Monday, June 25, 2007

Things that make you say, "Hmmmm...."

“As a matter of fact, I would just like to clear the record and let it be known that I had actually requested a third-party review even prior to the mayor asking for one,” [Durham Chief of Police Steve] Chalmers told reporters. “I felt that was probably the best alternative for us from the start.” WRAL
Durham Mayor Bill Bell called for an outside review following on May 11 police department report that found no wrongdoing by investigators in the case. Bell said the report lacked focus and left questions unanswered about the yearlong criminal investigation of rape and sexual assault charges filed against three former lacrosse athletes. WRAL

City Manager Patrick Baker had previously secured agreement for chiefs Darrel Stephens of Charlotte-Mecklenburg; Jim Fealy of High Point; and Pat Norris of Winston-Salem; and former Chapel Hill chief Gregg Jarvies to serve on the committee if appointed by the council. N&O

"We support any legitimate investigation that includes the review of all those involved in the Duke lacrosse case. A legitimate investigation based on the rule of law and procedural due process would certainly include the investigation of some of those who have called for the investigation.

Durham's police officers are highly trained professionals who risk their lives daily serving and protecting their citizens. Their input is valuable in finding the truth and solving the issues. Rank and file officers should not become scapegoats for the indiscretions and poor decisions of others who may be rethinking their own original actions." - John C. Midgette, executive director of the N.C. Police Benevolent Association



bravefacari said...

Complicity or passivity in the police dept or DA's office will NOT hold up in any court of law or in the realm of professional respectability. They all take an oath. It is no different than a medical doctor not being allowed to drive by an accident and failing to lend medical assistance. It IS a crime.

If a serious investigation is done, and I for one would like to see it done by people OUTSIDE of the immediate Durham area, then I suspect we will see some heads roll, as well we should.

Anonymous said...

I would say the best bet for Durham is to fire the City Manger and hire a new Chief who isn't a part of this group of liars.

You can see the train wreck coming for Durham. The lawsuit against the PD will be massive. The County of Durham is already in deep trouble with the actions of former employee Nifong.

Read Pressler's book and you will be ashamed how Durham PD acted & lied. They just keep lying, even now when the Hoax has been partially uncovered. How much more is there to this Hoax?

Did Senior Police & City Officials know it was a Hoax from the beginning?

Anonymous said...

The powers that be in durham are fully aware of the MASSIVE corruption that has enveloped Durham. Unless there is a Federal Investigation done into the running of the city, there will be nothing changed accept names on doors..

I know this first-hand, and am more than willing to testify before any tribunal and state just how deep the roots of unscrupulous government officials have sunk to!

Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio