Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Mystery of the Missing Shoe - Solved!

"I (Linwood Wilson) showed [the accuser] a picture from the Dan Abrams show on MSBNC showing her on the porch at the door. Inv. Wilson asked [the accuser] when the picture was taken. [The accuser] stated the picture was taken when she arrived and was going into the house because it was showing her putting her money in her purse." - Page 5 of Defendant Nifong's Chief Investigator Linwood Wilson's "Investigative" Report


wayne fontes said...

Why only show one picture? No follow up question as to why she only had on one shoe?

Anonymous said...

The missing shoe and the time stamp on the photo at 12:30?

Inv. Wilson really did not want to know.

Anonymous said...

I feel suddenly like Alice in Wonderland talking to the Caterpiller

`In my youth,' Father William replied to his son,
`I feared it might injure the brain;
But, now that I'm perfectly sure I have none,
Why, I do it again and again.'

Where have the brains in the heads of Nifong, the police, the press and the justice system in general gone in Durham?

"Why down the rabbit hole, replied Alice"

Anonymous said...

This cannot be true. The Nifong gang thinks the rest of the world is stupid. did you make this up?

WJD said...

Just so you know Dan Abrams was on the Tucker show on MSNBC today. They usually run the show at 6PM. I caught the very end of Dan, but he should be on in the last half hour of his 6PM rerun of his 4PM show.

Anonymous said...

Going in with only one shoe on..come on!!!

Anonymous said...

Dan was laughing, first the guy forced me to give him oral sex, now he was just watching.


Anonymous said...

This and more Sunday night.
Nifong's future: NOT bright!

(CBS) The forensic expert hired by the prosecutor in the Duke rape case says he made a "big error" in judgment by not stating in his report that the only DNA he found on the accuser was from several men who were not on the Duke lacrosse team.

Dr. Brian Meehan speaks with 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl in his first interview about the controversial case this Sunday, Jan. 14, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

Meehan acknowledged that he has never omitted potentially exculpatory evidence before. "We haven't done that before," he tells Stahl. "In retrospect, I should have done a better job of conveying that information."

Meehan has stated that he told the prosecutor, Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong, about the other DNA for the first time in mid-April. Later that same month, Nifong indicted three Duke lacrosse players. Meehan has also said in court proceedings that he and Nifong agreed before the evidence tests were completed that his report should be limited to positive matches between the accuser and the players at the team party where she says she was sexually assaulted last March.

Meehan says writing an incomplete report violates his own firm's standards. "It was an error in judgment on my part. … It certainly was a big error," says Meehan. He says his firm wasn't trying to hide the information and that it released it when it was asked. But his client's behavior irks him, he says.

Nifong took six months to tell the players' defense attorneys about the other DNA, as required by law — and during that time, Nifong filed a court motion that stated he was not aware of any potentially exculpatory evidence.

The fact that Nifong withheld the information and knew it before he indicted their sons has outraged the parents of the accused. "You felt like someone hit you with a baseball bat. … It was almost too much to bear, as we sat there," says Kathy Seligmann, whose son, Reade, is among the three indicted players. "And [Nifong is] sitting 10 feet away from us."

It enraged Mary Ellen Finnerty, mother of Collin Finnerty, another indicted player. "I think [I felt] one of the strongest feelings of rage that I've had … I literally had to turn to my husband, because I was shaking from my head to my toe, and say, 'Hold me down,'" recalls Finnerty. Adds Seligmann, "And we had to hold on to each other because when you sit there and put two and two together and realize that it was calculated … set up to make these boys appear to be guilty of something they didn't do."

When asked what they would say to Nifong if he were in the room, Rae Evans, the mother of indicted player David Evans, says, "I would say with a smile on my face, 'Mr. Nifong, you've picked on the wrong families … and you will pay every day for the rest of your life.'"

Last month, after the results of the tests were ordered released by a judge and the accuser told an investigator she was no longer certain she had been penetrated by a male sex organ, rape charges were dropped by Nifong. The three players still face charges of sexual assault and kidnapping.

Produced By Michael Radutzky and Tanya Simon
© MMVII, CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Michael J. Gaynor

Anonymous said...

This shows the Active Participation and evil of this woman - Crystal.

Finnerty has gone from chubby to the TALL one.

It's obvious she's been reading and following the case on TV.

This was HER attempt to make the story fit things that she's subsequently learned.

Sad and Stupid.

This woman should be charged!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Linwood thought the camera clock was already adjusted 1 hour forward for Daylight Savings, which was 'only' 2 weeks away -in April

- "you know those "go-getter" Dukie A-types, they're on top of those things !

- As for the "arrival" wearing only "1 shoe" - old Linwood probably thought it was for a "Cinderella fantasy" - perhaps one of his own favorites ?

- scheeessz, what a schmuck !

Anonymous said...

I started to pity the woman - now, she deserves the full wrath the law allows --- she is without conscience.

Anonymous said...

So she arrived with missing fingernails. Whose fingernails are in the trash?

James said...

Don't you people get it? That picture is her arriving, putting the money in her purse, and the next one is not her passed out, but her taking a quick pre-dance cat nap. Being so industrious, she needs her beauty sleep, you know.

