Tuesday, August 29, 2006

On the election front...

The Dream Team
Malik Shabazz - Mike Nifong - Victoria Peterson

On the election front, Nifong’s day was perhaps even worse than stated below. Lowlighted by an endorsement from Victoria “The DA’s Investigator Told Me They Used an Object” Peterson and Kim Brummell, who, as both the the News and Observer and KC Johnson revealed, was caught impersonating a Durham County resident in yesterday's Herald Sun .

With friends like these, who needs a Gottlieb?

Adding to the familiar Nifong pout, was the announcement of the formation of a Duke students group, Duke Students For an Ethical Durham, and their commencement of a voter registration drive intended to help remove him from office. (see N&O and KC Johnson articles linked above)

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Anonymous said...

Someone associated with DA Nifong would tell an untruth?

Who'd a thunk it??