Thursday, May 10, 2007

Buh-bye, Nancy

Nancy, Nancy, hit the road!
We're truly thrilled to see you go!
Your histrionics made you "famous"
Lack of preparation made you... shameless.
Your bias was unblurred by facts.
A pontificating battleaxe.

Nancy, Nancy, Mal Voyage!
Did you relate to Crystal's "job?"
You troll for viewers with titillation
Prostitute the "information."
Your law degree is your negligee
Covering little of the junk you say.

Bump and grind, Miss TV Star!
Demean the dignity of the Bar!
Perform for all the leering masses
Attracted by your blatant crassness!
Torment the Innocent, night after night,
"Stripping" off their basic rights.

Nancy, Nancy, Toodle-loo!
Please, CNN, now say adieu!
Misinformed, unprepared
Ruining lives with little care
Tragedy is no reality-game
And there's no "Grace" in Nancy's shame.

And as you fondly bid adieu,
Forgive us if we don't boo hoo.
Your sneers, your cruelty, your blatant lies
Mean we'll rejoice at your goodbyes.
So, Nancy, as you go off the air...
Don't let the door hit your derriere.

Joan Foster


Anonymous said...

Excellent (as always) Joan!



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, leaving Court TV may give Nancy more time to hone her vitriol for a probably-larger audience at CNN.

Durham Lawyer

Anonymous said...

Nancy you are still neck & neck with Wendy for the Hag of the Hoax Contest!

Coming down the back stretch who will win?

bill anderson said...

Way to go, Joan!! Indeed, it will be addition by subtraction, as the exit of "Grace" means more grace on the airwaves!

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Grace is leaving Court TV?

Hmm, guess she forgot and pulled the chain at the back of her chair. Whatever, good riddance!

Michelle from Madison said...

It is finally beginning to catch up to Nancy Grace. It appears that Nancy should not have continued to victimize so many victims, because CNN recently (March 2007) cut the number of hours Nancy Grace could participate on Court TV. But now, CNN is cutting Nancy Grace altogether on Court TV (May 2007). They are yanking the plug on her, finally.

CNN is not yet “bashing” Nancy Grace for her documented misconduct and incompetence, but it will surely come eventually from CNN. Especially since CNN has so much misconduct and un-professionalism documented against Nancy Grace. I suspect that CNN is simply attempting to minimize their connection to Nancy before all of those upcoming lawsuits, filed and un-filed, come into the public domain.

Most of the lawsuits discussed by attorneys of victims that are, or will be filed against Nancy Grace, involve aspects including defamation, slander, libel, harassment, Nancy’s direct role within hours of the suicide of an emotionally-fragile young mother of a missing child, the list is far too lengthy to list all violations here.

It was a matter of time before things started to catch up to the “Gracester“. Criminals can usually hide for only so long. It is further evidence that Nancy Grace should not victimize victims, and her breaking civil laws at the expense of victims for some media ratings will cost Nancy Grace hugely.

I suspect the court systems will need to find a huge courtroom to hold all the Plaintiff’s against Nancy Grace and CNN, possibly rent out the Astrodome. Most cases against Nancy are expected to be settled out-of-court, as most cases against Nancy Grace have been resolved for years already. It appears to be the “policy” of CNN to quickly settle cases that they know for sure they will lose; cost-effective.

It will still cost the network big bucks. Let’s congratulate all the Plaintiffs for their efforts in assisting to remove such a negative and pathetic victimizer Nancy Grace. Keep up the good work for the sake of all victims.

Anonymous said...

Thank god that idiot is being yanked, my blood pressure rises every time I see her face on the screen

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

Question: Is it schadenfreude if you take pleasure in the self-inflicted misery of those who richly deserve it? If so, I'm proud of my guilt.

Anonymous said...

Oh Joan - now I coffee on my screen! Excellent as always....