Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lara Loves the Hoax

It's a challenge I'll admit it!
She's tough to canonize!
What a pity ALL that DNA
Is from ALL those other guys!
But it's the duty of the media
To let agenda obscure fact!
Despite all the hideous challenges...
We must keep Crystal's victim hood intact!
Sister Samiha set the course for us.
Strippings a "performance obligation."
And Crystal's comments ripping Kim
Were suppressed to advance creation
Of a shy-new-dancer, sweet persona
That was Oh, so far from fact!
But we were committed from the beginning
To keep Crystal's victim hood intact.
When the neighbors tried to tell the truth
Our little college friend did a save,
Wouldn't report the "unsavory" details
Of the wayward pole-dancing maid.
Suppression, omission of all we've learned
Need to keep "Our Agenda" clear.
Do you like my one sided propaganda piece?
Keeping Crystal's victim hood revered?
We don't care too much for truth.
We don't need to state the facts
All that exculpatory evidence
Just takes OUR storyline off track.
Boo! Hoo! Pole dancer's traumatized!
Strangers scare her so!
Don't MENTION she handled strangers well...
Up on motel row,
So if she can't express herself
Maybe the surroundings don't suit her vibe!
Send the SP's to the Platinum Club!
Help us keep Crystal's victim hood ALIVE!
Joan Foster
The Uncooperative Accuser Durham in Wonderland


bill anderson said...


You are awesome!! How do you keep doing it?

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Joan, I ask the same thing. How DO you do it? (I can't even rhyme 'cat'!)

kbp said...

Thanks Joan!!

Always great to read your posts!