Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Charles Rector, Leading the Parade of Fools

“Those who made a rush to judgment based upon an unquestioning faith in what a prosecutor had told them were made to look foolish and many still do look foolish.”
- DHC Chair F. Lane Williamson
While many in the parade of fools that championed vanquished Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong’s hijacked Hoax have remained silent following the rogue prosecutor’s total exposure at his recent State Bar ethics trial, a new voice has emerged to lead the Cult of Something Happened. With a fearless appetite for libel and a flair for hypocrisy, Charles Rector, the outspoken Vice President of Robert F. Ludwick’s Las Vegas based Online Multiplayer Games Network, has mistaken DHC Chair F. Lane Williamsons words as an invitation. Intent on wresting the crown of Grand Fool of the Hoax from Wendy Murphy, Rector has made up for lost time with a series of posts on OMGN's website in the wake of Mr. Nifong’s disbarment.
The Best of Charles Rector at OMGN’s company blog:
  • Duke athletes are still allowed to go around engaging in drunken, boorish behavior right up to and including threatening female students with rape and worse.
  • Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong has been disbarred for the crime of pursuing his duties in the public interest in the matter of the infamous Duke University Lacrosse Team Rape Case.
  • What happened was that wealthy Duke alumni, Duke athletic boosters and powerful figures in North Carolina combined with the endemic racism in the South to forge a successful coalition aimed at punishing Nifong and making him an example for other law enforcers across the country who encounter cases of so called “student athletes” engaged in violence against students in general.
  • Grand juries do not indict unless there is sufficient evidence to prove the guilt of the defendants.
  • The case was thoroughly investigated by the Durham Police Department which submitted it to the D.A‘s office.
  • One thing that has gotten lost in the coverage of the Duke University Lacrosse Team Rape Case is that Duke is a historically racist institution. And not just racist, but severely racist.
  • Duke was originally founded to promote what it called the “supremacy of the supreme race.”
  • Up until the early 1970’s, in order to get hired there, you had to take what amounted to a racial loyalty oath in which you pledged to uphold the concept of “whiteness is rightness.”
  • Any Duke employee who was found to be engaged pro civil rights activity would be automatically fired regardless of how long the employee had worked there or if he/she had tenure. Duke students found to be similarly engaged were expelled from the campus.
  • According to a friend of mine, racism is prevalent among the white students there. Many of the white students came to Duke so that they could be as “racist as they want to be.”
  • My friend says that the whites talk as if they can rape any black female on or off campus and completely get away with it now that Mike Nifong is no longer the district attorney. (Posted eleven days before Nifong's hastened resignation to avoid removal from office.)
  • Historical research shows that while some of the "Scottsboro Boys" were almost certainly innocent, some were in fact guilty as charged.
  • A text to keep in mind when reading articles on the so-called "Duke 88" or "Gang of 88" is this advertisement that was paid for by 88 Duke University professors out of their own pockets.
  • As for the re-election campaign, incumbent Nifong would have won anyways rape case or no rape case. (Nifong trailed Freda Black by 17 points in polls prior to his first public comments on the Hoax)
  • The racial tensions in Durham were caused, at least to some extent, by the coddling of criminal jocks by Duke University administrators who were more concerned about athletic success than the rule of law.
  • Over at Durham in Wonderland, Prof KC Johnson has been engaging in more than his usual fantasizing. This time his fantasy is about his comments policy: "I welcome all viewpoints in the comments section, but delete vile or off-topic comments." Actually, what he does is remove all comments that offer any reality based challenge to his baseless fantasies. His working definition of “vile” and “off-topic” is anything that he cannot or will not answer. Truly, he is as intellectually lazy as he is biased. (Rector allows no comments on his posts.)

