Tuesday, June 19, 2007

IN RE The matter of Removal of District Attorney, Michael B. Nifong


........THIS MATTER HAVING COME on to be heard before the Honorable Orlando F. Hudson Jr., the Senior Resident Superior Court Judge of Durham County, and having reviewed the affidavit in support of the removal of Michael B. Nifong as District Attorney for the Fourteeth Judicial District, HEARBY [sic] FINDS that there is probably [sic] cause to believe that the District Attorney has engaged in willful misconduct in office and conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice whch brings the office into disrepute and HEREBY ORDERS AND DECREES THAT Mr. Nifong shall be suspended with pay pending a hearing on this matter to be set within thiry (30) days of this order.
So Ordered this 19th day of June 2007.
Orlando F. Hudson, Jr.
Senior Resident Superior Court Judge


Anonymous said...

I can forgive the 'sic' of "probably", but did the Chief Judge really write "HEARBY" and "WILLFULL"?

LieStoppers said...

11:25 - "Willfull" is on me. - Philip

Anonymous said...

This is laughable. Typos in an email are one thing. The Durham legal community demonstrates it can't even do the rudimentary business of the court properly. A one paragraph statement has multiple typos on behalf of this judge. His clerk needs a remedial course in typing and proofreading immediately.

Anonymous said...

Please note that it says that Nifong is "suspended with pay..." Even though he won't be in office, I assume this means that he will still get the 30 days of pay until he officially resigns from office.