Saturday, October 07, 2006

Durham DA Election Update

County Demands a Trade, Asks for a Player To Be Named Later in Exchange for Nifong

In response, apparently, to criticism of deceptively posting old pictures under the heading of his October rally, DA Nifong has now posted actual pictures of the latest event. Judging from the significant decline in attendance from his spring rally and the glaring absence of several notables including Mayor Bell it is no wonder that he was reluctant to post the proper pictures in the first place.
It appears that he now has a new campaign slogan:

"Vote Nifong: Not a blank line on the ballot or a Player to be Named Later. A Real Choice."

Has he accepted that his biggest selling point, and best asset, is that he has both a first and a last name. Sadly, it appears that he has rejected our suggestion for his campaign motto:
"Nifong: No blanks in the Line-ups...Just Players to Name Later. No Wrong Choice."
Nobody knows where my supporters have gone
Rally attendance was...down.
Destine said he had "business" on the Internet
Although he tried to hang around.
I shook some hands and then I stood around.
Kim read some poems to pass time
Victoria opined about the Gay Parade...
She has a lot on her mind.
Decided to make a few cell phone calls
Thought we could round up some votes
Linwood said he'd really like to stop by...
But he's still reading those "notes."
Gottlieb said he really planned to come
But somehow it just slipped his mind
Strange when he has such amazing recall!
(Thirty-some pages one time...)
Baker said he was just too stressed
Couldn't even think about votes
With that damn dump fire smouldering on
His sinuses filled up with smoke.
Hardin and the other good ole boys
The Stephens brothers, my ole buds
Said they had to wash their dogs today
Or they'd be there to prop me up.
But here we are in our cute yellow shirts
Trying to put on a good face.
Getting indictments is sure easier
Than keeping support in this Race.


krddurham said...

Those pics are reassuring! There doesn't appear to be many people supporting the Fong...anymore. Great news!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I thought the turnout in April looked paltry---and very white. Goes to show what the NCCU forum appearance and the NBPP did for him.

We should start a new pool. Guess how many votes Nifong gets?
I'll say 150.

Anonymous said...

Please read Anatomy of a Nifonging below and send letters, as Liz suggests.

Anonymous said...

Just because he doesn't have people showing up to his events doesn't mean that the voters won't vote for doesn't take much effort to do that (as opposed to having to be in the same room as the arrogant prick and his various gestures, grunts, etc).

He'll win and it will be a very sad day indeed. The least Cheek could do is campaign telling the voters that if you voted for him Nifong goes - it would seem that he could manage to do that.

Anonymous said...

actually, the picture was taken early in the event and it was well attended later on. sun is not the best day around here for an event as most folks around here go to church or family activities on sun afternoon. it will surprise you that most of the people there were white not black. i also believe nifong will win this race.

Anonymous said...

If attendance picked up later in the event, it is odd that they did not post pictures of more people or at least one decent crowd shot. I agree that Sunday is a poor choice for a rally such as this. Not surprised to learn that the crowd was mostly white. From what Cash Michaels has written it sounds as if the black community has come to feel used by Nifong. Is it true that most of the attendees were employees and family of employees of the District Attorney's office? Other than Mayor Bell, were there other notable absentees?

Anonymous said...

cash is wrong on that. the black community feels cash has been bought off by the defense and he is losing a lot of credibility. i have even heard some people making offensive comments about his private life the other day and usually this if off limits around here but this is a sign of how cash's stock has fallen. about the rally, most of the people were not just from the da's office and some of the black leadership was there. bell was notable in his absence but i am told he had a family event.