Wednesday, December 05, 2007

US DOJ won't investigate Nifong

The Raleigh NewsObserver is reporting.

The U.S. Department of Justice will not investigate whether former Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong engaged in criminal misconduct in his handling of the Duke lacrosse case, a DOJ spokesman said today.

"We believe the State of North Carolina has the primary interests in this matter: protecting the integrity of its judicial proceedings, holding Mr. Nifong accountable for his actions as an officer of its courts, and vindicating the principles of justice under state law," Peter Carr, a DOJ spokesman, said in a prepared statement.

"North Carolina has begun that process," he said. "Well-established principles of federalism and comity discourage federal intervention when the state has the primary interest and the state is taking remedial action. We believe the allegations relating to the North Carolina state proceedings should be addressed and resolved by the State of North Carolina."

One wonders what besides prosecuting three totally innocent young men for over a year over a crime they knew that never happened, withholding exculpatory evidence, violating Durham Police department policies & procedures, would cause the US DOJ to investigate?


Anonymous said...

The Nifongs won't investigate Nifong; big surprise.

Anonymous said...

"What a crock!"

Anonymous said...

just another case of compassionate conservatism and capitulation to the influence of the duke chairman of the board and the sissy senator DOLECRAP...

BUT let a white guy say anything against some slime illegal and they come down with the power of almighty against him

bush sucks and so do the people who work for him

Anonymous said...

North Carolina now has the spotlight. Let's see if the powers that be in our fair state can get it right this time. It's going to be interesting to see if the predominantly Democratic powers have the guts to investigate the predominantly Democratic perpetrators.

How in the world did Bush get blamed for this one?

I think this is GREAT. Let's watch and see. And if NC can't get it right, with all the eyes of the world on them, then they deserve to be the laughing stock of the world.

Don't forget that so far the NC State Bar has done alright for itself.

And Mostetler has done a masterful job of analysis.

Let's see what the GOOD folks in NC can do now...

We still have Cheshire. And he takes a backseat to NOBODY, not even the Feds.

Commish903 said...

Nifong's 3 victims are clearly the wrong color, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

The Feds jump in quickly by just hanging a noose on a tree. Yet hold 3 families hostage, mislead the public to cause civil unrest in a town, endangering the lives of these young men, constitutional rights are trampled and nothing is done....pass it off to the state. The same state that sat back for a year and a half and did nothing. Those signs that say," Castrate" or the chanting of "burn the house down" should have brought the Feds in as it is the same symbolism as a noose. Oh thats right, these boys are white.... only the AA's can get help from that Afirmative Action. The Federal Government will have egg on it's face until they step and right the wrong. So in this country today the Feds think its acceptable to crucify white, rich kids who are inncoent and protect the the black criminals, you know their ancestors where probably slaves 300 years ago, so let them run rampant, even Crystal got off scott free. The DOJ is a joke.

Anonymous said...

There are no words to describe how infuriated I am over Mr Cooper, and the whole damn state of North Carolina. The corruption is so rampant and deep it boggles the mind! You people honestly have no idea of just how deep these roots grow, and the intentional cover-up to not disclose the truths is inexplicable! The DOJ watches these sites daily, as I have proof of it, and would gladly share them with others. I have sent them to another poster here, and he knows who he is, and who is watching, and doing NOTHING!

I NEVER imagined such depravity in our own government. They lie to protect themselves, then ignore the truths when slapped in the face with them. I have no trust whatsoever in Durham's officials, and am taking my own stand here with the help of my Congressman and Presidential hopeful, Dennis Kucinich.

If the state of NC wants to deny my family of our rights concerning my brother's murder, then the FBI, and national Government shall!
There is MUCH more to hit the fan, and I will NOT go to my grave without exposing them, seeing convictions, and massive change! My brother and our family are not alone in our sufferings. MANY families are in consummate pain each day due to the odiousness of the peanut gallery. I have no respect for these knaves, and hell is not enough for them!

Justice?! Honor?! Ethics?! These words exist in our dictionary, Durham has excluded them, and it is up to us the people to reinstate them. If 'they" refuse, we will not! This is not a game, and we have all waited long enough for "Federal Intervention." I implore you all to request your own elected officials to DEMAND disclosure, and to open the bloody lid of Pandora's box, we can handle the truth, can they?!
Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio

Anonymous said...

Can you say "Cover-up?"

Anonymous said...

It is more like, can you say BULLSHIT!

Anonymous said...

It is not odd at all, it is a deliberate attempt to cover-up, and avoid "outing" the multitude of corrupt officials who want the power structure in Durham to remain the same.

The "FED'S" know everything they need to know, and a whole lot more, and has decided to turn a blind eye to the corruption. Again, I will say the DOJ, Administrative Office Of The Courts, and NUMEROUS governmental agencies in Washington monitor these sites, and knows damn well what is going on, and idly watches.

Leaving us like dogs to chase our own tails. The crimes committed in office far, far exceed the malfeasance of Nifong. It goes from the top all the way down. The wall of silence is deafening.

There is plenty of testimony, evidence, and countless cases of corruption and misconduct in the office of numerous officials.

What happened to the LAX3 is not the only injustice, and scores still exist. My family has waited nearly 3 years for the truth of my brother's death. It took over a year to be sent one single report?

Then, to see what is contained in the report is so shocking, that the world has yet to see just how corrupt and inept Durham is! Imagine your child, or loved one being found dead, executed with BLUE blood trailing from the entrance wound, to NO blood running from the exit wound, which took a one inch chunk from his head, and NO investigation into anything, until AFTER he was already cremated, and only because WE the family inquired? Plus countless other exampes of such horrendous abuses, which will leaves heads spinning in disbelief.

They lied and told us an autopsy was being done, one was not, he was sent to a funeral home from the crime scene for 30 hours before even being sent to the Medical Examiner's Office, and 3 days after being found dead, he was harvested for organs, and burned like an animal, without care or concern even unto this day. Law Enforcement never observed ONE minute element of protocol. Once I am able to make public ALL of the details, a new wave of gasps will pass many people's mouths, which we are praying will force our President, or "somebody" to do something, even if it is for "show."

We will be damned if it is A-OK to get away with what they are guilty of, and I will shout from every roof until the TRUTH is dealt with.

BriAnne Dopart has had the file, including the reports, and multiple copies of correspondence to countless officials, begging for help, only for the county to be blacklist, and laughed at us?! And Saaks is another flunky, put into office to remain status quo. Another sock puppet.

I will fight until there IS accountability, and am not intimidated by the good old boys, but instead know that they may have fooled many, and gotten away with many misdeeds, their time has come, and it is way past time to pay the Piper.

Hold onto your seats kids, it IS going to be a bumpy ride, and SHALL be made public, and I have ultimate faith God will intervene!
Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio

Anonymous said...

they are on the patroll and dont want the drug money cut off, wake up and smell the real truths, these guys are not going to do a dammed thing till they got to.