Friday, November 30, 2007

Leadership - The Dean Sue Method

Sister Mary Clarence

The Duke Office of Student Activities and Facilities recently held its first program in the Distinguished Leaders in Action series. The OSAF serves as a resource for students in developing their leadership and management skills. The Kickoff was led by Duke Dean of Students, Sue Wasiolek, who discussed what a leader is.

Dean Sue was the Duke administrator who handled the University’s response in that first crucial week of the Lacrosse Hoax. She is best remembered by the parents of the Duke lacrosse team as the person who ordered the players not to tell their parents about the criminal investigation. This was followed by her decision to use an attorney who apparently was representing the best interests of Duke and not the students in negotiations with DPD Sgt. Mark Gottlieb. While DPD Cpl. David Addison of Crimestoppers was making false & incendiary statements about the Duke lacrosse team in local media with his “Wall of Silence” accusation, Dean Sue remained silent, not revealing she knew that the team captains had cooperated fully with investigators - given detailed oral and written statements without counsel, offered to be polygraphed, and freely submitted their DNA samples. Later it was learned that Dean Sue served on Durham Crime-stoppers Board of Directors none of whose members ever acted to correct the misdeeds of Durham Crimestoppers police coordinator David Addison. Along with his inflammatory and false public statements on behalf of the DPD, Addison also produced and authorized the distribution by uniformed officers of the infamous "this horrendous crime" flyer in Trinity Park. (See John in Carolina Article about the infamous wanted poster.)

With that resume one might question why Dean Sue was chosen as the person to kick off the “Distinguished Leaders in Action series.”“However, Dean Sue, who did not disappoint the 20 Duke students who joined the panel, had this personal observation for them.
"That word [leadership] frightens me because it carries a lot of responsibility to do something, to be something," she said. "I'm not exactly sure what leadership is, but I know it when I see it." The Chronicle

But the highlight came when Dean Sue finished her presentation.

Wasiolek closed the discussion with a clip from "Sister Act," a movie upon which she said she often reflects when leading. She identified actress Whoopi Goldberg's nun character as "a reluctant leader with high expectations for her followers" and credited the protagonist's success to talent and charisma. The Chronicle

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Hat Tip: Bill Anderson


Anonymous said...

Dear G-d!!!! THAT is the BEST Duke has to offer on leadership, to some of the brightest and most talented young people in the world???

I am totally appalled and ashamed of my alma mater!!!!!!!!!

Dean Sue does not even sound qualified to lead a YMCA retreat, let alone a session on leadership at Duke University (No offense to YMCA)

There are thousands of Duke Alumna who are TRUE leaders in their respective fields, who would gladly have donated time to this worthy endeavor.

The Duke Administration and their decisions of late sound like kindergarteners playing in the sandbox together.

IF leadership SCARES you, you should get out of the kitchen! ("If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen") If you see the leadership responsibilites with a sense of humility, that is different.

I see NO humility at Duke, a lot of false feel-goody mush, and a serious leadership vacuum.


Anonymous said...

"That word [leadership] frightens me because it carries a lot of responsibility to do something, to be something," she said. "I'm not exactly sure what leadership is, but I know it when I see it."

That's the Kickoff Speaker???

What does Duke do when a crisis ocurrs? Put on "Sister Act" and listen to the words of Sister Mary Claranece!


Anonymous said...

She insisted that the players not tell their PARENTS? Oh my God.

Anonymous said...

Dean Sue is coward as is so many others involved with this pathetic case. I really feel sorry for Duke students who may be mislead by the miserable examples of this administration.
The real shame has now shifted to past graduates and the trustees. When will they pull their heads out of the sand and exhibit some leadership?

Anonymous said...

Note the PC selection: A Black Woman.

She would have gone with Ving Rhames in "Pulp Fiction," but Dean Sue didn't want to "stereotype" certain races.

On the next Duke SAT test:

Dean Sue is to leadership, as Brittany Spears is to __________?

A. Sobriety.
B. Underwear wearing.
C. Good mothering.
D. All of the above.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Dean Sue broke up the Leadership presentation with nap time? These poor students are getting fed a diet of milk and cookies. Let's put on Whoppi's film and study what a "good" leader does.

See Whoppi, See Whoppi run from the bad men, See whoppi teach the Nuns to sing, Go Whoppi, Go teach the Nuns cooperation, Yea Whoppi.

Dean Sue should be a den mother for 3 year olds.

You want Leadership? Go read the History of Western Civilization. Ooops, that is out of style in Trinity College.

Mah Pussah Tink said...

I's cantz getz dah honkie jissumz out of mah anusum and pussah compartment.

Damn dose honkies pollutin me wit der jissumz.

Crystal Gail Mangum
Mother, honor student, smelly whore

Anonymous said...

yes,Dean Sue is a misplaced person,and has done some things that are dishonest at worst and cowardly at best.But I din't think the abaove comment,which I find vile is appropriate.Since the net gives relative anonymity,I tend to think it's the work of sosmeone trying to slime this site.In any case,the person is a slime.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you know that everyone who wants false accusers to go to prison is a racist?

Carolyn said...

So - leadership 'frightens' Dean Sue? Woman speaks like she has to wear protection first before she dares to display it. I guess the reason she didn't show any last April 2006 must have been because Walgreens wasn't having a sale on Depends.

Anonymous said...

I do not care about Dean Sue but I do care that Baldo keeps calling the Rape kit a sane kit. Can you clear that up,

Crystal Gail Mangum said...

I apologize for the unsavory tone of my 1:42 comment. I have a cold.


Anonymous said...

When's the last time you got raped, Crystal? Five minutes ago? Has Barney the Dinosaur had a turn yet?

Anonymous said...

Dean Sue - moron.