Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wendy Murphy Interview

In a television interview with Jim Braude of New England Cable News, Wendy Murphy threatens to continue her vicious campaign against NC Attorney General Roy Cooper, the exonerated defendants of the Nifong/Mangum Hoax, and their attorneys for a "very long time." While accusing the State of North Carolina's top prosecutor of basing his decision to exonerate the Hoax defendants on political motives rather than factual innocence, Murphy cites the Wilmington Journal as the source for her continued claims that the false accuser was paid off and the Associated Press as the source for her accusations that defense attorney's withheld 1,200 pages of evidence.

Click To View: Wendy Murphy TV Interview


HumboldtBlue said...

I'm pretty sure we'll find these "missing' 1,200 pages in the same place the America-hating liberals have hidden Saddam's weapons of mass destruction.

ken said...

RE: Wendy Murphy

"her continued claims that the false accuser was paid off and the Associated Press as the source for her accusations that defense attorney's withheld"

Isn't it about time for some lawsuits to be filed to stop the continuing libeling of the innocent?

Its as if these boys are free game for any idiot to continue to accuse.
Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is Crystal Gail Mangum is an EVIL, sick woman with plenty of enablers from her family.

Anonymous said...

Wendy refuses to allow that Nifong used the hoax to get elected by 95% of voting black Durhamites, and yet she squishingly claims that the NC AG's only motivation, for dismissing with 'Innocence declared' as a finding of fact and law, was political. The syphilis is rotting her brain. She is a disgrace to the entire legal profession, making Nifong look slightly less insane!

Anonymous said...

Is Wendy out of here mind or just another example of a rogue prosecutor?

Wendy states she was a prosecutor for some period of time yet in this interview she made at least 2 serious logic mistakes.

1. She states that unless she sees 1200 pages of secret evidence she believes that some of the lacrosse players are still guilty. Hence that guilt is only determined by her view of a case not the facts, and as long as someone can make up something that can not be proved true or false she has hidden evidence.

2. Wendy said that she would push for Crystal to be prosecuted if she was guilty of a crime, then states that no matter what Crystal was quilty of either false prosecution or being bribed to be quiet. Yet she has not pushed for prosecution.

No wonder why she likes Nifong she is cut from the same cloth. Yes I agree with previous poster she needs to be slammed with a lawsuit, and someone needs to go back and look at how many innocent people she railroaded into prison.

Tom E.

Eric said...

Astonishingly, Wendy may have come up with the clearest description I've yet seen for what happened:

"Conspiracy of Idiocy"

I'm not making this up -- watch the video!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable!! There are just so lies in that interview. Levicy & Murphy are twin birds of a feather.

This woman is insane. She should never be allowed to be on TV again.

retiredLEO said...

Where is the AP on this, she continues to use the AP as her source. Maybe we should all write to the Associated Press and ask them where they got this information?

Anonymous said...

Wendy has been a nutcase on practically every rape claim, including the Kobe Bryant case. She has never met--or even heard of--an innocent man or a lying woman.

Now that it is pretty clear that Mangum is something of a mental case as least enough of to avoid prosecution...why is she allowed to have any children in her care? If she is as far gone as she seems to be, she couldn't be trusted to raise a baby goat much less a human being. If something happens to those kids because of her poor mothering who is going to be blamed...the lacrosse team again? Take the kids away.

Anonymous said...

People like this should be listed and never be allowed on jury duty. She is an absolute bigot for money. What a fraud.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

Agreed, Eric, but she's too stupid to figure out that she's not the reporter in this case; she's the story. She is part of the Conspiracy of Idiocy, and I pray she has her day in court. CNN wasn't afraid to drop Geraldo Rivera. It's time for them to dump this hypocritical, self-serving, self-righteous, bigoted bitch.

Anonymous said...

In the civil trials, Cash may have to go to jail to protect his anonymous "sources" for the bribe. Wendy is going under and she's got Cash around the neck!

Can you see the whole Mangum family coming in to testify!!

This could be fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I doubt even "Cash Michaels" would touch Wendy with a 10 ft. pole. He surely doesn't want to grant Ms. Murphy "street cred."

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tom E, Basically Murphy said that CGM is guilty of something matter what.

Let's carry it a step further. Let's assume that a 2 million dollar "bribe had been offered to Mangum. Can anyone tell me why she would fail to accept it. Obviously, this case was going to blow up in her face before long. She had to know at that time that either multiple semen deposits would be found in the rape kit (reasonable doubt), and the defense had released alot of evidence that weakened her case.

Come on....CGM refuses 2 million wanting to gamble for more?

