Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dear Cpl David Addison from Joan Foster

Hey Dave,

Shall I send you a box of Kleenex to wipe away your widdle tears?
Or a teddy bear to comfort you and allay your widdle fears?
All this "scrutiny and criticism" has Davey-boy verklempt
He's writing to the newspaper that his "Team" should be exempt!

He feels "bloodied by the slander"..oh my! We feel your pain!
Though I'm thinking of three other guys (one who shares your name)
I'm thinking of the year they spent, "vicious attacks" and such.
Because, Davey, your "Team" was incompetent and/or corrupt.

They walked to court past death threats, were hounded by the press
Protesters called to "castrate" them and other chilling threats.
But now that the city council's seeking answers for it all,
Widdle Corporal Davey only whimpers, whines, and bawls.

You decried the "wall of silence" then, but now you like it fine
You want no stinkin' questions! Please, everything is FINE.
Forget the rigged line-up and how Elmostafa was harassed.
And all those important questions Crystal wasn't EVER asked!

If you feel so violated, Dave... think about those Three!
Think about their year in Hell and "WANTED" posters on the trees
Recall the starring role you played, and stop your pitiful pouts.
It appears, Dave, you can't "take it", but you sure could "dish it out."

Joan Foster


Anonymous said...

Great Job Joan! Cpl David Addison spread vicious lies to the press which eagerly repeated them. Without his actions this Hoax could never have happened!

I want to find out who briefed him & who gave him the orders to lie to the press?

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Joan - awesome again! Hilarious again!

Only hurts when I laugh? Again.

Anonymous said...

It's understandable that Addison now finds it convenient to wrap himself in the DPD cloak, as if all Durham police participated in the Hoax. In fact, relatively few followed Addison's lead and actively enabled it. No wonder Addison wants now to sermonize about "we" being "abused" and "victimized". He'd rather smear the whole DPD by implying falsely that the Bell Committee will be examining the entire department, instead of focusing on the few culpable DPD wrongdoers like Addison.

bill anderson said...

Here is the email I sent Widdle Davey this afternoon:

Mr. Addison,

In reading your letter to the Herald-Sun today, let me say that I am stunned at your audacity and sheer dishonesty. It was little more than a year ago when you were claiming things that were not true, and not on any medical report, and then lied about the "information" -- or, better yet, disinformation -- that you gave the community.

You played an active role in framing three innocent young men of one of the most horrific crimes in the lawbooks, and then you try to claim you are a victim? If anyone was a victim, it was those individuals who were falsely charged with crimes and their families, which had to bear huge expenses, all because you and your colleagues lied and lied and lied.

However, Mr. Addison, let me also assure you that the families have not forgotten your up-front role in this frame-up. Do you think they have forgotten that you and your Blue Wall of Silence fellow officers promised the attorneys and the players that no press would be there when they came to give DNA samples? Do you think that they have forgotten that you and your Blue Wall of Silence fellow officers locked the doors of the DPD building so the press outside could have at them? Do you think they have forgotten that after they cooperated fully with the police that you lied and said that they were putting up a "blue wall of silence"?

(Because police officers across the country are famous for the "Blue Wall of Silence," I suspect you had plenty of practice in using that term. If there is a "Blue Wall of Silence" in this case, it is the wall that you and your criminal colleagues are putting up as we speak.)

Thus, I also will give you the following advice: make sure you have a good lawyer, because you are going to need it. If it were up to me, you would be front-and-center in a criminal investigation, but given that the Blue Wall of Silence also applies to other law enforcement agencies, you most likely will receive an undeserved pass. That is too bad, because I believe that you and many others in the DPD are nothing but common -- make that dangerous -- criminals. That's right, criminals.

Obstructing justice, Mr. Addison, is a crime. Falsifying evidence, Mr. Addison, is a crime. Knowingly framing innocent people for rape, Mr. Addison, is a crime. Sending false and misleading information over telephone lines and through the mails, Mr. Addison, is a crime.

Again, most likely the only way you will meet any bar of justice is through civil courts, and I have the suspicion that you will be high on the list of people the families will sue. But if there were any justice in the United States -- and Durham justice is even worse -- you would be spending many, many years behind bars.

Please do not tell us you are victims. You and your colleagues are victimizers. And I can only hope you will dearly pay for the crimes you committed this past year.

William L. Anderson

Mad Hatter said...


I admire your verbal prowess and appreciate your creativity. Don't ever stop.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Someone please get Joan's approval and submit this as a letter to the editor of the H/S in response to Addison letter. Do it quick!

Anonymous said...

I dont quite understand why no one involved with this case wants to see justice. This include Duke U, DPD, Some of the durham city council, DA's office, the state AG office crime stoppers, etc. Are they all waiting for the civil and crimminal torts to come down first then defend their actions? Talk about screwing three guys. It scares me that no one (see lisy above) appears to want this case to end.

Anonymous said...

I always hoped that Addison was lied to, but his letter to the editor makes me think he was a willing accomplice!

My goodness, this is the first statement you make for over a year about the Duke Lacrosse case! The NC AG stated they were innocent.

I think you should have written a letter of apology for calling them rapists!

Anonymous said...

Great Job Joan!

I think it's imperative that Addison be checked immediately for Nifong Defect Disorder. Only a person self centered to point of ill-functioning could make the statements Davey has here.

Davey the Drama Queen needs to reinvent himself with truth and honesty in mind. Give it a shot - Davey. Better late than never!

Tony Soprano

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, Joan

Mr X

Anonymous said...

There are only two words we're interested in hearing from Addison, wrong and sorry.

Does he think the public has simply forgotten his lies? People are quick to forgive if public officials admit mistakes and apologize.

Continuing to lie or pretending it never happened is a recipe that wil cause many more problems for Mr. Addison. I hope Rae Evans has his name on her list.

Good luck Mr. Addison, you're gonna need it.

Anonymous said...

Joan: What makes it worse is that the City Council enjoys legislative immunity for their comments. They cannot be guilty of "slander" while in session.

Put together stupid and morally bankrupt, and you get the Durham City Police Department. Addison's comment merely shows how desparate he is to avoid the final blow.


Anonymous said...

There are two words to discribe Addison and the other folk who inflamed their own city,Bode Miller