Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reginald Daye died last night.

Crystal Mangum will face new charges today.

Years of sanctuary in the Church of Political Correctness, at the altar of White Guilt that entitles Black Denial, enabled this tragedy. There will be no introspection in the classes of Wahneema Lubiano today, or in Barry Saunders N&O column or in the pulpits of Durham’s Black community on Sunday. No op-ed will shriek out to Mangum’s handlers...”We Know You KNOW!”

Everything that happened to Sister Survivor is always somebody else's’ fault. Professor Lubiano’s silly word-soup prose is at least understandable to that degree.

She asked us years ago:

"What Does A Social Disaster Sound Like?"

Well, here’s a start.

If I lived near Durham, I would walk into Lubiano’s classroom today with the statement Mangum gave to Ben Himan ...her own description of her life as a 14 year old child in the bosom of Durham’s Black community.

“/28/06 - 0918

1.Called victim [Crystal Mangum] in reference to an earlier sexual assault that she reported at Creedmor police department. She stated that she was dating F_____ at the time.

2. She stated that she had ran away from home on previous times and that she had been found hiding at F____'s house after the police came with a search warrant.

3. She stated that she was used by F____ to sell drugs and take the money to him.

4. She stated that when F____ was not there some men would come over, L____, A_____ and S_____. She stated that she would have sex with them when Floyd was not around.

5. She stated later that the men paid F____ to come over and have sex with her.

6. She stated that one day F_____ confronted the victim about the men that were coming over and having sex with her. She stated that she denied it to him and then he brought the three men to the house.

7. She stated in front of her she asked them and they all said that they had been having sex with her. She stated that F____ grabbed her and they went into the bedroom where she stated three men Mr. F____, A____ and L____ “ran the train on her”

She stated she was very scared .

8, In her voice I could sense that she was becoming very emotional, she stated that she did tell some of her family members about it and that she went to Duke Hospital about a week after the incident. “


This “autobiography” OF A 14 YEAR OLD CHILD...was, of course, available during the Lacrosse Hoax...but this story of the commandeering of a Black child drew no comment from Dick Brodhead. The abandonment of responsibility for this 14 year old by her parents and church and extended Black community...did not drive Professor Lubiano to abandon her own Thesaurus-thumping and go to print again. Nor would the plight of Mangum’s children as she escalated...move any of those in "Our Hearts World" to advocate for their safety.

No, but we did see an example of the enormous energy and passion expended by these folks on...

On a Hoax.

I would ask Lubiano who in the Black community of Durham was “listening” to this 14 year old child as Black men abused her and used her as a drug mule? Where were Crystal's parents, who were so moving in their media interviews when the accused victimizers were white? Where were the Reverends who thundered from their pulpits and marched in the streets and demanded a trial? Where were the Academic Listeners who are paid six-figures to pick at historical scabs?

And where has been their advocacy NOW for Crystal’s children?

"(We) know that the disaster didn’t begin on (April 13th) and won’t end with what the police say or the court decides. Like all disasters, this one has a history. "

Yes, the tragedy of this man’s murder has a “history”... right in Durham’s Black community, its churches, and among the Duke activists. It has a LOUD and VIVID and UNFORGETTABLE history.

Where are all of you when "Whitey" is not in the story? Why are you not out AMONG YOURSELVES...thundering for self-respect, responsibility, and accountability for your own actions and inactions? Why did you push into a Hoax and then leave the story when Mangum’s three children COULD NOT LEAVE?

Mangum, if victimized at 14...was victimized by members of the Black community and failed by members of the Black community. Her children have been victimized and failed by you too.

Mangum, if a paranoid liar at 14 was one again when she accused Collin, Reade and Dave. Many had this knowledge and hid it. You duped your own community. Therefore they and the Lacrosse team were then victimized and failed by you too.

These are YOUR moral failures.

Now Reginald Daye has died.


In the word-soup of Lubiano’s prose, is there ever any reference to Black responsibility? Or would that jeopardize what appears to be the AA Studies core belief...the Plantation mentality that someone ELSE is responsible for YOU?
Is the issue that Black Academia cannot be introspective because that might be a slippery slope to being underfunded, or to being subjected to EQUAL academic workplace expectations? But, hey, the Gig pays well. The Tenured, but achievement-untroubled Aggrieved.

The Circus that convened to keep Sister Survivor up on the High Wire during the Lacrosse Hoax needs to be have their mouths and faces pushed into the Mirror of Accountability. They need to answer for a Black judge who pronounced Mangum...”a good Mother” and returned her to the street, untreated, to kill.

They need to search their souls about the death of Mr. Daye. One suspects though, that he will be as expendable as Mr. Elmostafa.

This is not our grandfathers’ sins we are talking about now. This is the type of Race Solidarity that excuses Mangum, as Jackie Wagstaff, Durham activist, the inability of other races to understand “the Black household.”

How insulting that should be! But the Duke Listeners, so protective of the sensibilities of their minority students... let that type of ugly rhetoric slide. The “n-word” dirties the mouth it emanates from...but Wagstaffs “philosophy” demeans an entire race. ..and not a peep.

Such is the Mindset of the new purveyors of racism and sexism.They keep us divided so they do not have to provide accountability for those they abandon after the Pity Party. They keep us divided because it puts a buck in their pocket, or a vote after their name.

Like Nifong, they all used Mangum.

Time after time, her messes were cleaned up and she was deemed...too crazy to prosecute but not to have custody of her children. Too disoriented to be responsible but not to earn a MAGNA CUM LAUDE degree from NCCU?

This woman who spent long nights trolling motels, gyrating on poles till dawn was either genius enough to attend school every day with SUPERIOR excellence...or that degree is nothing more than a racial “high five” making meaningless all others that were truly EARNED at NCCU.

". . .We want the absence of terror. But we don’t really know what that means . . . We can’t think. That’s why we’re so silent; we can’t think about what’s on the other side of this. "

I’ll tell you...on the other side of this... were three innocent young children...sentenced by both stubborn race-Rah! Rah! support or Whitey-Absence live their daily lives in real terror..not the “terror” of some Coed at Duke.

Where is are the voices that demanded “absence of terror” for Mangum’s children after her LAST setting episode?

Or the absence of terror for Katie Rouse?

Why is no one LISTENING anymore?

Follow the money..the promotions...the self-interest.

Now a man has died.

Let’s keep the humanity of the victim in front of us, hectored Cathy Davidson...Listener-Apologist Extraordinaire.

Indeed let’s do.

His name was Reginald Daye.

His death is the culmination of a Hoax EVERY ONE of YOU Agenda-istas at Duke and in Durham...aided and abetted

....and then abandoned when it no longer worked for you.

YOUR swagger started long ago...and it has ended.... in a man's death and to your everlasting shame.

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