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Moezeldin Elmostafa - Hero

September 7, 2007 - Moezeldin Elmostafa watched as disgraced, disbarred, and former DA Nifong reported to jail

In the Duke Lacrosse Hoax there is plenty of blame & shame to spread around. We have the disgraced, disbarred, and former DA Nifong, who along with members of the Durham PD attempted to frame three innocent young men over a crime which never happened. We had Duke University President Brodhead, along with sidekick VP Burness, throw the entire Lacrosse Team under the bus of prejudgement while they pretended to let the process work. We had the Duke Faculty, known as the "88", display their outright bigotry in the press and on campus as they attempted to push their own twisted viewpoints of race, class, and gender for political power. We had the local press, who instead of fact checking the police misinformation ran with it and used anonymous sources to spin this sordid tale of white boys run wild, a complete lie. We had the Judge of the Hoax, Ronald Stephens, who abused his power to sign warrants and orders to push this Hoax forward. From Duke University Medical Center to almost every organization in Durham that touched this Hoax we saw a consistent and persuasive attempt to not only hide from the truth, but assist in the promulgation of falsehoods.

Then there is Elmo, as we affectionately call him. Moezeldin Elmostafa, the local Durham cabdriver who stood up to Nifong and told the truth.

Reader's Digest has an article about this Hero of the Hoax,

A Costly Fare
The cabdriver was living the American dream. He had fled the violence in his native Sudan in 1999 and had come to the United States, settling in North Carolina because he’d heard it was warm, like Africa. He sent money home to his parents every month, first from his job delivering pizza and then from wages at an IBM factory. But Moezeldin Elmostafa had bigger dreams—of opening his own business and bringing his wife and three children to live with him. In 2004 he started a taxi service with a friend. He could not have imagined that, two years later, a late-night fare would put him at the center of one of the country’s most notorious legal cases....
Reader's Digest

LieStoppers would like to note that most of the individuals who help promote this Hoax had university degrees, professional certification, and actual positions of Power. Elmo has something more powerful & more important, it's called Personal Integrity!

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Anonymous said...

You don't need power to be a hero; just integrity.

Anonymous said...

How about giving Beth Brewer, blog hooligans, and myself some recognition for exposing the deception? There have been many people who have stood up to "the powers that be" and we have not had lawyers standing behind us to hide behind.

We have gone public and have been extremely vocal about the corruption. I applaud Elmo, but has anybody wondered if he was chosen to help ease "race relations?"

I do not want to toot my own horn, but I think our actions have taken far more courage and time. This saga is not over by far. The corruption continues, and Durham's response is to deny the problems, lie, and divert attention to numerous examples of serious issues that continue without mention.

Again, the LAX3 have NOT been the only victims. Do not turn this forum into another website that only posts one sided journalism, and avoids the seriousness of our journey into the black hole.

There are countless lies yet to address. Hushing us into obscurity just shows the hypocrisy, and lack of respect to all of us whose lives remain in limbo. We do not want awards, but answers and change!
Rhonda Fleming

W. R. Chambers said...

Thanks for the reference to the story about Elmo, which is a welcome reminder that there is reason to hope.

Elmo was chosen because he told the truth and then became one of Nifong's victims.

Seeing the picture of Elmo in the background as Nifong reports for his 24 hours behind bars is a reminder that 24 hours seems an awfully short punishment for how and why Nifong abused his power as a prosecutor. One day in jail suggests that what Nifong did really wasn't very serious as far as the criminal justice system is concerned.

Anonymous said...

Seriousness of the justice system? What justice system? The one that refuses to acknowledge unsolved murders, prostitution, drugs, sexual slavery, and crimes committed by LE? Again, where is the media and concern for our still ongoing struggle for justice?

The one day sentence was a direct attempt to appear as if some sort of responsibility was being taken. I consider it an insult to our loved ones and families. Our leaders are playing a virtual game of chess. They move when counter acted. They do NOT care about the other side, but only about winning.

Our families remain prisoners and cannot escape the daily tirade of tears over our pain. There are no heroes in this tale, and we remain silenced. Does anybody honestly care?!
Rhonda Fleming

Anonymous said...

I would also like to address the DOJ who I know for a fact watches this site and DIW. What are you waiting for? I have proof you have been watching for months, and DEMAND that you come out of the closet and intervene on behalf of mine, and countless other families who have yet to have our cases and voices heard!

We have waited long enough, If there is any serious journalist out here who wishes to hear what I have to say, PLEASE contact me ASAP, as I am through waiting, and am more than happy to squeal like a pig about the complete corruption, and dis-concern for JUSTICE!
Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland Ohio

Anonymous said...

Is there a defense fund for Elmo so people can help him retire his $2500 debt for legal fees?

A lot of people from DIW are asking.

Anonymous said...

"The one day sentence was a direct attempt to appear as if some sort of responsibility was being taken."

