Monday, August 28, 2006

Timeline Project

One month ago, we started this blog in response to the positive reception of two of our parodies, Durham’s Most Wanted and Who’s Listening Now. Initially, our intention was to create a forum whereby we could speak with a collective voice and share the results of our joint research and analysis of the events surrounding the Duke Hoax and the resultant media coverage. Our hope was that by working together in this manner, our individual voices might become somewhat louder. We are pleased to note that as our first month passed we welcomed our 20,000th visitor to this site.

As we begin our second month, we look forward to continuing this collaborative effort, encouraged by our acceptance into the blog community and motivated to continue working, in this unique way, towards exposing the injustice that has become known as the Duke Hoax. In the interests of increasing our effectiveness by increasing our number, we invite anyone willing to help work towards exposing the Hoax to join us in our group project to construct a comprehensive timeline of the Hoax and the subsequent investigation, persecution and media coverage.

The Hoax has endured for nearly six months. There have been many developments during that time, a great number of stories written and documents filed or revealed. Many of us who have been following the drama closely have developed great knowledge about the case, with dates and events easily accessible in our short term memories. We know, however, that as time passes, sources and events multiply while memory fades.

With an enormous amount of information to digest and process, it is inevitable that we will lose this easy access in our memories. With this timeline project, we intend to construct a thorough and accurate timeline of events in the case, with every entry cited to its source. When complete, this timeline will be accessible as a reference for all.

We fully realize the scope of such a project at this time. There are thousands of potential entries. In part, this is why we are asking for your help. With your help, together we can contribute information and sources as we find them until this comprehensive timeline is complete. For additional information and to participate in this project, please visit the LieStoppers Discussion Board and enter the forum entitled “LieStoppers Timeline Project - Comprehensive Hoax Investigation and Persecution Timeline.” A special thanks goes to the folks at who permitted us to use their own timeline as a point of beginning.

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