Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Disciple of the Nifong Method

Anna Mills Wagoner....
Is ignoring all that mail
About a dirty little plot
To send three Innocents to jail.

Anna Mills Wagoner....
That Girlfriend seems unconcerned.
Are the LE just her bestest friends
She doesn't want them " burned?"

Anna Mills Wagoner
Is cool and cavalier.
Even Hardin's ardent call
Has fallen on deaf ears.

Gottliebs notes and Elmos trial
Haven't got the "juice."
Linwood's "games", a cold-blooded FRAME
(But,no action-demanding noose!))

So, Anna Mills Wagoner
Will you stonewall the Public Shout?
(The Republicans put Anna in
And strangely tried to take her out.)

Yes, Anna Mills Wagoner
Observes her manicure
But Cops and Hookers-Durham style
She'd rather just ignore.

Anna Mills Wagoner
Must not read the local press
The locals decry this filthy mess
She REFUSES to address.

And all the Eyes the Media
Pulled hard into this Hoax
Legal guns, profs, alums,
Folks from coast to coast...

Anna Mills Wagoner....
Those Eyes now bore into your back.
Are you...an honest servant of ALL people?
Or another... Hoax Cover-up... enabling... Hack?

The Artist Formerly Known as Joan Foster
Second Missing Poem Recovered Using the "Gottlieb Method"


Anonymous said...

I believe her last name is spelled:

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back!

Ooops, I mean, uncovered from the archives...

Anonymous said...

welcome home attack poet!

Mr X

Anonymous said...

All of the technical problems have not been worked out with the "Gottlieb Method."

Thanks I will pass this on to the Artist.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to
"the artist formerly known as
Joan Foster" .

Another great one.....


Anonymous said...

Darn tootin, good to have these retrieved lost poems. What a diff they make!

Anonymous said...

off topic but what is Judge Stephens up to now?


Anonymous said...

Me too - where is Peter Wood hiding out?