Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Videos by Duke Hoax


Howard said...

Are you guys familiar with the things the famous author, John Feinstein said about this case on the Tony Kornheiser show back in March? I have it on my site at HERE. It's also on YouTube but the link doesn't always work. Truly a rush to liberal judgement. John Feinstein had better be checking his bank account.

Anonymous said...


I listened to that radio bit on your website. As I've been living overseas for several years, I'm not familiar with Tony Kornheiser.

However, between this type of reaction by the "regular" folk/mainstream media (CNN? Hello?! Your horribly biased reporting on this issue is broadcast worldwide...) and everything else that has happened as a result of these trumped-up accusations/charges, I am nothing less than stunned at how far my country has moved from the presumption of innnocence until proven guilty.

While I should be able to rely on the "system" to protect me against such charges, after seeing what has gone down in Durham/nationwide, all I can really *hope* for is that I am never falsely accused of something, because if I am, all bets are obviously off.

To those critics who have said the Lacrosse boys haven't been damaged by this, you are fooling no one but yourself. Despite the charges being false to all but the most oblivious observer, their faces have been broadcast around the world with the 'racist/rapist' label attached to it. Can you imagine being turned into a pariah of the world over something that you never did? Clearly, you cannot.