Monday, September 15, 2008

Plaintiffs attorneys reply to Nifong's appeal

The attorneys for the three former Duke University Lacrosse players file a brief in response to Nifong's appeal to overturn the Bankruptcy Judge's decision which disallowed his attempt to escape the civil lawsuit against him by filing bankruptcy.

"Nifong admits that his bankruptcy filing was not an attempt to work out debts with creditors but a tactic to short-circuit the District Court action and obtain a discharge that would free him to avoid responsibility for his alleged wrongdoing," a motion filed on Monday in U.S. District Court states. WRAL

In contrast to Nifong's memo of 15 August where he quotes Shakespeare by invoking the memory of Shylock the Plaintiffs stuck with legal precedent and quoted the law.

Brief of Plaintiffs-Appealles

Supporting Exhibit

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Joshua said...

If Nifong loses the trial could he still discharge the debt in bankruptcy or does the decision of the bankruptcy court mean it would survive his filing?

Anonymous said...

Wow, the reply brief filed on behalf of the 3 Duke Lax Hoax victims just devastates Nifong's almost comical appeal. The attorneys at C&B are experts, and their brief just oozes with professionalism and razor-sharp confidence. Nifong's effort to hide behind the bankruptcy code just took its final, fatal hit. This isn't even close folks, not a fair fight at all.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a tangled web we weave,
when our endeavor's to deceive.

Nifong is not the only Durham employee guilty of malfeasance.
More to come .... and the myriad attorneys' fees just keep rising.

Anonymous said...

how's the 38 player lawsuit against the city and school coming along?

As for NiFong... I still can't get myself to feel sorry for this *ssh*le! If he was allowed to get his way, three innocent boys would be in prison for 30 years and their parents would be sued by Crystal Gail Mangum's parents for probably millions.

NiFong made himself a place in history right along side people like... well he's not as bad as Hitler, and Hillary is still better than him.

Oh I can't think right now. I got off too light with an overnight camp-out in jail. NiFong deserved more days in jail - with a huge, fat, hairy black guy who misses his girlfriend and who had smuggled in a bottle of Viagra. I guess the best I can hope for is that he gets an ulcer and the sedation wears out during his colonoscopy.

I really hate this guy - maybe hate is a too strong a word, but he put all those boys through hell. He used the powers of the city and knowledge of the laws to attack these boys and tortured them for over a year! I think I hate him because he scares me and there could be other Nifongs still out there.