Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Circle the Wagons: Addison gets Promoted

In the face of a massive Civil Rights Lawsuit against the City of Durham and it's Police Department, the PD reacted by promoting one of the defendants from Corporal to Sergant as it was revealed in the Durham Herald-Sun.

Maxwell, a past president of the North Carolina Bar Association and the N.C. Academy of Trial Lawyers, is representing newly promoted Durham police Sgt. David Addison in the federal litigation. Addison is accused of conspiring to wrongfully prosecute Seligmann, Finnerty and Evans. Herald-Sun
Sergant Addison's actions at the start of this Hoax incited the community with false & inflammatory accusations that rapists are loose in Trinity Park. His Public Relations campaign ignited a firestorm of public outcry. The reaction of which is in one of our articles.

On March 24 curious news of the Duke Rape Hoax was released to the media. Cpl Addison appeared on WRAL-TV. He also gave interviews to both the Raleigh News & Observer and the Herald-Sun, spreading the accusations and the false claim of the "wall of solidarity" or "wall of silence." Many of his quotes, as reported, were false and inflammatory.

The lurid details of the assault were a shock to the community, especially to the residents of Trinity Park, where the captains lived at 610 N. Buchanan. A 27 year old Black mother of two and NCCU student was brutally beaten and raped vaginally, anally, and orally for 30 minutes by three white lacrosse players in their midst. The police were reporting the rape as an absolute fact. To make the accusation worse, it was claimed that 43 other players stood by and did nothing to stop it. The extraordinary act of Judge Stephens ordering the entire Duke lacrosse team to submit to 46 separate DNA tests, leaving out the one Black player, gave additional credence to these serious allegations.

The false idea that the team was hiding behind a wall of silence was honestly troubling to many in the community. It caused considerable damage to the team’s credibility. Residents just couldn't reconcile the fact that the players might have been falsely accused with what they were hearing about the brutal nature of the assault from the police. “The lacrosse team refused to cooperate,” so therefore, they must be hiding something, was the conclusion of many. At the same time, the media was bolstering the image of the “victim.” The police knew full well the accuser worked for an escort service, and that the responding officer thought the accuser was" passed out drunk." She had herself admitted her inebriation and her use of the muscle relaxant Flexeril (the night of the party) to the doctors at UNC. Unlike the police, at that time the public did not know of the dancers' conflicting stories, a recantation, or the accuser's long psychological history. Nor did the public know of the prior criminal records of both dancers, or the identity of the person who made the 911 calls. The public did not know, but the police certainly did. Recently we learned that at the same time the candlelight vigils were being held, the accuser was performing her regular stripper routine and signing in clients to the VIP room at the Platinum Club.

From the "Wall of Silence" to Community Uproar to a National Story

John in Carolina has a well documented series regarding Addison's actions.

"On March 28, he even distributed to media and the community a CrimeStoppers "Wanted" poster that included this:

”The Duke Lacrosse Team was hosting a party at the residence. The victim was sodomized, raped, assaulted and robbed. This horrific crime sent shock waves throughout our community.”

But Addison’s “horrific crime” never happened, and there was no wall of solidarity or silence"to crack. John In Carolina

Read John's entire series.

“The Cpl. Addison Series.”

“Addison Series #1" - "This horrific crime”
"Addison Series #2" - "CrimeStoppers will pay cash"
"Addison Series #3" - "Not my poster"
“Addison Series #4 – “They call it ‘squeezing.’”
"Addison Series #5 - "Major Duke Involvement"

The City has apparently taken a circle the wagons approach to defending against the Civil Lawsuit. One wonders what does it take to make Deputy Chief in Durham?


Anonymous said...

I expect this crooks to circle the wagons.
I'm way more worried about Stephens order to keep all the player's DNA samples.
The real crooks downtown may have fabricated up some sh!t on the players.
Who cares if this loser get promoted to Reichstag Kommandant.

Anonymous said...

Each day Durham still manages to squeeze another gasp out of me. It truly boggles the mind they just skip from one bad apple to the next, and promote them?! The "good old boys" are sending a very loud message. "They" will not go down without a fight, and only want more of their cronies inside to keep complete power and control.

This is such "BULL" and I wonder, where will it end? What more must citizens do to change things? We have petitioned and lobbied our government, yet they still ignore us.

Where is the concern, the outrage, and the conviction to stand up and say enough is enough, and "WE" are not going to take it anymore?

What are they afraid of exposing? The "truth?" You bet they are!

Rhonda Fleming

Anonymous said...

Addison remarks would get him fired in honest PDs, but not Durham. He started a rush to prejudge the entire Lacrosse Team.

This City is SICK!

Anonymous said...

One wonders what does it take to make Deputy Chief in Durham?

No need to wonder. With just a few more mistakes, Addison will have that job.

