Monday, June 25, 2007

Flashback: Nifong, Abrams, and the 911 Hoax

Flashback, March 31, 2006:

ABRAMS: Mr. Nifong, so first on the issue of the possibility of walking by versus driving by, I mean, how significant is this 911-tape?

NIFONG: Well, first let me tell you that I have heard the tape and I have also heard the speculation that the tape might be in some way—or might contain false information. That is not an issue that I really want to discuss right now...

NIFONG: Well, again, I have—certainly one of the theories that I've heard is that the woman who was not inside was the person who made that call. And again, I don't really intend to comment on any of that to the extent that any of that is relevant.

ABRAMS: Have you identified the person who made the 911-call?

NIFONG: Have I personally identified...


NIFONG: Do I know if the...

ABRAMS: Do you know who it is?

NIFONG: ... to my knowledge that—I do not.

ABRAMS: OK. So that person has not come forward to say I was the one who made the call.

NIFONG: To my knowledge, no one has done that yet

Fast Forward, May 17, 2007:

BROCKER: Did the officers talk to you about their interview of the other dancer who was there with Ms. Magnum, Ms. Pittman?

NIFONG: Yes, sir.

BROCKER: What did they tell you about that?

NIFONG: It was not on that day that they told me that they believed that she was the one who made the call, but it was -- it was that first week that the investigation was going on, sometime that week of the 27th through the, I guess it would be the 31st, that they were aware that the call that had come in was not -- that was the call referring to, "My friend and I were walking down the street and racial slurs were thrown at us," and they were aware that that was not a kosher call. That is, that, I guess she had told them at some point that she was the one who had made that call, but I did not know that initially the 27th.


Anonymous said...

Classic Nifongese - No wonder many of us smelled a rat - Dan too.

Anonymous said...

Classic Nifongese - No wonder many of us smelled a rat - Dan too.

Anonymous said...

lol -- Nifongese was my first thought too!