If she accepted two million, the people arranging the offer would not allow a scenario where they needed to pay 3 million in legal fees to continue to defend. Two million and no questions asked you drop the charges. If such an offer had been made, there's no way she accepted it, and continued to squirm through the media trial.

CGM's motivation was two-fold. 1st: avoid going to de-tox. Next, make the white boys pay (she is quoted as saying some white boys were going to the strip club). If $400 is her price to strip for a bachelor party, and maybe she makes a grand for sexual favors.... 2 mil in a quick snatch and run......TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN.

There's no way that CGM turned down a 2 mil offer. As it stands, the only way she is going to profit from this fraud is to accept honorariums for speaking to groups of 88, or selling her story to B.E.T., or the woman's channel.

Check Sunday's t.v. guide....must watch t.v. "Crystal clear" Crystal Mangum's tansparent story.

Anonymous said...

I read where Mangum's family were upset, that no money was offered to drop the case.

Anonymous said...

Murphy is a very evil person!

The boys attorneys need to slap a civil suit on her yesterday not today before she is allowed to continue with her lethal diatribe of lies.The boys are INNOCENT.

Anonymous said...

To 6:00 PM

Be careful about accusing anyone of having syphilis. Doing so in print is libel per se and could open you up to a suit from Murphy. As libel per se, she would not even have to prove special damages.

And don't rest on the fact that you post is Anonymous. Liestoppers would likely have to turn over information about your post.

Mike in Nevada

Anonymous said...

I have not watched the link with the video of wendy murphy, I just can't do it. That woman makes me sick. I think in some twisted way she is on a quest to up her "crazy" ante to such a level that she can be parodied on SNL like her hero, nancy disgrace. She is so desperate for attention.

gak said...

I would very much like to see the 3 families go after her financially. That would shut her up. Sad but true

T. Randall said...

Why is the defense compelled to turn over evidence now that the case is over? When would the defense ever be compelled to turn over evidence?

She refers to the story about an "offer of two million dollars" as evidence. Does she even know what evidence is?

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

Gak, Randall, others, it makes you wonder why Miss Grace is a FORMER prosecutor. I'm not saying that she necessarily did anything to lose her job as a prosecutor, or even that she didn't "resign" instead. I'm not saying anything that may in any way be construed as libel. I just find it awful that someone who possessed such obvious bias and lack of integrity and intelligence no longer serves as a prosecutor. Truly shocking.

T. Randall said...

You mean Murphy, right?

gak said...

To Mandelbrot's Chaos

I think its kind of sad that a woman who was supposed to be a "seeker of the truth", not just looking for convictions, won't look at forensic or testimonial evidence. Its all about her worldview of a rape victim doesn't lie.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure a lawsuit would be successful here. Clearly, from viewing the interview, Ms. Murphy is suffering from some form of mental illness, perhaps acute paranoia. Typically the courts will not allow such people to be taken advantage of. Even an individual with below-average intelligence could figure out that all is not right upstairs. Her delusional rantings about the 1,200 pages of evidence 'hidden' from the media is very bizarre...does she really think that Cooper & Co. did not review every sliver of paper involved in this case? Does she really want us to believe that these same 1,200 pages were hidden from Cooper?

And finally, does her forecast that in 6 months Crystal will be living in a mansion, place her squarely in the 'moron' category of intelligence? Does she think that if a massive deposit of $2 million was made at any local bank, someone--anyone--at that bank would not somehow get the word out?

So no lawsuit here...the courts protect the disadvantaged folks in our scoiety and she clearly qualifies.

Anonymous said...

I have a proposal for the "Unholy Trinity" of Crystal Gail Mangum, Tara Levicy, and Wendy Murphy: a 10 year stay in 3 adjoining rubber rooms in a secure insane asylum!

All three are wildly off their rockers and a danger to themselves and society. Oh hell, put Nifong in the same place for good measure. He won't need a pension there.

We get ms. Murphy there by offering to give her 1,500 pages! Once she enters the padded cell and runs over to the 3 reams of unused photocopy paper, we lock the cell behind her and throw away the key. She'll have 10 years to "fill in the blanks....better yet write a book. She can call it something like "Mein Kampf II" - the rantings of a delusional feminazi.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

Murphy, Grace, same disease, similar backgrounds, different zip codes and hair. That's all.

Oldmanonamission said...

We best pray that dear Wendy never prosecutes and of us! We, like many, would go bankrupt defending ourselves! Ms. Murphy believes in sophistry (a confusing or illogical argument used for deceiving someone) of the highest order.