Monday, June 25, 2007

He's Still in the Fire

My mama read a story about the Bible I recall
But I forgot the Good Book, tryin' make the Dukies fall.
When the wicked Fong commanded they be falsely demonized
There wasn't any teachin' I wasn't glad to compromise.

Now the Fong's in the fire, and I can feel the heat
Fong's in the fire, flames are lickin' at my feet.
That On-Time Taxi gonna ride me to Satan-land
Fong's in the fire, retribution is at hand.

The Fong was thinkin' he was on a pedestal so high
No one could ever challenge his cheatin' or his lies
He thought he'd find those Dukies, locked up for thirty years
And his nemesis, ole Cheshire, with a goatee wet with tears

But the Fong's in the fire, and he's pulled me in the flame.
No one can help us, we deserve the shame and blame.
Civil suits are comin', Miz Rae said we'd have regrets
Fong's in the fire, and they ain't finished with us yet!

So when you read those stories from the Bible long ago.
About Shadrach, Mechach, and old Abednego
Remember the Good Book's teachin' is not a sometime thing.
Remember Linwood, who didn't practice what I ..."sing."

Joan Foster


kbp said...

Thanks Joan!

Great as always (though I'm behind here, trying to catch up!).

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Joan - I need to put my "WOW! Joan did it AGAIN!!" statement on autotype because you keep making me write it over and over.

WOW! Joan did it AGAIN!! ;>)