Friday, April 13, 2007

Easley Doesn't Regret his "Poorest Appointment"

Flashback: January 22, 2007 - News & Observer:

"Gov. Mike Easley said last month that picking Mike Nifong to be Durham's district attorney was the worst appointment of his career, and he said Nifong broke his promise not to run for the office.

"Easley told law students in New York that Nifong's decision to seek office in last fall's election almost prompted him to consider yanking Nifong from office.

"I almost un-appointed him when he decided to run," Easley said. "I rate that as probably the poorest appointment that I've," the governor trailed off before adding "I've made some good ones."
Fast Forward: April 12, 2007 - News 14 Carolina:
Gov. Easley appointed Nifong as district attorney in 2005. He says he doesn't regret that decision and wouldn't comment on whether Nifong should step down.


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must read apology.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show you how much a Gov. Weasley this guy really is.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Easley just lost the Governorship to AG Cooper

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Liestoppers you are the BEST! Every morning the first thing I do is head to your site.


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Read ALL of Easley's comments. He obliquely tells Nifong to leave

Zimri said...

Easley says "The justice system works"; "Over and done with"; and in general, he deflects all his comments to AG Cooper and says "Move on from that". After a year of hell for the Duke Three, in which Easley didn't do anything, that's how he sums it all up.

Weasley indeed.

Anonymous said...

In this case, saying "the justice system works" is like saying that the Apollo Thirteen mission was a success because the astronauts made it back alive.

(For those too young to remember, rent the excellent movie of the same name, starring Tom Hanks!)

Durham Lawyer

Anonymous said...

Yes Governor, if you've got $3Million and a year of your life to spare, you too can make the NC Justice system work!

You moron!

kayman 007

Anonymous said...

Look where the Guv's right hand is!!!

Oh the Humanity!

Anonymous said...

11:27 am Anonymous,

you do not understand politics in the state of NC. There is a big reason Easley stayed so silent in this case early on and then only made his comments in NY at first and now is trying to say he doesn't regret the appointment. He is actually trying to distance himself from this case, from Nifong and, incredibly, from Cooper.

Know why? Easley is a political coward but the key word is political. Easley,like Cooper, wants to go to another elected office, like senator, and he knows Cooper just damaged himself politically. Cooper may hope everyone bought his innoncence pronouncement but a lot of people in the black community in Durham and Wake county are upset at how Cooper acted and they are still saying on black talk radio here that "something happened" and that Cooper is covering up and that now they unlikely to vote for him in the next AG race or a gubernatoriaL race (and Easley cannot run again for Governor so Cooper is not running againist him anyway so your statment above is not correct).

The black vote is key in any statewide election for a Democrat and Durham is especially important. Cooper just shot himself in the foot. This negative response in the black community just hasn't been reported yet in the media( except the NCCU studnet statements in the N and O reaction stories) but it is a fact and Cooper will pay the price. There was a reason the man was in the hospital 3 times the day before the announcement; it must be hard for a person to deal with the fact that a political goal may not be reached because of a statement he is going to make the next day and he justifibly had stress and anxiety that contributed to his being in the hospital; his announcement was literally a turning point in his political life and anyone would be stressed out by it. Stress can contribute to many health problems(I believe Osborn's stress over this case may have contributed to the heart attack that claimed his life, for example).

Cooper's statement was unprecedented as most prosecutors do not state innocence but rather insuficient evidence. Cooper is not a coward, however, and has done what he thinks was right.

Anonymous said...

The black community is foolish if they do not see how clearly weak of a case this was. Following the Imus controversy, the majority of polls (around 70% of the populace) show that public sentiment is tired of having to walk on eggshells lest they are pounced upon by race whores like Jesse Jackson, Sharpton and the New Black Panthers.

Sleasily's weaseling behavior has NOT helped him, and Roy Cooper is coming across as brave and courageous in the media. If you think that by having a majority of the black vote makes you a shue-in (provided you aren't in Durham, of course), then you are wrong, wrong, wrong. Check your minority stats for the state of NC and the US as a whole. Liberals and conservatives alike were disgusted as a majority to the overreaction to Imus. If Easley or anyone opposing Cooper in a future election tries to play the race card, it will not work.