Thursday, September 14, 2006

Baldo's Razor


Newport said...


You guys are unbelievable! I always figured that Baldo would show up with some Rograine regrowth working, little did I imagine that he would convince the lowly motorcycle cop Tanner to shave his dome!

This case is just one bizarre moment after another.

Anonymous said...

This case is disgusting. If not for people like Liestoppers looking for Justice and digging for the truth, I think the nausea would be too much.

Truely Sickening this group of thugs from Durham. I believe the mystery of weird and suspicious actions by Gottlieb, Linwood, Patrick Baker, and Nifong won't be fully uncovered until someone with access seriously follows the money trail. All the incestuous actors in the tragedy are motivated by Money.

Thanks Liestoppers !

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe it when I actually saw it Tanner shaved his head and took the hit for Gottlieb! Tanner had a short but but beautiful full thick head of hair!

The coverups go on and on and on. Durham is maggot infested bed of city/government corruption.

EMU said...

(Just Another Act In The Durham Theatre Of The Absurd)

Durham area news reporters bend over and submit to DPD Chief Chalmers mandatory requirement for entry into his Thursday news conference:

And the staff of the Herald-Sun sporting a united show of support for the BALD Brawler and the newly BALD and now departed Scott Tanner (I guess we can now call him the BALD Brawler II):


Anonymous said...

What I find amazing is that they think everyone will buy it? Tanner shaves his head to prove it wasn't Gottlieb the Bald one who attack the cook? How much did it cost Chalmers & Nifong to buy off Tanner, or did they warn him if he didn't agreed they would screw him?

Anonymous said...

Gottlieb calls his District - at some point, HIS District and people that work for him.

How can that be considered reporting the crime?

Did District 2 call immediately dispatch RPD? I think we all know the answer.

Bascially, Gottlieb at some points calls a buddy - an underling working the 3rd shift in his district - and asks if they'd heard anything unusual or gotten any calls.

Later, he claims that call (notice they won't say when or where it was made from) was to report the incident.

No wonder they won't release the report. Did he call district 2 at 7:00 that morning to say he was sick and would be late?

There's a reason the reports NOT be released.

Anonymous said...

Anyone see Tanner around the time this incident happened? Was he shaving then? Being a cop I am sure he has been seen around town alot. Maybe if someone knew what his beat was you could ask some employees if they seen him bald. Most people also go to the same gas station around their homes. Find out where he lives and ask the attendants if he was normally bald.