Thursday, September 13, 2007

Stuart Taylor Jr. speaks at the CATO Institute

Stuart Taylor Jr. ,Senior Writer, National Journal, and coauthor with Professor KC Johnson of Until Proven Innocent spoke Tuesday, September 11, 2007 at the CATO Institute.



Anonymous said...

I saw Robert Novak in the audience. Taylor is a very smart man.

Anonymous said...

No doubt Taylor is smart, but just from listening to the audio, he was phumphking a little bit, interrupting himself, like he'd gotten overwrought by concerns with the time constraint. Nevertheless, later he was poised and spot-on extemporizing responses to questions of wildly varying quality, many of them phumphked. The fact that people couldn't form crisp questions in the 20 minutes or so they had to gestate them suggests ability to talk in public is distributed more thinly than we might want to think.

-- No, not that Glenn

Anonymous said...

What I found shocking is that no Duke Professors stood up to the 88 for six months. They were afraid!!

This is the quality of Professors at Duke?