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To the pundits who claim that the civil suits are excessive, ….to disgraced D.A. Mike Nifong whose legal responses indicate he sees himself as a man “more sinned against than sinning,”…. to the former posters who feel it’s time we all close up shop and move on…the definitive rebuttal to all those arguments has now been made. Not by any Liestopper…no…but by Ms. Crystal Mangum herself!

In a college classroom last Spring at North Carolina A&T State University , she began what must be her “Ream the System /Reap the Whirlwind Tour” by reasserting her discredited, false accusations against the Duke Lacrosse team. No need to wait for her book or media launch, folks

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…just push replay and choose your personal favorite from “Crystals Greatest Lies of 2006. “

Here is the complete account from the school newspaper:


The A&T Register Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Woman behind Duke lacrosse scandal speaks out

Accuser talks to Aggies about being a student again after controversy surrounding trial faded

Alexandria Harper

It was called a scandal but made into mockery.

The Duke lacrosse case hit radio and television stations by storm in 2007. Reporters from media outlets around the country scrambled to provide day to-day updates on Crystal Gail Mangum, the accuser, and three Duke Lacrosse players; Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and David Evans, the accused.

Mangum, a former exotic dancer and escort, accused these men of sexual assault in Mid-March of 2006.

The investigation dragged on for over a year and was finally dismissed by Attorney General Roy Cooper.

The case was never argued in court and Mangum has yet to have her say about what happened. She still believes she needs to set the record straight.

On Thursday, April 2, Mangum made a surprise visit to Crosby Hall. Her appearance was only made known to a few select students enrolled in Dr. Myra Shird’s Argumentation and Debate class.

Preparations for Mangum’s visit were ongoing all semester. Students researched details of the case but were never really sure if Mangum would actually appear.

As Mangum took her seat, silence overtook the classroom. Students, eager to ask questions, began organizing notes and uncapping pens to write down her responses.

The class was witnessing history as this was the first time Mangum addressed a live audience to tell her story.

Dressed in a beige blouse and black necklace, Mangum read a prepared statement. She gave an overview of her position and then opened for questions One of the first questions asked was how she got the job dancing for the Duke Lacrosse players that night.

Mangum said, “I worked for an escort service connected to the nightclub and was hired to dance at the party.” Once her involvement was made clear, another student asked where and how did the attack take place.

Mangum said, “She was sexual assaulted by three men from behind and then sodomized by what she believed to be a broom stick.”

James Blocker, a senior Liberal Studies major, touched on a very sensitive issue when he asked, “Was the attack racially motivated?”

Mangum responded, “I was sexually assaulted by three people and they used racial slurs.”

In the heat of discussion a student posed a hypothetical question.

One said, “46 out of the 47 Duke Lacrosse players were DNA tested for possible semen excretion into the accuser’s body

The 47th member was not tested because he was black. Is it possible this 47th member could be the missing link in this case?”

Mangum said, “Absolutely not, my attackers were white.”

The same student wanted to know what Mangum thought about the CBS interview of Kim Roberts done by the late Ed Bradley.

Roberts, a second dancer present at the party was asked of Mangum’s condition after the alleged sexual assault took place.

Roberts said, “She [Mangum] obviously wasn’t hurt, she was fine.”

The student went on further to ask Mangum, “Why would she say that.”

Mangum replied “I believe Kim Roberts was paid off to not say anything.”

As questions of intent and motive were answered students left the discussion feeling a bit unsure of what to believe. Mangum’s powerful in class testimony altered many minds.

Some undergraduates more skeptical of Mangum’s commentary and felt there was no substantive evidence to prove her story. All students did however agree that justice was not served.

Missing DNA evidence found throughout the house was ruled out before police properly evaluated it. Assumptions regarding both the lacrosse players and Mangum character distorted much of the facts.

District Attorney Mike Nifong was disbarred due to his mismanagement of the case. These missing pieces combined made for a nasty situation.

Mangum however is looking forward. The soon to be N.C. Central alum, is set to publish a book entitled “The Last Dance for Grace” and hopes to set the record straight.

Mangum said, “She is striving to get her PhD and to open a group home for sexually assaulted women.” the Yard

The overwhelming amount of exculpatory evidence and testimony that was reviewed by NC special prosecutors and the NC State Bar proved there was but one “crime” committed (initially) in this case: a false accusation by Mangum herself. The havoc and upheaval her lies brought to the three accused young men, their teammates, their families, the community of Durham, race relations, and real rape victims was yet somehow swept away in a moment of either state benevolence or political “necessity” and Mangum was deemed too mentally afflicted to be accountable.

Oh yes.

Quite a gift, don’t you think? Yes, Mangum was given a second chance, a new start. Indeed we saw the clip of her strutting her stuff to pick up her “magna cum laude” degree in (dear God!) criminal justice at NCCU...big grin on her face…enjoying the joys of a graduation celebration her despicable lies denied to Dave Evans. Miss Magna Cum Laude with the Mental Afflictions was not named in any of the civil suits either. Nope, no consequences for Crystal at all. A free pass. A sweet deal from the Pols in Raleigh to keep the locals happy (elections require compromise, you know.) And a show of compassion from the families she savaged.

