Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sept 11, 2001

A 8:46 am that morning, life changed for all of us. The Lacrosse communites of New York and New Jersey were impacted as they had family members who either worked at the World Trade Center or were among the emergency responders.

We pay our respect today to those that died in that attack and those who gave their life in trying to save their fellow citizens.


Anonymous said...

It started off as such a beautiful day. Standing at the train station that morning. The sky was so blue. Not a cloud in the sky. My travel buddy and I both said "What a great day!"

Later that morning, my little boy was playing ball in the yard with his dad. He said "Daddy, look at the rocket ships!" Military jets were traveling very fast and very low over the house. Then the phone rang. It was a friend who worked at the State department telling my husband to turn on the TV. Right after he turned on the TV, the second plane hit World Trade Center.

Minutes separating the second airliner that struck the World Trade Center and the fighter jets trying to catch up to it: 8 minutes.

We later found out that a priest we knew was on the plane that left Logan Airport. He had been traveling standby to visit his sister in California and a seat became available for him. We asked outselves why did such a good man have to die such a violent death? All we could think of was that he must have provided comfort to those poor people in the last few minutes of their lives.

At church Sunday, we heard the names of our neighbors who had perished.

Anonymous said...

I remember watching it on the news when the first tower was hit. I argued with co-workers that it couldn't have been an accident. When the second building was hit, It was clear is was no accident. I still remember people jumping to their deaths. it was horrible and now it's become too political