there's only one campaign that would have any interest in disrupting this forum.

agatha said...

Thanks for the info
Is anyone able to log in at all?

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to hack the Lie Stoppers forums?

f1guyus said...

You Liestoppers are clearly gaining some traction in the legacy media. Keep up the good work. It must be having an effect on the hoaxers.

Anonymous said...

See also:

Anonymous said...

The hacker is from TalkLeft and her name was In my humble opinion.

This is inmyhumbleopinion.

By IMHO. I witnessed it myself.

This is her, absolutely no doubt:


Yvonne Yvette
San Jose


1/1/1956 (Age: 52) 8/1956 (Age: 51) 1/31/1957 (Age: 50) 758 LODGEWOOD CT SAN JOSE CA 95120-2221 Nov 93 - Oct 06 (408) 268-9276 - Active YOCOM Y Y

750 LODGEWOOD CT SAN JOSE CA 95120-2221 Nov 93 - May 97 (408) 268-9276

She also goes by Yvonne Hurley and sometimes uses the email address:


Anonymous said...

Does someone really have proof that this poster, inmyhumbleopinion, is actually responsible for the forums being hacked?

I sure hope so.

And, if she is the individual responsible for all the problems, I hope she will get what's coming to her!

Anonymous said...

if this is indeed a Califronia citizen they have made a big mistake. In Califronia you can be bring action against a spammer or hacker it allows for fines of $1,000 for each offense.

Anonymous said...

Lets see some evidence before accusing anyone.

Anonymous said...

Yvonne Hurley???

Anonymous said...

Do not attempt to login: the password spoof may me in play which would capture your login and password for later use.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is evidence.

Logs that were saved from the public siteminder.

Her ISP is dlsextreme and she's from San Jose. She has hacked other sites in the past.

Sarah D said...

Lets not accuse IMHO or expose her identity unless we are absolutely sure that it is her.

Making accusations without is something we all got together to prevent, so do we know for certain that it is her?

I have been off line for a few days, what happened and how was the board hacked?


Anonymous said...

Thought the site was hocked the other day. Now confirmed. Hope baldo can trace it back to its source and get the disruptor. lets all go over to nogongs house and check his computer. lol lolo

Anonymous said...

Looks like TL has taken down a thread concerning the hacking here.

Anonymous said...

The cave has a thread going about the hacking of LS and some there are laughing about it.


Anonymous said...

well, until we are back up, some OT news. It is being reported in the local RTP area press that our favorite Johnny Dawkins will be leaving to take the head coaching job at stanford. Good luck and much success to JD.

Anonymous said...

In the event TL is not up and running tomorrow morning, I will be posting the Blog and Media Roundup Thread as usual at Free Republic at the normal time, early AM.

I'm not inclined to try and put up with Jeralyn's histrionics.

Walter Abbott

D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan said...

Dear Liestoppers,

As you know I have linked to your site regularly since you went online, and your most recent articles are linked each day in my sidebar as a regular feature of The Liberty Sphere.

Of late I have been receiving strange messages from those who obviously have an ax to grind with your work. It's a good thing I moderate my comment section, or else they would have put this jibberish all over my website.

I thought nothing of it at first--we all come across wackos when we blog. But then I read where your message board has been hacked.

Thus, this is a heads-up to all of you at Liestoppers; apparently you are under attack from those who resent the truth coming out about Durham, Duke, the three innocent lacrosse players, their accuser, and anyone else who was part of the corruption.

I simply thought it would be helpful for you to know how potentially widespread the attempt is to attack you.

With warmest regards,
D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan
The Liberty Sphere

Anonymous said...

The Almaden Times story is about a couple of ladies who run the LL snack bar. Maybe somebody didn't get rnough mustard on their hot dog.

Anonymous said...

Well, just damn. Jeralyn's awfully touchy these days. She just banned me from TL.

Apparently the Leftist Legal cabal is really nervous about the the truth coming out.


emmy said...

I'm with Sarah in not condemning anyone specifically until more is known. IMHO has been checking out LS since its inception-it seems odd that only now, at this late date, she would hack LS. I'm a computer dummy-is it for certain hacked, or is it just some huge glitch?

Carolyn said...

Sorry, People, but my own personal take is that this can't be unrelated to the Duke IT department. If that department wants to sue me for defamation of character, phooey on them - go ahead and do it. But I've been suspicious for some time about them. IMO, they're the ones that connected the dirty dots of Tara, Gottlieb and the Gang, etc., in those early days. The pot bangers got together too damned quickly for them to have merely bumped into one another in the hallways with a 'guess what happened at that lacrosse party' gossip. And someone alerted Gottlieb. It was not days but only hours after EVERYONE on this case washed their hands of it that Gottlieb bullied everyone to give him the case. That's too short a time for a porker like him to have sniffed out the details. Someone fed them to him!

My suspicion radar about that place really started buzzing last year when an anonymous person on the Board attacked a poster who innocently suggested Duke IT could have had a hand in all this. The attacker went after the poster so quickly and so nastily my suspicion radar went off the scales. And now it's going off again.

