Sunday, February 25, 2007


The crowd roared with the band!
And YOUR team took the field again
With Brodhead smiling in the stands.
They cheered, not JUST Lacrosse,
They cheered because they understood
What those "fantastic lies" have cost.
They cheered your team ... who stood with you,
Though hounded to the ground,
While Durham offered "cash rewards"
On...vigilante posters throughout town;
Who stood with you while the media
Had their love affair with Mike,
And potbangers demanded "Castrate Them,"
And Crystal worked the pole at night;
Who stood with you while suddenly
You became some symbol to abhor,
And some demanded, even innocent,
YOU pay... for what had gone before;
Who stood with you when shamefully
Those we most trusted to be fair...
Betrayed every ethic they claimed to hold,
Their own biases deadly clear.
But yesterday the crowd cheered young men
Who stood firm in the trust of truth.
Who stood up to fear, and vilification.
Showed courage beyond their youth.
"Don't make them heroes," the Hoaxers warn.
We didn't. This long test crowned them such.
Through trial, real heroes are born!
It's PAST time you were back in the game.
And a few of these Hoaxers need to head into court
And the rest...slink off in shame!
Joan Foster


Anonymous said...

6 - 13 - 45

For all the stress they have been through I hope they know in the long run they have so many unknown friends wishing them well in life!

I am betting on Dave, Collin, and Reade!

kbp said...

Thanks Joan!

Somehow I missed this yesterday.

It was a brilliant idea to pay tribute to the 3, by wearing their numbers in warm up.

Your recognition of them here is icing on the cake.

Well done!

Anonymous said...

the game looked like a kkk rally. all those people there to support men who tormented black girls and called them names and then tried to cover up their crime. For shame. the only people slinking off in shame are the lax players and their supporters should be doing the same. Those that support racists are racist themselves.

Anonymous said...

. . . looked like a kkk rally? My goodness the "Duke Baby" has a daddy after all. No, the lacrosse team has consistently attempted to uncover what is being done to them aided and abetted by some very shallow people . . . perhaps you yourself.