Friday, August 25, 2006

RCP Reports: Nifong Source of Leak

Real Clear Politics' Tom Bevan is reporting that DA Mike Nifong is the source of the leak to the New York Times in an attempt to spin public perception of the case:
"District Attorney Mike Nifong leaked all 1,850 pages of evidence in the Duke Lacrosse rape case to the New York Times in hopes of countering the public perception that the whole thing is a sham and a textbook example of prosecutorial abuse. Duff Wilson and Jonathan Glater only partly oblige, producing a lengthy and detailed account that, while certainly promoting aspects of the case that are favorable to the prosecution, still contains a whole lot of question marks and red flags about the accuser's story and, most importantly, about the way this case has been prosecuted."
Bevan hits on the the questions raised here regrading Sgt. Gott-Lies homegrown notes built to fit the case:
"Perhaps the biggest question raised by the story is the source for much of what appears in the article itself: 33 pages of typed notes and 3 pages of handwritten notes by Sergeant Mark D. Gottlieb. Defense lawyers say Gottlieb initially told them he "took few handwritten notes" on the case, so they were surprised to receive 33 pages of typed notes from him with details addressing specific problem areas of the prosecution's case in a final disclosure of documents made to the defense four months after the rape allegedly took place."
Read more here: Real Clear Politics: Tom Bevan

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