But I guess Mangum is too greedy to be grateful. Too crass to be cautious. She is Magna cum Lousy with her delight in her “celebrity.” Pole Dancer’s gonna pump this lie like it was the pole at the Platinum Club. But guess who is ultimately going to pay, Taxpayers of Durham? You need no motel room to watch her pleasure herself with her lies this time. While the civil suits hang in the balance, and Nifong’s guitars go on the block…Crystal is on the stroll again…starting with this college classroom. Making the case that the defamation to these young men, to their teammates, continues relentlessly. She drives home the point that the emotional attacks on them and their families are unabated. She is living PROOF that the Duke Lacrosse Frame is not over. Mangum exploits it, inflames it…asserts her defamations publicly!

She is the poster girl for why the civil suits MUST go on, why this story MUST be loudly and completely TOLD. She demonstrates now that the State of North Carolina must investigate this liar and prosecute her. She is not worthy of compassion, only of Justice.

Here’s a shout-out to Dick Brodhead..who wants to turn the page. To Mike Nifong, who wants this all to go away. To Tara Levicy , in New England, who wants to start a new life. To Linda Williams at the N&O who wants readers to forget the “New to dancing” interview and the Wanted Poster.

Get ready. Your shy “victim” is on the prowl again.

Here’s a head’s up to Gottlieb, Himan, Wilson and all of the not-so-deep pockets on the line in the civil suits. To Kim Roberts, whom Mangum told the N&O was a rape victim, whom she told investigators stole her money, whom she told this class was a bribe taker. To Cash Roberts, who made Sister Survivor into a community role model.

To all those who say “It’s over, move on, those kids are fine.”


Crystal is back as the personification of the damages STILL being inflicted, the monstrous lie STILL being promoted, the Durham Frame that so many PUSHED and Mangum is taking public again. She’s proving the merits of the lawsuit! While the Lacrosse players were removed from their education and their families were spending tens of thousands per month on attorneys fees, Mangum was being upgraded in her lifestyle by the State Victim’s fund and provided with housing for over a year. Her education was being paid for by the Jackson foundation. What a magna cum lucky lowlife, huh?

Hey, all you single Moms..going to school and working full time at Walmart, does lying get you a great deal or what?

Mangum is bumping and grinding it home to everyone that until and unless this goes to trial, until and unless every dirty detail, every shameful secret and every last lie comes out, she WILL NOT STOP defaming these kids. The only way to control her is to crush her lies and those of her enablers. This cannot even be about settling the lawsuit or papering lies over with money…she will just continue her outrageous smears. She has proven SHE WILL NEVER STOP. This has to be about EXPOSURE and ACCOUNTIBILITY.

For her.

For those in Durham and those in Duke who gave her the platform she now occupies from which to continue to propagate FALSE ACCUSATION. YOU bestowed upon her this power with your enabling lies!

She is the vicious Rottweiler that Durham Framers tried to describe as their harmless little Precious…and hoped would remain forever kenneled so the truth of her reality and THEIRS would be obscured. But she’s off the chain and attacking again…and guess what, Durham and Duke? The more she reveals of HERSELF…the more she reveals of YOU! She is a professional at exposing herself…but she will expose YOU as well: your Hoax “contributions” your criminality, your complete idiocy at promoting her lies as truth. Count on it! The more we see of her, the more we KNOW of you!

It’s time that Mangum learns the meaning of accountability. She is a Magna Cum Laude liability to anyone who might ever employ her, befriend her, or be alone in an elevator with her. She has made two (known) separate sets of false rape accusations, against Black young men and white young men. She is an equal opportunity menace. She needs to be held accountable by someone, somehow, sometime …at last.

That time is NOW.

Over the past years, the Lacrosse families have never spoken a public word against Mangum. Because of her lies, they’ve endured health issues, public scorn and the vicious hatred of the “Something Happened “crowd. Because of her lies, they are saddled with infamy and notoriety forever. They keep paying for her lies...with lost opportunities, questioned reputations, undeserved disdain. They keep paying, paying, paying. Meanwhile Pole Dancer is seeing all this as her big Pay-off…her big chance to prosper.

Mangum’s lifestyle was excused in some quarters as a necessity to pay for school…thereby demeaning the hardworking single Moms , Black and white , who work two or three jobs to achieve the same end AND provide their children with a role model of reverence and respect. But now we see her addiction to easy money, her infatuation with the fast buck. Now we see her mindset of exploitation, herself or anybody else. She is a Magna Cum Laude Leech.She is the “priveleged one.” Priveleged to always take the cheap, easy way at someone else’s expense. By God, one way or the other, Crystal’s gonna git herself some money “from those white boys.”

Whatever, good intentions gave her a second chance at life… Mangum has returned “grace” with grotesque behavior. But she has become the best and most compelling argument of the absolute necessity of the civil suits. She is proving the continued and compounded damages to these kids.

