Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Pot's Wife Complains About The Kettle

Hello, Mrs Nifong
New York on the line.
Well, how are you doing?
We hope... doing fine
We've got a few questions,
That we'd like to pose
Do you have a few minutes?
You do? Well, here goes.
Regarding the Duke case,
Do you think Mike is cute?
When he was all over TV
Did you pick out his suit?
Did he practice the chokeholds
On you in your "digs"?
Or were they an add-on
To get him more gigs?
Does he always file charges
Before the cops look around?
And hide in his office
When the defense comes around?
How long did it take him
To read the petitions of Cheek,
Memorize all his enemies,
Throw a tantrum and freak?
Did you help with the letter
to the Animal Board
Has he quit other stuff?
Is he still really sore?
When the DNA came back "NO!"
Did he fall over with dread?
Is that when he sprouted
That mole on his head?
Mrs. Nifong, what's that?
What are you writing down?
Why are you shouting?
Please lady, calm down.
I'm influencing WHOM?
Ma'am, well, I disagree...
It's not like I did
Joan Foster


Anonymous said...

Does the kettle whistle when the pot starts smoking? That is the fastest time for a Fong filing this year. Sigh,Cy. ::fiddlestarts::

Anonymous said...

Did you ask your hubcap was it smart to be in a motion? Cause now your a party to this farce! Have a nice desposition!

BTW Who are your friends &
are you tainted? I guess your point was we need a Change of Venue?

Your Husband isn't very smart.


Anonymous said...

Is it Nifong's first motion? Ooohh. I am so proud...

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me. This is so good!

Anonymous said...

She isn't Mrs Nifong. She opted to use Cy Gurney as her name. Do a tax record check for Durham County and every property they own is in her name. Is this guy indigent as well as incompetent? What is he hiding or is he afraid of a personal lawsuit against him?

Anonymous said...

also all utilities at Nifongs residence are listed in CY Gurney's name including her telephone

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe the attorneys have been working with the wrong person all the time. The Defense should have been going to her with exculpatory evidence. Pretty clear she is the boss of the house!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gurney. Mr. CY Gurney.

I feel an indepth investigation coming on by the supporters of the accused.

Just more to dig into. Somehow I think the personal life spills into the professional life. We must find out. We will find out.

wts said...

Joan, I love your work....I think your writing is incredible. And, if you'll check my posts, you'll know exactly where I stand. But, I must say, family is off limits. Just a policy of mine. No matter how wrong Mike Nifong is....and he is more than wrong....let's never involve family...its just not necessary. We are better than that.

Anonymous said...

Hello? Have you been hiding under the rock today? Mr. Nifong involved his family when he submitted the motion about his wife.

Anonymous said...

when she went undercover, she put herself into this case. 44 years in prison is what Nifong is trying to send those players away for.

Sorry, she put herself in this. Time to investigate her. Playing nice is over. This case should have been dropped long ago!

joan foster said...

wts, I agree absolutely about respecting family. I will always try to do so, and understand your post.
But, with this new motion, Nifong inserted his wife in the case.At that point, considering she took notes and gave a sworn statement trying to undermine the that point, she became part of the group effort to convict three innocent young men.Because I would usually agree with you,wts, I wanted you to understand my viewpoint. Thank you for commenting.

By the way she made comments to the Herald Sun today.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I disagree as well that Nifong's wife is off-limits. Her "perceptions" are quoted extensively in this motion as well as in news reports.
But, most of all, where was her experience as a "social worker" evident in this whole mess? She completely missed all the other plausible explanations for the accuser's behavior that night. Someone who works as a social worker should have known better...

Anonymous said...

We will now see what role she played in this Hoax. Up to now everyone has kept her out of this, even as she was suspected for a long time. She was off limits, but not anymore. First time I ever heard of a DA using his wife to prosecute a false case.

What's this I hear about a well known stripper performing still?

The Durham Theatre of the Absurd is something Fellini couldn't have scripted!

wts said...

Joan, I think the post in the Herald is quoting the motion and not new quotes, ie she did not speak to the Herald.

In my opinion, we should still keep her off limits, ie discussions regarding her specifically.

I totally agree with you, that is that he inserted his wife into the case. Let's establish how incredibly unprofessional it is that he, with a N of 1, without confirmation from other parties (right?) went forward with a motion based upon testimony from a highly conflicted source. He sought to elevate the opinion of one individual, clearly biased, to the level of public disclosure, ie he used his position, and his wife to make public a position.

The fault here, in my opinion, once again lies with Nifong and his incapability to keep things professional. By involving his wife he has once again proven the point that it is highly personal to him and that he should recuse himself.

Yes....she is an adult...and yes...she gave the sworn statement with notes, etc. exactly as you said.

I think my reaction to the post was to try from our side to keep the professionalism that Nifong so clearly lacks.

If his wife were to make statements directly to news media, etc., I would say, "Take off the gloves!".

As always Joan, I greatly admire your writing and passion. Thank you so much for your post to me.

Anonymous said...

Wts, i cannot understand this: 'If his wife were to make statements directly to news media, etc., I would say, "Take off the gloves!"'

She signed as affidavit. Surely, she involved herself as much as making any statements directly to news media.

gc said...


I love the title!

Anonymous said...

Liefong's sister has also inserted herself into the case. Is she off limits? If not, google Susan Nifong North Carolina for her address and phone #. In my opinion these evil people do not deserce to get off scott free.

Anonymous said...

another affadavitt is in from someone unrelated.