Monday, April 18, 2011

A Man cannot escape his Fortune Cookie

The place-card by the won-ton soup
Said it was Dickie’s chair.
The delicacies kept coming
But Dickie wasn’t there.

The dignitaries shook their heads
His absence was so odd.
He had been watching CNN
Then shouted out ...“Oh GOD!”

The Face that launched his Apology Tour
And a million faculty smears
Had just been indicted...MURDER ONE
The culmination of Dick’s career.

Up to his lovely room he ran
The blot slipped in the door.
(Friends say when things upset him
He’s “hid”like this before.)

He lay there on the hotel bed
He felt...”more sinning against than sinning”
Should he make like Charlie Sheen?
Call Steele and exclaim... “WINNING.”

No...His tummy was tied up in knots
Why he could hardly breathe..
So he just wrote down ... GREAT BIG NUMBERS
Then 43.

Joan Foster

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Hershel Parker said...

What a team! Majestic Joan Foster and Mighty Baldo!