Thursday, October 12, 2006

Joan, Your Big Tractor is Here

Dear Joan,

Today, while you were out playing with Melanie and Linda, a very large tractor stopped by to say hello. The big tractor left you this message:

Hi. My name is Robin Sanders, and I work at CBS News. I wanted to let you know about the piece on the Duke lacrosse rape case that will be airing this Sunday, Oct. 15, 7PM ET on CBS. Below is a note from our editorial director, who has been following your blog coverage:

First, I apologize for this slightly impersonal note. I'm Dick Meyer, the editorial director at I'm writing because you've written about the Duke lacrosse case in the past so I think you'll be very interested in the stories that will be running on 60 Minutes this weekend and the extra material that will be posted on them on Whatever your take on the story, whatever your take on us here at CBS News, this story is the first time you'll be able to hear some the principals speak for themselves. The section for 60 Minutes is:

If we can help, let us know. Thanks much.

If you get this message while still at the Mel's Diner, please let Melanie and Linda know that Kim Roberts is the news of the day.


Anonymous said...

Go see the 60 Minutes story preview tape! Kim's expression says it all. -sdsgo

Anonymous said...

I posted it as anonymous so I cannot claim it, but I said only a short time ago that the chance to be written into the future best selling accounts of this stinking mess as a Brave and Foresighted One were rapidly closing down.
If the 60 minute special does even a half-way decent job of presenting the untenable state of the proscecutions case it could easily be mere weeks or even days before NO ONE will want to be remembered as a Nifong sympathizer. The time to get on the record in advance of that is running out.

Anonymous said...

The foresighted line closed long ago, but there's still a great opportunity for Durham County voters to demonstrate bravery by rejecting Nifong (and Monks, whose availability for DA is unnecessary and unappreciated, except by Nifong) and voting for Cheek. Governor Easley HAS to do better in appointing the next Durham County DA. Maybe someone who wasn't in school with him. ANYONE who takes professional responsibility seriously would be infinitely better.

Michael J. Gaynor

Anonymous said...

Might want to check Baker's comments in the HS this morning.

emmy said...

Isn't it true that in order for anyone to vote for Monks, they must physically write in his name on the ballot? I think he will get few votes that way (although merely a few could do great damage), although I agree totally that he should step aside, and I actually question why he does not do so, knowing that he does not have ONE chance in a thousand of winning the job...IMO, these are NOT the actions of a man who wishes to effect real change in the corrupt District Attorney's office in Durham...his actions will merely help to leave Nifong in place, to continue in his reign of terror.

Anonymous said...

why does monks not wish real change in the da's office? monks is a republican leader in this community and he has the guts and the honor to actually campaign and say he will serve if elected unlike that liar cheek. oh, i forgot this is liestoppers and you all are mostly yankees and therefore have no concept of honor in politics or anything else. that is why you are defending a bunch of racist drunken thugs.

Anonymous said...

"you all are mostly yankees and therefore have no concept of honor in politics or anything else"

Thank you for again reminding us of your biased hatred.