Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Elmostafa Acquitted

Today was not a great day for Durham County’s interim District Attorney Mike Nifong.

Things started badly when his ADA Ashley Cannon was apparently caught in a lie in court. While vainly attempting to advance the Boss's vendetta against cabbie Elmostafa, Cannon claimed that Elmostafa's arrest had nary to do with the Duke hoax. But, alas, notes from Duke case indicated that Mr. Nifong, whose only focus (other then campaigning against those intent on removing him from office) these days IS the Duke case, directed that he be informed immediately upon the arrest of Mr. Elmostafa. Uh-oh! Strike one.

Moving right along, the star witness, a security guard who happens to share a work address identical to that of the ever-popular local writer, man about Blinco's, and occasional police sergeant, Mark Gott-Lies, took the stand. His testimony, which claimed that Elmo's "getaway" cab sped off before the door to the taxi even closed, momentarily seemed to be a Perry Mason moment. Alas, videotape revealed that this statement was patently false and the star witness slunk from the stand. Strike two.

The actual admitted culprit of the $250 caper was expected to testify herself. Lisa Faye Hawkins, however, despite being transferred from her place of incarceration to the Durham County jail yesterday, headed right back where she came from without participating. Apparently, she declined to have her Kim Roberts recantation when Boss Nifong needed it, so back she went, just like that! Some girls won't crack or un-crock, even for the nefarious Nifong. Strike three, Mikey, you're out.

So it was that Mr. Elmostafa was acquitted today. His American dream, somewhat restored, after the night terrors of Nifong-dom. Nifong's team left the field in tatters. Hopefully Durham taxpayers enjoyed the game, because it came to them courtesy of their tax dollars.


ME said...


Nothing captures the essence of the Hoax better than the picture taken today by the N&O’s Chuck Liddy.

In the picture, soon to be acquitted taxi driver Moezeldin Elmostafa listens to testimony during his bench trial in District Court today. JackBoot 1 is at the left of Elmostafa and JackBoot 2 is at the right of Elmostafa in the picture.

Notice the contrast in demeanor of the three. Elmostafa is serene and at peace in the knowledge that he has been honest and truthful in all aspects of his case. Elmostafa is the very essence of remarkable bravery and character in the face of blatant intimidation.

What do the JackBoots' body language say to any reasonable onlooker?

Assistant DA Ashley Cannon had the gall to tell the judge Elmostafa’s shoplifting case (a case that stems from a three year old already adjudicated shoplifting case) has nothing to do with the Nifong Hoax.

This must see picture that I refer to above is at: http://www.newsobserver.com/1185/story/480278.html

Footnote: The only thing missing from the picture, of course, is the lead Hoax investigator, BALD Brawler Sgt. JackBoot 3.


ME said...


Can you believe it? The JackBoots spend all day (maybe two days) shuffling Lisa Faye back and forth from jail to jail and still cannot get a witness to finger the cabbie.

That really portends well for the Hoax maestro when it comes time for the Big Show, does it not?


Anonymous said...

Justice for Elmostafa!!

We can only hope that the Blinco's case goes as well... Hopefully the cook will finger the true instigator in the racially tainted attack.

Anonymous said...

To ME at 7:33 PM:

You said it! That is a stunning picture. I posted one suggestion for a graphic in the comments section here -


Anonymous said...

I am so happy Elmostafa was acquitted yesterday. He stood up for himself and what was right and won.