Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Brodhead Morning Briefing IV

Good morning President Brohead!
Dick, you look a bit distressed?
You haven't touched your Golden Grahams
Oh, you're reading the Black Press...
Now let me explain the story...
It started back last Spring,
Holloway was in my office
And the phone began to ring.
So naturally, as I always do
I just repeated word for word,
The entire conversation...
So what I heard, Karla heard.
No, I didn't think of privacy...
I guess it was not...discreet
Dick, please stop your shouting!
They can hear you on the street!
Well, anyway, I told Karla
What the Duke cop had told me...
I guess he overheard another cop at the scene.
And this someone had said to him,
The "N and B words" had been used!
Dick, that's Cash's euphemism...
Yes, Holloway gave him the "scoop."
No, I never checked the story
Or tried to source the quote.
No, Bissey never mentioned it.
It was NOT in Gottlieb's notes.
But Cash is making hay with it,
And Holloway's raising cain!
Dick, it is not malicious gossip...
No, it's just a...sixth hand claim.
Dick, I can't understand a word you're saying!
Please take a BIG deep breath...
What this legalese you're spouting?
"Communicating libelous matter to the Press?!!!"
NO!! I just confirmed to Cash
What Holloway...overheard,
What an eavesdropping cop had stated
That he thinks he overheard...
That another cop was stating
Someone told him at the house.
Quick! Someone bring the oxygen!!!
President Brodhead has passed out!


Anonymous said...

From the first Sixty Minutes:

She [the accuser] goes on to say that when both of you went back in the house, she says, 'They were excited and angry. They were screaming, 'We’re going to f you black bitches,'" Bradley says.

"I just don’t remember it that way at all," Roberts says.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the slander that Hollaway & Burness are spreading. They discounted that the Duke Police officer overheard she said she was raped by 20, but they spread this?

Instead of just admitting the "We're Listening" letter was wrong and inflammatory they are justifying their actions.

What are you hiding Holloway & Burness? Did you play a part in the Hoax we don't know about?

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading the depositions of Wahneema Lubiano, Karla Holloway, Mark Anthony Neal, Thavolia Glymph, Houston Baker, and the rest of the co-conspirators.

Anonymous said...

My friends cousin once told me that she knew a guy that overhead what happened there that night - reportedly.

Burness and Holloway are wrong.

What kind of paper would report that trash? If the is the standard, we have proof Bigfoot exists, because my cousin in Arkansas had a friend and he went into this neighbor's garage and he was told this story....


Anonymous said...

Here is the full link to the comment from 6:45am as that link was not complete.

Anonymous said...

Libel and slander spread through the public domain, allowing any Defendant or Lacrosse Player to sue Holloway, Michaels, his employer, and probably Duke as well in their home jurisdictions. Here to tell you, this won't go over well in New York or Maryland courts.

"Gosh Toto, we're not in Durham anymore. You mean they require PROOF here?"


Anonymous said...

Absolutley hilarious (and very sad in so many ways).


Anonymous said...

Holloway just wants to make a name for herself and keep her name in the news. Brodhead is such a wimp for sitting back and allowing these idiots to destroy Duke. Where is the Board of Directors? Oh thats right they are consulting with their PR firm and attorneys. Duke, a really lousy school to go to. I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole.

Anonymous said...

I think Crystal has been sharing some of her psychotic drugs with Holloway. What a luney.

Anonymous said...

When will Holloway stop biting the hand that feeds her?

When will she stop publicly besmirching my beloved ol' DU?

Well, I will not feed the annual fund beast this year, at least.

Anonymous said...

Technical question: For some reason, it takes much longer for liestoppers to load than other sites. Is it because so many people are logging on, or because there is so much content, or what? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

While the racist remark allegedly made by some party attendees is not clear evidence that a rape or sexual assault indeed occurred, as the accuser maintains, it does confirm a frame of mind at that party that alleged slurs which have been previously reported seem to allude to.

I mean, I guess when I call my boyfriend a dickhead when we are fighting, or when I called the woman who cut me off and almost ran into my car a fucking asshole, or when I tell my sister she is being a bitch, it is evidence that I have a frame of mind to "rape" these people.


And does anyone have Holloway's email? I wish to send her one...thanks

Anonymous said...

"We're [[Selectively] Listening"

- Intellectual dishonesty under the bright od Day.

Anonymous said...

"When will Holloway stop biting the hand that feeds her? "

-She has no concern for Duke, if that's the hand you're referring to.

-She's feeding the hand that feeds her. Her consituency, and gravy train, is the "class of self-pity" that she perpetuates.

Anonymous said...

To: 12:41

The graphics here at LS make it slower to load.


Anonymous said... to her yearbook picture her activites include stripping, pole dancing, scape goating, race baiting, and ballet.

TC said...

I've got a long story, but I'm gonna keep is real short and to the point, don't want a bored audience see? :)

I once lived in a place that got cold, and by gawd I mean imported cold at times.

How cold you might ask?

Well this one morning I had to got milk the cows, we had but 6 of them, but 6 or 600 they still needed milking morning and night!

So I did my childhood duties and headed out, got'em all milked and oh by golly it was cold with the north winds a blowing I felt it was commin directly in from Alaska!

Well I went to pour the milk into the tank and by golly it was but a powder! And I'm off thinkin I done sumptin terribly wrong!

but dad said all was well, and it would also make for a consistent commodity on the market as well and keep us in milk also.

Now folks dey don't seem to believe that as a true story, but by gawd it is, and I've still got da bucket to prove it!

Anonymous said...

who gave Cash the email?