Just when you think Durham can't possibly sink any further, it does.

Anonymous said...

What does it take to make Deputy Chief in Durham?

Answer: Multiple false prosecutions

Anonymous said...

Durham, have you no shame?

Anonymous said...

Addison is poster boy for what is wrong in Durm.

Anonymous said...

Should we expect to see Sgt. Mark Gottlieb promoted next?

anonymous said
"This City is SICK!"

I agree. Whoever called Durham "The City of Medicine"? It should be renamed.

Anonymous said...

Durham is just one large festering sore on the backside of the North Carolina.

The folk of Durham deserve all they get. To lazy to vote out these crooks and enablers.

Just a black city doing what it does best!

Anonymous said...

Just a black city doing what it does best!

Remember "Soul City" ?

'nuff said

Anonymous said...

Uh, oh. Not a smart move on the part of the Dee Pee Dee... ( Hmm, can't actually remember a smart move there, come to think of it)

Makes you wonder what he "paid" for his promotion/??

If Durham ever actually does get investigated, the price of the settlement just went up. The Dee Pee Dee just promoted somebody who was obviously unethical, if not downright criminal. Put their little stamp of approval on the bigot. Made him a more "official bigot/ liar"... now chief representative of the liars.

Oh my its getting more interesting.

Don't know who is the consultant to this outfit of nutcases, but I sure would hate to be white and live in Durham right now and need a policeman.

And on another subject, just WHO did Judge Stevens stipulate should be "watching" the DNA evidence? It's sure gonna be interesting to see just how that vitally important material has been protected from contamination, eh?

Anonymous said...

There's a city administration that promotes frame-artists; a State AG who suggests serious crimes were committed but he won't prosecute; two GOP (actually RINOs) U.S. Senators wearing blinders; and a U.S. Attorney who appears to be in bed with the scumbags who perpetrated this massive fraud. How can any NC citizen NOT be outraged?

Anonymous said...

How can our government not be outraged? What are they waiting for, hell to freeze over?

Anonymous said...

How can our government not be outraged? What are they waiting for, hell to freeze over?

Anonymous said...

There's a city administration that promotes frame-artists; a State AG who suggests serious crimes were committed but he won't prosecute; two GOP (actually RINOs) U.S. Senators wearing blinders; and a U.S. Attorney who appears to be in bed with the scumbags who perpetrated this massive fraud. How can any NC citizen NOT be outraged?
Answer: Just a normal day in good O'l corrupt North Carolina, so why bother, nothing gunna change?

Everybody in bed with each other!

Feds and AG paralysed by "Political Correctness" and maybe afraid of what they might find under that big rock called Durham.

The US constitution,Bill of rights now just a stuffy , dusty museum artifact and color corrected!

Reality, there ain't no justice cos the hacks running the show are corrupt.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty much a "people deserve the government of their choice" person." Durham deserves this guy. What a disgrace, he is to the uniform. I think Durham is more concerned about putting it to the "outsiders" than they are their own folk.

Jim in San Diego said...

We need someone to "speak truth to power" in Durham. Anyone?. Anyone?.

Carolyn said...

Once I get past the gag reflex, I console myself with the only thing possible. Promoting Addison is incontrovertible proof the DPD does not uphold the law. And that refusal is the very heart of the lawsuit against the DPD.

Therefore, by promoting Addison, the DPD has merely shoved another bullet into the chamber of the gun aimed at its own foot.

Anonymous said...

Really no different than Duke promoting the members of the wacked out 88 to positions of leadership in the Duke faculty except that Addison has the ability to arrest innocent people. The 88 only have the power to slander, malign, grade retaliate, discriminate against innocent students. Only at Duke and in Durham is evil rewarded. No wonder, Duke is the home of the Devils...

Anonymous said...

Another perfect reason why the civil suit must go on and must be massive. Duke and Durham have rewarded all the hoaxters, liers, slanderers and criminals. What next.... Crystal for Mayor?

mangum's repulsive twat said...

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Anonymous said...

re Addison's promotion

Durham is like Haiti: it's run by blacks, the stupidest and most violent group on Earth. So why are you complaining about his promotion? You think blacks are like whites and Asians? They are not, and the hoax bears this out--in spades (excuse the pun).

Anonymous said...

Please delete the racist trash at 11:41! It's almost certainly coming from some pathetic sleazebag potbanger who can't stand the thought that they were proved to be stupid racists, and wants to make Liestoppers look bad so that they can overlook the fact that we were right about the case.

Anonymous said...

Racist at 5:36 --

To quote Forrest Gump, "stupid is as stupid does." Those who jumped to the conclusion, during the case, that the players were guilty because they were white and they "knew" white folks were like that -- they looked really fucking stupid. But guess what? You look just as stupid, right now.