Monday, August 28, 2006

Exclusive Photo of Sgt. Gott-Lies Desk


Anonymous said...

A reminder that the cab driver's trial is tomorrow, Tuesday August 29.

Trial date set for Duke lacrosse witness (from August 15, 2006 N&O article)

Moezeldin Elmostafa, 37, appeared briefly before a Durham County District Court judge who set a trial date of Aug. 29.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but think that Liestoppers is saving more cab drivers, cooks, and people that can't afford legal representation -and are clueless about legal matters and their rights.

It's true that the three lacrosse players will benefit by keeping people updated on the outrages of this case, but how many others will benefit from exposing Durham's tactics and blatant abuses?

If you go to forums across the internet, there's a contingent at every site that seems to side with the
accuser in this case due to her race.
In the big picture, African Americans have the most to lose if this behavior is allowed, and condoned by the legal system. When the cameras leave and the lights go dim, do they really want Nifong and Gottlieb assumming guilt and doing whatever it takes to achieve that result?

Victoria Peterson and others - maybe blinded by shortsightedness and hate.

Who in society benefits when people are railroaded and manhandled?

On a different note, I just recently started drinking green tea to relax at night. It didn't work, when I saw that office picture, I spit my first sip of tea all over the keyboard!

This is a first rate site - no doubt!

Anonymous said...

ELMOstafa, 37, appeared briefly before a Durham County District Court judge who set a trial date of Aug. 29.

I have to say this -

Durham - Don't F*CK with ELMO !

Elmo's got a gun
Elmo's got a gun
Big Bald man's on the run, cause Elmo's gotta gun.
Ernie's dialin' 911
What made elmo snap?,
Was he tired of the big Man's crap?
They said when Elmo was arrested
They found Oscar headless in the trash
I hear that Nifong really runnin
Now that elmos got a gun,
The streets never gonna be the same.
Elmo's got a gun
Elmo's got a gun
Grover's head has come undone
Sesame street's not real fun -

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Anonymous said...

Boy, you Guys Nailed Sgt Gott-Lies.

It looks for all the world that he's on some type of leave due to departmental action - for the SECOND time this summer.

The Duke Sucks Bumper sticker in the upper left is particularly appropre!

What took the News Media so long to figure this out?

Anonymous said...