Anonymous said...


"Daylight Savings, which was 'only' 2 weeks away -in April"

- or, being 6 months late to change the clock would be more in line with his/DA's sense of urgency !

Anonymous said...

Dear Kathy, Mary Ellen and Rae,
Every mom on this board has your backs. Nifong did pick on the wrong families, and I hope he DOES rue the day he ever heard your sons' names. God bless each of you.
Texas Mom

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at the restraint of those families. If one of those kids were my son, I'd have been going for Nifong's throat. The man belongs in prison.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at the restraint of those families. If one of those kids were my son, I'd have been going for Nifong's throat. The man belongs in prison.

Anonymous said...

We have the neighbor saying they, the strippers, went in at 12, we have photos, we have cell phone records.

Well on Feb 5 she will need to make up a new story.

Anonymous said...

I second Texasmom. I hope you and your families read Liestoppers. Your sons have become our sons. If you need help, or just a friendly ear (I am not far from any of you) put a thread on the Board so that we can provide contact information.


Gregory said...

The efforts to update the "evidence" to match alibis, pictures and the lack of dna evidence is BRAZEN.

The inability to do so in other than the most laughable ways imagninable shows STUPIDITY.

The attempts to continue with such a farce, given all the evidence of a frame-up, evinces the worst type of GREED.

The belief that anyone would fall for this type of crap (especially the shoe bit) suggests deep-seated CYNICISM.

Thanks for the heads-up, LIESTOPPERS, now it is time to go back to the drawing board and update the evidence comparison.

"Running around crying Rape all whacked out on Scooby Snacks"

gs said...

Duke Accuser Contradicts Herself in Interview

Duff taking shots at the accuser in the NY Times, will wonders never end.

Anonymous said...

(a short prayer)

Dear Lord, please let tomorrow's Saturday Night Live present a scathing parody of the 60 minutes segment that will follow the next day. Please let them say aloud what we all know, but that 60 minutes will not dare to say. Let their humor pierce the festering boil that is Michael Nifong.


Anonymous said...

I also wish to agree with Texasmom. I have two sons and I know this could just as well have been them. These young men and their families have been made to suffer needlessly; the more we hear, the more we know how needlessly. As a mom, I just want to hug them. Thank goodness they have great families. Surely, Nifong can't get away with this!

justice58 said...


What do you mean by "I'd have been going for Nifong's throat".

Are you threatening Mike Nifong?
Explain your words!

James said...

Yes! Justice58 demands an explanation! All tremble before here! Seriously, Justice, how many times does the accuser get to change her story before you begin to doubt what she has to say? If the accused changed their stories one iota, you'd be screaming.

justice58 said...


The victim stated early on about some guy didn't want to participate in the rape because he was getting married. She said early on a guy was watching. Sooooo... she hasn't changed anything. We knew that already. Remember the dukes lied about it being a bachelor party from the first get-go. We all knew about DE's DNA being found on a towel. It was reported in the N & O several months ago. Go and look it up.

The defense is making it look like the story is changing again and that's NOT true.

And may I also add:
A person who WATCHES an assault take place and does NOT help the victim or try to stop the attack deserves to be charged with a crime. That person is the lowest scum I have ever layed eyes on in my life.

Yes, the dukes are liars and it's being uncovered. They lied about the number of people being at the party, lied about who they were, (remember Adam, Brett, & Matt), lied about the "bachelor party". Why lie?...unless evil intentions were in their mind. Or to make it look like members of another team were involved. Talk about lowdown s*%t. DE's strikes me as trying to be a smart ass.

Read was told from the beginning. Suddenly you duke supporters have amnesia and can't remember s*%t. WTF's up with that.

Anonymous said...


Please crawl back in your rabbit hole and hallucinate somewhere else. Post links to back up your claims

Or as we say, put up or shut up troll.

Another proud blog hooligan

justice58 said...


Here it is:


justice58 said...


Here is another: Read it and Weep!

"They lied again about their sport, saying the gig was a bachelor party for some Duke track or baseball players -- perhaps to imply more diversity. The men had been drinking beer for 10 hours when the women arrived at midnight. Within five minutes, the men threatened the women with racial and misogynist verbal assaults"

We knew this from the beginning. She never changed anything. The defense is lying through their teeth.

GPrestonian said...

10:55pm justice58:

The link you provided:

does nothing to support the assertions you made in your 10:36 post.


GPrestonian said...

11:20 justice58:

That letter you quoted from JiC was written by Nifong's NAACP butt-buddy McSurley. Not exactly an unbiased source.


Anonymous said...

Justice58 - what an oxymoron. Read the article a little closer:

"It seems to me that the state of North Carolina has spent thousands of dollars to prove that a young college man's DNA is in his house," said Brad Bannon, one of Evans' attorneys.

GPrestonian said...

11:20 justice58:

Oh, and McSurley lied at least once in the letter:

"the Duke Hospital sexual-assault nurse examiner found the woman (two hours after the broomstick incident) displayed physical symptoms associated with rape and sodomy"

Letter was June 3, long after it was determined that the SANE report contained no verbiage indicating symptoms like that.