A hater for all seasons, Rector does not limit his angst to Duke University, critics of disgraced prosecutor Mike Nifong, and student athletes. Movie critics, actors, and others are not spared from the wrath of the all-knowing Rector. A sampling of additional Rector rants at Fornax from June 30, 2007 (comments 1 thru 8 below) and Nexus follows:

  • Dann Gire Is the movie reviewer for a deservedly obscure Midwestern daily newspaper. He is also the president of the lame outfit known as the Chicago Film Critics Association. This group, the CFCA has been know to send vulgar emails to folks just for inquiring about joining the CFCA. He is also an adjunct faculty member at some lame college where he wastes students time and money with his drivel.
  • Steve Prokopy aka “Capone” is just another lamer who hangs out on the fringes of the movie industry. He hardly ever has anything to say and as such he ought to be ignored.
  • Undead Johnny and Dementia is a lame “horror” act that has been playing in the Chicago area the last few years. They claim to be from “Channel 666″ and are touted as being really scary. Actually, even Ed Wood movies are scarier than anything that these two losers have ever come up with.
  • I was able to see the 2nd Fantastic Four movie and all I can say is that the movie critics who said that the sequel was better than the original must be on the filmmakers payroll. The 2nd one is an insult to the intelligence. For one thing, in the sequel the U.S. military is so utterly stupid that it believes Dr. Doom over Mr. Fantastic so much so that they are willing to imprison the Fantastic Four while letting Doom run free. And on top of that, allow Doom full access to technology that the military knows full well would allow Doom to rule the world.
  • Chad Savage’s Sinister Visions is an allegedly horror movie oriented website created by a lamer named Chad Savage. The most sinister vision on this website is a picture of the corpulent Chad himself. It inspires dread at the kind of cholesterol laden diet that he must have to achieve such walrus like dimensions.
  • Amanda Wyss is a pretty, no talent hack actress who has appeared in far too many horror flicks. Her career is sputtering along courtesy of the insipid producers of lame TV shows.
  • Heather Langenkamp is yet another no talent pretty face who has appeared in too many horror movies. Her career the past ten years has been largely limited to the likes of the “E! True Hollywood Story.” Does not sound like much of a career, does it?
  • Ronee Blakley is just another no talent good looking actress whose career has completely melted away. She is attempting a comeback by becoming a professional guest for lame horror movie conventions.
  • Terry Hoeppner has just kicked the bucket and with his passing nothing but laudatory obituaries are written. That this should happen with a low life such as Hoeppner is nothing but sickening...Terry Hoeppner was a scum and is not deserving of obituaries that shower nothing but praise upon his wretched name.
Lest we give the impression that Mr. Rector is mad at the world or unappreciated for his intellectually, factually, and rationally challenged rants at OMGN, we'll conclude by noting that Rector holds a special place for Christian game developers and an affection for Nancy Grace while OMGN indeed hailed his return.

One of the more infuriating aspects of bloggers and blogging is how so many of them seem to get their kicks out of projecting their bizarre fantasies on others. One lady (a lady in the truest sense of the term) who has been trashed by weirdo bloggers lately is Nancy Grace of CNN Headline News. Grace is a former prosecutor who now has her own TV show that covers issues of law and justice. - Rector

Here’s an E-Mail from Tim Emmerich of the Christian Game Developer’s Conference: "Greetings again. Anyone want to do a speech? Or would like to nominate someone to do one? On the nomination, we need you to do the initial footwork - contact them, see if they are interested, etc. ... God bless you,Tim" - Rector

As you may have noticed, Nexus here at OMGN has been pretty stagnant for quite some time... As has Fornax over at FlickZone. Well, no more! Both blogs have been upgraded to the newest version of WordPress and activity on both of them will resume.
Not only that, but we're happy to welcome Charles Rector back into the OMGN fold. Charles has been a longtime contributor for OMGN and we're very happy to have him back. OMGN


wayne fontes said...

Why are you paying any attention to this aging Star Trek fan who wants a few hits on his website? He been trying to get attention for weeks for no end other than to drive hits to the website which seems to be pretty dead. Let Charles and his gamer friends amuse each other.

Anonymous said...

Rector wrote a satire, correct?

No one who has ever been to Durham would call Trinity Park a "tony" neighborhood.