Friday, December 22, 2006

Our Collective Voice - BOARS

Brothers and Others Against Railroading: BOARs

(Male chauvinist pigs? I don't think so)

The Duke Three are not alone. Who among us hasn't been or known a victim of Frequently Lying and Exaggerating Accuser Supporters - FLEAS. Men have been jailed, charged, cornered into plea bargaining, restrained from their homes, financially ruined, and made to suffer all manner of ills because of them.

The Duke lacrosse players had a reputation for being somewhat less than genteel. Does that make the cause of challenging FLEAS less noble? They have so far managed to avoid incarceration only because this time someone falsely accused of a crime in Durham has the means to resist the blatant injustice that so many others falsely accused lack. Unlike other innocents faced with the full power of the state, who merely bite the bullet and take the plea to avoid the probability of much harsher penalties, these three victims of the meatgrinder that is Durham justice, have the will and determination to fight.

Why aren't more people cheering them on?

Because a self-absorbed Nifong calculatedly used a struggling black female who became his victim too, to divide and conquer his racially polarized community. Should such selfish misconduct make him a hero to all black people? Frequently lying and exaggerating accusers come in all races and classes though the ones that get the most attention target folks with at least a little money to contribute to members of the justice system.

I can understand why attorneys, especially family lawyers like Mr. Monks, love FLEAS. They keep things nice and acrimonious, and in court. Some guys get obnoxious outside a bar? Consult your attorney. Bitter marital arguments finally get a little physical? Call the cops. Business deal gets ugly? Fudge the facts at the ER. You may get something out of it. The guys will be guilty until proved innocent, or worse, never given the opportunity to testify. And gals, don't think you're immune if you make money, especially more than your spouse.

Stopping FLEAS could be the cause that unites us like the one in that classic comedy, Trading Places. Eddie Murphy, who plays a poor man, teams up with Dan Akroyd's character, a rich guy, to defeat a couple of corrupt old moneybags that play a trick on them. This time it could be a tricky, corrupt old DA who represents a very corrupt aspect of our justice system. If we all do less hating, and more thinking, we might be able to accomplish some reform.

There are active groups that are fighting FLEAS. On a national level, there's the Equal Justice Foundation, and in NC - the True Equity Network. Every married person should go to the EJF website, click on domestic violence, and read chapter eight, "A Defense Attorneys Take on the Domestic Violence Industry," before any arguments start in the home.

Anyone want to start a BOAR chorus? Here's something for the songbook.

The Railroad Song
Drivin' that train
Men can't explain
Durham lawyers better watch their greed
Feds are ahead
Corruption's behind
And you know this notion, just crossed my mind:
Fong's just begun
Works not near done
'Till those "frightning" fellers
Are all in jail
Homeless and broke,
This here's no joke
Your life could be ruined, by a pen's stroke.
Trouble ahead
Ooh Lady's in (the) red
Take my advice and hold onto your bread.
Fong may abort
Lose big in court
Be investigated by the AG
Men may go free
May start bashing Nifong, just wait and see.
Trouble ahead
O-oh face turning red
Lawyers advised, but those guys never pled
Get on the train
Stop all the pain
Steven Monks you better
All aboard?---

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David P. McKnight said...

This is great stuff--some of the finest prose from Ohio since James Garfield in the 1870s!