McSurley is a lying race pimp.


justice58 said...


Oooooooh... according to you.... I guess the N & O is lying also.

The defense are the liars here... along with the dukies. The wealthy are always trying to buy their way out of s*%t and that's makes me angry. No one is above the law. If these guys go free...justice can be bought. I'll always believe they're guilty, guilty, guilty.

Anonymous said...

justice58 said...

Oooooooh... according to you.... I guess the N & O is lying also.

The defense are the liars here... along with the dukies. The wealthy are always trying to buy their way out of s*%t and that's makes me angry. No one is above the law. If these guys go free...justice can be bought. I'll always believe they're guilty, guilty, guilty.

And you wonder why no one takes you seriously...

allie said...

of course you will.

why would facts, evidence, the truth, or any form of logical reasoning interfere with what you "believe"?

DNA evidence? time-stamped photos? a rock solid alibi? none of that can compare to what justice58 "believes", because apparently believing doesn't require any sort of rational thought process.

honestly, I don't know if you're irrevocably prejudiced, or just some awful combination of gullible, stubborn and stupid.

Anonymous said...

You need a sense of proportion, lying about rape and lying about a bachelor party are two different things...the reason you lie about the number of people present is to keep the cost down, per my wonderful husband, who attended a couple of "stripper" parties way back when he was a student. Do you really think they were plotting so much evil in their own residence? Hate to be you with all the hate and jealousy that consumes you!

TC said...

""They lied again about their sport, saying the gig was a bachelor party for some Duke track or baseball players -- perhaps to imply more diversity. The men had been drinking beer for 10 hours when the women arrived at midnight. Within five minutes, the men threatened the women with racial and misogynist verbal assaults""

And so being the professionals these two women were, they did not immediately leave? Rather they took ?$800 from the young men?

One of them was so messed up she could do nothing, was found by police but a couple of hours later TOTALLY incoherent and passed out from substances she obtained not at the Duke party, but elsewhere. Probably where she also gained the other 5 gentleman's sperm as well!

Quack Quack Quack!

Anonymous said...

Is that a picture of the alien in the Predator movie?

GPrestonian said...

12:54am justice58:

"Oooooooh... according to you.... I guess the N & O is lying also."

No - the N&O article that you linked to simply doesn't address any of the issues your 10:36 post.

Look, I don't know what classes you took at Hillside, but reading comprehension apparently wasn't one of them.

Anonymous said...

Damn, were did you find this Justice58 troll? She's a fake right just made up to get some traffic, No one is that F**King stupid. Oh, wait it could be Nifungu's wife, she IS that stupid.

JNT said...

Justice58, here is the significance of the white towel:
The alleged victim never mentioned it in any of the early statements. After she finds out that a white towel was found with DNA on it, she adds it to her story. Amazingly, the white towel was able to remover 100% of DE's DNA from the AV without picking up any of the other males' DNA that was later found on her. Or her DNA.

justice58 said...


She did say in the beginning they wiped her down with a rag....I assume it was the towel she was talking about. Later, the report comes out in the N & O about a white towel with DE's DNA on it. Tell me how in the world did she know DE's lived in that house? What are the odds? She picked him out and it just happens his DNA is found on/under her fingernail. That is a red flag to me jnt. What are the odds of something like that happening?

Anonymous said...

Justice--your ability to skew the facts amazes me..

"on/under the fingernail"

well which is it? Because it is ON the fingernail, not UNDER, but UNDER just sounds so much more incriminating doesn't it? And I mean, on and under are basically the same, but UNDER connotates a struggle in which she scratched her attackers and got dna under her nails..but that didn't happen, and no, there was no DNA match UNDER her fingernails, it was on the TOP of the fingernail, it was a partial match that came from the nail being in close proximity to tissues, qtips and toilet paper in the garbage can (which was in EVANS bathroom). That's why it wasnt a full match, it barely brushed another object with his dna on it. You skew the facts to make it sound more plausible, like something sinister happened, when it has not only already been debunked but has been proven absolutely meaningless. a PARTIAL dna match was found ON the TOP of the finger nail only...but keep lying about shit to make it seem like there's still a's really really working.

Also-if evans used the towel to wipe himself off AND the stripper, why is HIS dna on the towel and not hers? Does she have magic dna?

Also, you neglected to mention (shocking, you forgot to mention exculpatory evidence) that someone else's DNA was found on the towel, not belonging to the accuser or any lax player. Evans I think (though I might be wrong on this) said he had slept with a girl and that towel was used. So your towel comment means nothing. If it doesn't have her DNA on it, it's about as shocking to find DNA on HIS towel in HIS house as it would be to find DNA from skin on his shirts and pants--it belongs there.


Anonymous said...

Cyrstal and Kim lied to the Lacrosse players who paid for their services. They said they were ASIAN strippers...LOL I know Kim was 1/2 Asian, but Cyrstal is NOT Asian.

Just shows that they are liars.

BlindJustice58 said...

Wow justice58, for all your ranting and misguided opinions it turns out you were wrong.That's right, wrong.
could it be that your stereotypes led you to the wrong conclusions? Could it be that you are in fact a bigot?