Thursday, November 08, 2007

Where in the World is Mr. Obfuscation?

Dr. Brian W. Meehan, better known as Mr. Obfuscation, is no longer Lab Director at DNA Security, Inc. A recent announcement on their web site indicates that Joe Chimera, Ph.D. is now their General Manager and Laboratory Director.

June 2007 DNASI Web Site

Current DNASI Web Site

Perhaps Civil Lawsuit No. 07-73 9 which includes DNA SECURITY, INC and Brian Meehan as defendants might have something to do with his replacement.

So we ask the question, where in the world is Mr. Obfuscation?


Anonymous said...

Focusing on producing his own DNA samples.

Anonymous said...

He is with Nifong and Gottleib and Hiam, Wendy Murphy, and Brodhead under a rock somewhere. There are no rocks big enough to fit the Duke 88 so they just slither through the Duke campus. Somehow Bell came out from under that rock and Durham re-elected him. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Oh. Well, if he's within sight of Wendy Murphy, I guess he can forget about producing the DNA samples.

Anonymous said...


This, obviously, doesn't bode well for the City of Durham. I believe Dr. Meehan will be looking at considerable expense in defending himself against the civil lawsuits.

I suspect he is being "squeezed" even as we post.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to the boys for suing the hell out of these idiots. You guys are heroes.

scott said...

Current Tally:

Lost job 2 (Nifong; Meehan)
Kept job 1 (Bell)
TBD Several

Anyone think Meehan won't rat out Gottlieb and Himan as part of the conspiracy during discovery? Hopefully, they'll join the "lost job" camp soon.

A lab director doesn't make that much money so it's probable Meehan doesn't have a big stash of cash at his disposal to pay legal fees. And what legitimate business is going to hire the disgraced doctor in the future? Highly likely Meehan will be looking for a spot as a contestant on "Let's Make A Deal." Squeal, Brian! Suuuuu-weeeee, Piggie, Piggie, Piggie!

Anonymous said...

Meehan's legal expenses will likely still be covered by DNASI's ploicy.

Anonymous said...

I can not imagine Meeham does not make at least 200,000 a year. Where did you get an idea lab Directors do not make much money?

Carolyn said...

"Where is the world is Mr. Obfuscation?"

Looking for the missing DNA - which means we won't see him for years.

(If he's looking for his integrity, we won't see him at all.)

Anonymous said...

He could be in California helping Scott Peterson's lawyers with the appeal.

Anonymous said...

asked and answered!


soon to be helping the Fong look for the real rapist!

Anonymous said...

Of course, Nifong and his possee went off for a few times to the lab. I am sure they had an expensed lunch too. It is not like they were driving to Siberia. I think Meehan will lay blame at Clark's door and Nifong. Still hoping, he will come out and tell all - other than Clarks' involvement, I doubt there is anything we do not know.