Thursday, October 12, 2006

No Notes Wilson

While defending the persecution of defense witness Moezeldin Elmostafa, District Attorney Mike Nifong's strongman, Linwood Wilson, claimed that it was routine for him to run extensive background checks on all victims and witnesses encountered by the DA's office.
"The investigator, Linwood Wilson, said he runs such checks on every victim and witness that the District Attorney's Office encounters." N&O 8/16
For Elmostafa, this check included investigations of his insurance history, driving record, several years worth of drug tests [all negative] and a criminal record check. Assuming that Linwood Wilson was being truthful when he stated that "he runs such checks on every victim and witness that the District Attorney's Office encounters," one would expect that he conduct the same investigation on: the accuser, Kim Roberts, Jason Bissey, the entire lacrosse team, the security guards at Kroger and Durham Access, and many others.

Curiously, he appears to have taken no notes, nor produced any discoverable material, as a result of these multiple investigations.
"The Cheshire letter, more explosively, asks for the notes and reports of Nifong’s investigator, Linwood Wilson...Nifong, remarkably, has given the defense no material produced by Wilson."
Perhaps he can ask Sgt. Gottlieb to help him write up his notes now.

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Anonymous said...

Linwood's notes? I shudder to think what he would come up with.

On the night in question I was out walking my dog and minding my own business in the Trinity Park neighborhood when I just happened to look in the bathroom window of a house and saw three men raping a girl. One of the men - a nice looking young man with dark hair, kept dialing his cellphone and then raced out the door and down the street and got into a cab. Of the other two, one was tall, thin and babyfaced with freckles and reddish blond hair and the other was shorter but well built with dark hair and appeared to have a mustache but didn't actually have one. I recognize these three young men as the defendants. The details of what I saw are exactly the same as what Crystal described in her police statement. The whole thing took 5 minutes or 10 minutes at the most but seemed like 30 minutes.