Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Joan Foster & Baldo - "The Cohan Reunion Tourt"

The Quiz Show

Cohan takes...'Mangum Storylines' for Twenty
"Whose pants were set on fire?"
Cohan stumbles and he stutters...
"Reggie Daye?"..."No...ummm...he's...expired."

"Milton Walker!" ..Thanks, Mr Nifong
What category will you try?"
"I'll take "Ruined Reputations"....
That's a specialty of mine.

"What struggling Laboratory
Conspired to hide that DNA?"
Nifong answers.."That was Meehan's
If he'd just practiced what to say!"

Now...Mangum Storylines for forty?
"Was it three men , fifteen or four?
Cornering you in the bathroom...
as your Faux nails hit the floor?"

Nifong mutters darkly
"Gods sake! Get it straight, you dunce"
Mangum answers..."Well in Creedmore
I think it was a bunch."

Cohan strokes her shoulder
"In the Lacrosse house, my hot potato..."
Now.. she answers, quite..."clearheaded"...
"Oh, it was the broomstick...on which I levitated."

"Ruined reputations" for One Hundred...
Whose life has gone from Bull to Bear?"
Nifong shouts out .."I know that!
It's Tracey, ex DA, ex second chair."

Cohan begs to differ....
"It's not her, it's ME!
I'm being "crucified"on Amazon!
The great Investigative journalist...it's MOI...Mais oui!"

So Cohan gets the next pick
"I'll take...Nifong Outrages for eighty."
"What's the buzz at the Innocent Project?
What conviction concerns them greatly?"

Mangum blurts out..."Darryl Howard!"
Nifong blanches, Cohan swoons
"Mike, I took you to my bosom!
Mangum tells em..."You're both screwed."

Thus ends the Universal Quiz Show
Cohan joins the Ethically Deprived
Six hundred pages worth of nothing
Inquiring minds just wonder...why?

A Joan Foster & Baldo Creation dedicated to the Lacrosse Moms

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