Sunday, August 20, 2006

New Links Section: Legal Ethics - Analysis and Research Tools

Recently, LieStopper’s was asked by a North Carolina attorney to assist in the preparation of a NC State Bar Grievance Complaint to be filed against Mr. Nifong by conducting research and providing documentation of his ethical transgressions with regard to his persecution of the Duke hoax. The results of our research were presented in full to the attorney who requested the assistance and in part here in our A Hoax Within A Hoax post.

In the interests of making our research and source material available to others intent on presenting charges of their own against Mr. Nifong prior to the NC State Bar Grievance Committee’s October meeting, we have created, and will continue to develop, our new Links section consisting of research sources and analysis targeting the issues raised by Mr. Nifong‘s ethical misbehavior.

While we know that the Grievance Committee is considering the charges lodged against Mr. Nifong, we cannot say with certainty whether the preliminary results of their investigation will be revealed in October or at one of their subsequent quarterly meetings. We understand that such investigations tend to be slow but extremely thorough.

Members of the North Carolina Bar and others desiring to file grievances against Mr. Nifong with regard to ethics rules 3.6 and 3.8 are encouraged to contact LieStoppers if in need of research or documentation assistance.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. What else can be done besides filing the bar complaint? What would bring the U.S. Justice Department and/or the FBI into the hoax case?

LieStoppers said...

Thank you for your comment. We believe the most immediate remedy to the Nifong Problem is his removal from office by election this November. The election campaign will afford a unique opportunity to make public his ethical transgressions. His removal from office will also eliminate the possibility that his tyranny continues. Failure to remove Mr. Nifong from office will imply acceptance of his deeds and will make any additional repercussions more difficult. With this in mind, we applaud the efforts of the local heroes who have moved to effectuate his removal by campaigning against him. Further, we encourage strongly all interested persons to support the efforts of the Committee to Recall Nifong - Vote Cheek by word, vote, active participation and/or dollar.

Anonymous said...

The obvious case for federal law violations against the students would against Duke for violating federal privacy laws.

Which they clearly did by giving the Durham police access to the students email accounts and student records _before_ a warrant was secured.

A think a federal investigation of Duke's actions in this case would be the way to go.

Anonymous said...


Great post. I'm going to post and link in a little while.

One of my themes will be this is an instance of a blog reporting news and providing a public service.

Nice going.


NDLax84 said...

Great work, as usual. See, "LieStoppers Rachets up "Disbar Nifong," at crystalmess.

Anonymous said...

While it's the right thing to do to bring forth your grievance against Ly-fong, I hardly expect the Bar to act with impunity, and if they do act it will surely be a slap on the wrist not disbarment. Remember the Bar is composed solely of lawyers who are disinclined to deny other lawyers from their opportunity to make a living. Also the Bar members or their colleagues may have to practice in durham county, so they don't want to cross a vengeful Ly-fong. If we can't even convince Speaker Black to step aside for his unethical behavior what makes you think that any group other than the voters of Durham County can have any influence over an egomaniac such as Ly-fong?

Anonymous said...

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texaskiddoc said...

An overzealous prosecutor isn't that rare, unfortunately. My 10 year boy was falsely accused of a crime also, and even though the ADA knew the allegations were unfounded she did her best to ruin his life for over a year. Because of her , my son had to spend time in a juvenile facility where he was tormented and humiliated, then she let him be placed in an alternative school for the year despite no charges ever being filed and no investigation taking place. She repeatedly lied to our attorney , and our family. Kim Hayes stole a year of my son's childhood. I wish someone in Texas would hold her accountable for that.