And she has stunningly and finally put to rest the reasoning that…”It is time to move on.”


Anonymous said...

This should make Brodhead and the "88" happy. Why didn't he demand they apologize to the Lacrosse Players? Oh, they were too busy debating the definition of regret.

Durham and Duke are going to pay Big-Time for Crystal's lies.

f1guyus said...

Not hard to figure out why Crystal is doing this, she still thinks there's money to be made, Were I one of the three families I'd be cueing up a really big lawsuit with her as the defendant right about now.

Anonymous said...

Criminal Justice Degree? I smell the position of Attorney General in an Obama Administration. No wait,I smell something else, Does Summer's Eve come in gallon containers.

Gunslingerpatriot said...

When I heard about this a few weeks ago, it started to make my blood boil and would have hoped that there would be something of an apology.

Sad to say its not going to happen anytime soon.

For any guy that has been falsely accused of a sex crime that they didn't commit just to hear that you can't blame the "victim"/accuser because the
accused were found to be innocent rings very hollow.

Colin, David and Reade you guys are the face of what men have been going through for years and you are to be commended for fighting the good fight against a system that has become bigoted against white males over the last 25 years.

My hope is that Crystal doesn't make one penny off her book, and that she become Target #1 in a civil suit and she is criminally charged for her crimes against these guys-there is absolutely no execuse for this.


Anonymous said...

OJ got his this week. But it did not bring back his wife and Ron Goldman from the dead.

Mangum will some day get hers.

We will have to wait and see whether justice will prevail in this life for the Lacrosse players.

Meanwhile, my respect for them, their families, their legal teams, and LIESTOPPERS is ever-increasing.

This suit is not about vindicating them. They have already been vindicated. It is about bringing the REAL criminals to justice.

It still boggles my mind that Crystal was not charged. If she was mentally capable of attending the university, she was capable of being charged with malicious and false accusations.

Why did the defense attorneys not DO THIS????

Anonymous said...

As always, well done.

Anonymous said...

Since only a chosen few can actually make comments on the Liestoppers Board, and I am not one of those, I want to point out that several acknowledgments were made on DurhamInWonderland, crediting Baldo with the recent revelations about Mangum. Of course KC may be too enmeshed in the Obama Surge to have given first-hand hattip to Baldo, but at least some on that blog have done so.

unbekannte said...

I wonder what Wendy Murphy thinks of CGM's claim that Kim Roberts was paid off. Wendy has asserted Crystal was paid off not to testify. Crystal herself for all her delusions has never made that claim. I think her "book" would be a tacit admission she was not paid off.

unbekannte said...

Permit me another comment. If Crystal's testimony is so powerful, why doesn't she take it to court. If she was the victim of a wrong such as a gang rape, she has the option of a civil suit. Many lawyers would represent a plaintiff with a strong case on a contingency fee basis.

Crystal SHOULD be added as a defendant to the three lacrosse players' suit. She should be required to give her powerful testimony under oath and subject to cross examination by someone other than some sycophant set up audience.

It is obvious Crystal does not want to go to court. Ergo she does not have a strong case. She has no case at all.

Debrah said...

There's only one solution to this continued insanity.

Joe Cheshire alluded to it recently in his interview about the upcoming "book".

He mentioned that all of Mangum's tawdry records and history were kept from public view.

That needs to change.

And it will.

I predict that the lacrosse attorneys will have to go after this destructive woman.

She is deliberately perpetuating more lies, which have already been proven false, in order to continue to profit financially.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post and an enraging one to say the least. If I were the families, I would slap her into the next month with a lawsuit and bleed hers and whomever is propping her up dry in legal fees. What a totally worthless POS this woman is.

maltesse3 said...

Tim Tyson and his Buddy Peder Zane at the N&O will be at the Regulator book store in Durham Oct 20, to discuss "Race and the 2008 elections"...

Anyone wanting to attend may want to ask Tim about his Inflammatory remarks and His Words to Stand By in Duke Lacrosse Hoax.
And ask Tim about his lying in his book BDSMN. Here is just a few of the lies in his book at

And what makes him think he is qualified to discuss Race and Elections when he don't even know how to tell the truth...

Maybe CM show go attend since she's got that degree.She can get some lecturing tips from the Professional Race baiter Tim.

Here is the URL to the Book store advertising this CIRCUS SHOW.


Anonymous said...

Why does she continue to lie ?

Anonymous said...

Because to people like her, lying is akin to breathing. If she stops then she'll cease to exist because nobody will be paying attention to her.

Nobody in the legal system wants to punish her because they know that Crystal Mangum is just one of thousands of false rape accusers in America who are enabled to lie. The Crystal Mangums keep the abuse industry and Nazis like Wendy Murphy in business. Punish Crystal Mangum and all the other liars will stop reporting their sick fantasies; business will dry up. And even worse than that, the public will start to realize that there are tens of thousands of innocent men languishing in prison. They might even start demanding dna testing for men who were falsely convicted of rape, and that would lead to even more prosecutors getting in trouble.