Saturday, November 11, 2006

Kerry Sutton's Eyes

The day Dave Evans met the Press,
Yes, his courage did impress.
His words were moving, but to my surprise
All I saw was one woman's eyes.
I watched her, and I thought I saw
Her pain in every breath he'd draw.
Her empathy, her abundant faith
Spoke to me on that Spring day.

.Her eyes told me she knew the truth.
Her eyes told me she'd seen the proof.
Her eyes told me, "Believe this young man."
Her eyes told me, "Please understand."

.Her eyes told me she felt the pain
Of all involved in this cruel game,
Where politics trumped procedural law.
Yes, this is what I thought I saw.
But just the other day she spoke,
She crowed her approval, her Nifong vote.
"The right man!" And she decried
Opinions coming from outside.
And every single word she spoke
Made her colleagues work…just a local joke.
Integrity is when you say
You just can't have it BE BOTH ways.
Yet that Spring day, it was her eyes
That said these charges all were lies.
That brought this "Outsider" to pen this page…
But now those eyes... have turned away...

Joan Foster


Anonymous said...

I agree, Miss Joan!

This whole thing is a freak show that needs to be shut down, and I commend Liestoppers for your work.

Bill Anderson

Deb Sistrunk said...

It's always good to hear different perspectives. I'm adding you to my blogroll.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I just don't get what bad poetry adds.

OttavaRima said...

The funny thing is that when I was a victim of the Durham brand of racism 6 years ago, it never occured to me that it was systemic... Now I know better.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious if Cy knows what all is going on here?

Anonymous said...

I would think that a lawyer who publicly supports the political campaign of a DA who is in the process of prosecuting one of her clients would be violating the rules of legal ethics. Does anyone know enough about those rules to comment on this? It seems like she would be violating the duty of loyalty to her client.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It was made clear by Chesire that she is not a lawyer for Evans. She was perhaps there that day in hopes of squeezing into the case and cashing in on it.

Anonymous said...

Cheshire explained she did help with Evans' case in the beginning.

She is still Matt Zash's lawyer, I believe.

Anonymous said...

Well, in the end, "class" comes out and is very evident for all to see. Or, in the case of the subject of Joan Foster's poem, sometimes, in the end, lying eyes betray a total lack of class. Class that was never there, just hoped for. I guess it's just another day in the snakepit that Durham is devolving into.

Anonymous said...

Sutton no longer represents Dave in any way, and I don't think she actually represented him as to the case itself, but rather just the booking process. Evidently her contacts with Nifong were put to the best use possible in that respect. But the fact that she represented Dave in any capacity pertaining to this case should be enough to require her to observe attorney-client privilege and keep her damn mouth shut.