Okay, okay - just because you're paranoid doesn't mean someone's not out to get you. And I'm certain the Duke IT would love to 'get' this Board.

f1guyus said...

Carolyn Said;

My thoughts exactly. And like I said before, there is serious money and power at stake here. Also the accusation directed at the person in the bay area is sure to be misdirection.

f1guyus said...

Think about the timing. Lawsuit amended with some very specific allegations directed at the Duke BOT and its chairman who also happens to be a powerful politician. Then a reporter for a local paper writes a good story reporting on the actual substance of the amended lawsuit. The story goes up on the Liestoppers forum and someone takes the forum down. Too many coincidences for my tastes.

wwwdotbored said...

To all --

-- the most visible public display right now is the election. If a particular weblog gets traction with the electorate, then by definition, it will attract the attention of those who can gain by being elected.

Obviously, this site has attracted the attention of very serious players and players that have access to superior computer skills.

Obama is central to this. His recent visit to 'Frisco is a testament to his willingness to use the technologic superiority for both good (i.e. fundraising) and bad(i.e. hacking and disrupting the message of foes).

O'Bama. And Reverand Wright. Birds of a feather.

Do not trust O'Bama and his links to Silicon Valley.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. We shall disembowel them and use their intestines for boudin casing.


Agatha said...

JimR pulled the thread again..

abb, remember when you were banned from FR that time and suddenly everyone was pm'ing the mods in an attempt to get you back? :-) I just thought about that...

"I witnessed it" Does that mean
1. I watched her at the keyboard
2. I saw the LS stats that are not available to the rest of us (the more detailed ones)

Anonymous said...

MMMM, Boudin. And pasta with pesto.
And a nice Barbera. MMMMM

Anonymous said...

Agatha, I think you are correct about the stats, that is where the hacker got in. I don't know what abb witnessed, but I believe I know, if fact I know who caused yesterdays shutdown. I PMed Baldo with my home phone #, but he never called me. I was hoping by talking to him directly he and his techs could resolve this problem.


Anonymous said...

You guys, it was Yvonne Yvette Yocom,
and the same IP address that goes back to IMHO from the TL days.

It's obvious and known. There is no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Did my earlier post regarding political dirty tricks not pass muster? That the Obama campaign is behind this?


Anonymous said...

why wasn't my comment approved, I think that I know who caused this meltdown.

Anonymous said...

It's the story in the H-S that triggerd this. As long as a few hundred people were reading Liestoppers every day the Duke BOT could safely ignore you guys and all your hard work. As soon as an unfavorable story made the H-S down went the forum.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to an update on the status of the forum and when it might be operational once again.


Anonymous said...

There has been a lot of political talk recently on the board in addition to analysis of the origins of the frame. The Addison/Gottlieb thread today had some extremely insightful analysis by none other than our Tony, JSwift and too many to name at the moment. In addition a thread on some fundraising activity on behalf of a candidate for DA. I would strongly suspect a leftwing Dem. of this activity before some of the buffoons we have seen playing games in the hoax, except of course, if Cash somehow took a crash course in computer technology. Duke and Durham will be smoked out by the plaintiffs' attorneys no matter what happens to LS and the Duke IT will be unable to prevent it. Right now my money is on the Dems.

Anonymous said...

Check you FR account Agatha

There is no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Anybody going to Cville for the ACC lax finals on Sunday?
See you there, let's GO Duke!


PS, come on now, who would name their kid Yvette Yvonne? Not eve Crusty would try that.

Mitchell said...

Is it safe to sign in yet?

LTC8K6 said...

succisa virescit

Anonymous said...

It's Yvonne Yvette not the othew way around.

And there's no accounting for what people call their kids.

Anonymous said...

I still can't sign in as of 10:25 p.m.

I can only play so much spider solitaire. LOL


Anonymous said...

I would not try to sign in until baldo says its ok to sign in again. Keep an eye here or over at john in carolina for news.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to Charlottesville, weezie. Hope to see you there--if I can figure out who you are!--Buddy

Anonymous said...

This appears to be a DOS- Denial of service attack. Do a Google search on it. A DOS hack is not that difficult.

Anonymous said...

The site isn't coming up tonight or tomorrow or the next day. Continue to check in and post here.

Hang in there Clowns!

Yes, LTC!

succisa virescit!

Wise words!

Anonymous said...

I have this slow-witted friend who didn't see the warning, and typed in his hooligan handle and password. Are there any steps he should take?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the message on the page says,

"Sorry, you are not permitted to use this board"

That will lead many casual users and guests to assume that they are now being denied access on an individual basis--hence, they may not return.

I suggest everyone contact those whom they know to be interested in Liestoppers and let them know that the entire site has been hacked.


longtabber said...

Hang in there Hooligans

They have shown just how nervous they are

Anonymous said...

A disgrunted former poster (R) posted details about LS addresses at the cave.

I miss LS.

Anonymous said...

How do you get to the cave?

Anonymous said...

People Pages

Y Y Yocom
758 Lodgewood Ct
San Jose, CA 95120-2221

Anonymous said...

How do you get to the cave?

Caution: Make sure you clear cookies before entering. (IMHO)