Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Springtime Again in Durham

Ever been around a landlord when his tenants haven't got the rents?
Or a shabby shyster circus when the clowns are folding up their tents?
Or a pawn shop when the owner finds it's paste and not a jewel?
Well, that's Springtime now in Durham, where Crystal played them all for fools!

They're trying on new stories, doing re-writes on the past.
Distancing their dialogue, back-pedaling awfully fast!
"Why Durham is a friendly place, Duke's our favorite school!"
Yes, it's Springtime again in Durham, where Crystal played them all for fools!

The police department practices, no-lose line-ups and the rest
Gottlieb's notes! Elmo's trial! Lord, they hope that we'll forget!
It wasn't me! It wasn't me! Hey, I don't make the rules!
Yes, it's springtime again in Durham, where Crystal played them all for fools.

"The 88" are mourning the complete destruction and demise
Of the perfect meta-narrative to prove that THEY are, oh, so wise!
They're parsing words, and declaring themselves cyber-victims , oh, so cruel!
Yes, it's Springtime again for the 88, and Crystal played them all for fools.

They're folding up OurHeartsWorld, all the venting now looks poor.
The evil hearted white men were not guilty after all.
No, it was Sister Survivor who couldn't get her story straight.
And all those handpicked E-mails were only good for stirring hate.

But do you ever wonder... in a city of this size...
Where communities are small and tight, no one figured out the LIES???
The activists , the journalists, who claimed they knew the town...
Somehow didn't know 'bout Crystal, heard no talk that went around????

Someday we'll know the rest of it..see what ole Cheshire's got.
See what Durham REALLY knew, the secrets and the rot.
We'll ask WHEN DID THEY KNOW IT, and WHY betray our trust?
It's Springtime again in Durham, and Spring-cleaning is a must!!

Joan Foster


Tom W. said...

You have to think in a city the size of Durham that people understood very early on who and what Crystal was. They heard the word on the street and in their community. The reporter from NCCU in the first days had to edit out comments from the neighbors.

Yet, the locals played along with the MSM and set up websites about the "victim." The NC NAACP gave her their credibility. The locals re-elected Nifong. They went out in the media and supported her.

What did the locals know and when did they know it?
And what will they say when the real story on Crystal comes out?

Some locals are going to look real, real bad, not just Nifong.

Anonymous said...

And while the futures there for anyone to change,still you know it seems
It would be easier sometimes to change the past.

Fountain of Sorrow, Jackson Brown.

Thanks Joan

bill anderson said...


You said it well. The people who of Durham who mattered in this affair knew it was a hoax, but continued to push it as though all the charges were true. From the Durham PD to Duke University, we have seen a cascade of lies, lies, and more lies.

So far, no one has been punished for lying. Michael B. Nifong might face punishment for lying, but we have to see. All the others have paid no price whatsoever.