Saturday, November 11, 2006

Snooze Room Turns on Nifong


Anonymous said...

Baldo cartoons are the silver lining in the Duke case tragedy.

Nathan Tabor said...

The cartoons are at once funny and sad. It's so typical of the liberal media and liberals in general to demonize young, white males with flimsy evidence. And a white liberal prosecutor rides to victory on the promise that he will prosecute a case that in other circumstances would be dismissed because the "victim" is as liar whose pants would have been on fire if she wore any.

It's one thing to be a strong supporter of law & order. Conservative State Senator Fred Smith is that. But I can't imagine a good conservative man like Sen. Smith prosecuting these boys based on what are obvious lies. It takes a lying liberal weasel to do that.

Remember in the movie Judgement at Nuremberg when Judge Spencer Tracy tells the former Nazi Judge that, "You were a Nazi the moment you sentenced a man you knew was innocent."

Nifong is prosecuting young men he knows are innocent. And if he doesn't know that then he's unfit to represent the people of the state of North Carolina. We deserve better.