Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cpl David Addison Speaks Out, well sort of

After a year of silence, Durham PD's Minister of Misinformation has taken pen in hand to write the Snooze Room about the appointment of a panel to investigate the handling of Duke Lacrosse case.

The Durham Police Department has been subjected to yet another round of criticism from the city's leaders. This is like the first round of a fight with Mike Tyson. The decision has already been made.

We continue to stand in silence because our teaching shows us that retaliation does not profit anyone. As we stand bloodied from the slander and vicious attacks, we are just blocking punches. The air of voice is beaten out and the eyes of clarity have been closed. The only things we have left are the legs which are supported by over 500 sworn officers and nearly 200 civilians. We are still able to think but even the referee penalizes us for blows we have not thrown. How much more can we take? A lot, I suspect. However, we cannot and will not subscribe to the philosophy of abuse or continue to be victimized.

It is amazing, or is it just an election year? You decide.

David Addison
June 10, 2007
The writer is president of the Triangle Chapter Police Benevolence Association.

KC's DIW post on this is worth reading.


Anonymous said...

Nope nothing there says Addison! Don't look! The more he talks the more I suspect he his hiding something.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Good God! Even with a fifth of gin in her, Barbara Cartland didn't write this bad.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn brings up a good question. Who wrote Addison's Lacrosse Press Release?

Anonymous said...

Two things....
Impossible for Cpl. Addison to have written his statement. Too advanced for a Cpl in the PDP. I am sure Addison writes on an 8th grade level, which is typical of most Americans.
I recently attend a function which included deputy commssioners and other high ranking officers in well know national police departments. The DPD was the butt of jokes and insults. I personally thought the remarks were great!
Wll all is over, members of the DPD will have the respect of the rent a cops at Walmart! They earned this reputation!

bravefacari said...

Wonder what he thinks about all of this now - Post disbarment?