Actually, the most convincing theory I've heard behind the one-day sentence is that if Smith had gone too high with the length of the sentence, Nifong would certainly have tried to appeal on the grounds that the sentence was excessive, and the appellate courts could potentially have changed the verdict, not just the sentence. By instead passing the minimum sentence, Smith left Nifong with no way to appeal except by challenging the verdict itself -- something he was unlikely to be able to create a pretext for.

Anonymous said...


Your beef with Durham has nothing to do with the Lacrosse Hoax. Your brother's murder occurred long before it.

I feel it is quite inappropriate for you to pat yourself on the back for exposing anything in Durham, until you actually do that.

Meanwhile, I am beginning to join others in feeling that you are unduly diverting the focus from the real purpose of this blog and rarely have anything new to contribute.

I am not on thie blogsite to be engaged in any other sideline issues. There are MANY issues, both in Durham and other parts of the world which are represented by the many many people on this blog. However, I think that it behooves us to respect the driving purpose of this blog and it is the Lacrosse case, and Duke University, and the Durham Police Department as they are all involved in the same issue.

I pray that your brother's murder will be solved. But it will not be solved by this blog.

Please show some respect to the rest of us for whom this blog's purpose is why we are here.

Anonymous said...

Smith's 1 day sentence and conviction doomed Nifong to paying for his own defense in all future Hoax trials and lawsuits.

The guilty verdict provided the City and state with a PC reason for abandoning Nifong, a conviction in a matter related to the case.

Ralph Phelan said...

"Your beef with Durham has nothing to do with the Lacrosse Hoax. Your brother's murder occurred long before it."

There is the connection that Durham is the sort of place where both those outrages, and so many others, can take place.

I agree that she could participate more constructively if rather than just expressing her outrage over the "unsolved murders, prostitution, drugs, sexual slavery, and crimes committed by LE" she were to list and document them.

A time-sorted list of Durham "justice" screwups with summaries and then detail for those who want it would be a useful resource for all of Durham's victims. It would create a "fact pattern" that would be devastating for the city's attempts to defend itself against a potential swarm of lawsuits for multiple independent acts of similar character.

Anonymous said...

10:32 I agree. But there is a time and place for that and this blog is neither.

Debrah said...

".....and we remain silenced."

There's not a snowball's chance that you will be you go about the internet attacking bloggers whose subject matter is not your own.

You and other obnoxious people like you who try to force your issues through off-topic rants, are your own worst enemies.

Many people have been very kind to you; however, you remain obnoxious. There are countless families who are going through what you are......yet they are not yelling daily on the internet.

Anonymous said...

To the hecklers...

To say unsolved murders in Durham have nothing to do with the Duke LAX3 case is ludicrous. This is the same lot of people, and the same issues. Nifong, Wilson, Bell, Easley, Law Enforcement, and other county officials continue their dirty deeds, while numerous cases and lives hang in the balance. The binding tie is the corruption, ineptitude, ignorance, and denial.
To say I am "off topic" is pathetic. Just what would you do if this was your family member? Could you imagine going years without action being taken? This same lot of filth have continued to deny countless people "Justice!"

I went public long ago begging for help, and will continue until we are heard. To stifle me from speaking the truth is indeed hypocritical. To say this forum is just about the nefariousness of one case is disturbing. There is a huge tidal wave behind it, and is just a matter of time before it lands. You are clueless as to what WE have been put through. Even when our cases are heard, the result is still death and destruction. I don't want revenge, but avenged. Our loved ones did not live and die for naught. My brother, and Janet Araboa deserve the dignity and respect to be solved. Their lives mattered, touched many, our futures forever filled with sadness, suffering, and brutal loss.

And I will be damned if I will sit idly by and say nothing! Too many people do, and is why the few must fight so hard for the benefit of others. Thank God there are people with enough courage, and selflessness to stand up and say "Hell no, I am not going to take it!" Rosa Parks is my most shining example. Had she not been dragged down into despair and disgust, then she would have given in, again. But, she chose to say she had enough! How many more reminders of man's own inhumanity towards man do we need to remind us of this?

This is why our world is so foul. People care only when "it happens to them." You cannot imagine what "it is like." I pray nobody does! I am no Rosa, but I am a sister, and I will stand up and fight until there is change. We are the people who can make a difference, and remaining silenced is even more destructing. Remember who and why the Amber Alert and Brady Bill were made. Each life matters, and justice is our ultimate goal.

Rhonda Fleming

Debrah said...

"Just what would you do if this was your family member? "

I sure as heck wouldn't be tethered to a computer every day attacking people.....simply because they have heard enough of the same story.

Many families are going through the same things. They perhaps choose to act more and talk less.

Ralph Phelan said...

"10:32 I agree. But there is a time and place for that and this blog is neither."

I partially disagree. Documenting other examples of incompetence and/or malfeasance could be help to increase Durham's payout to Evans, Finnerty and Seligman, and so would certainly be germaine to the purpose of this blog.

Documenting other cases of the pursuit of blatantly false accusations would be pertinent to "Page Two by Liestoppers." If they are in Durham, reporting on them all in one place will have a synergistic effect improving all victims' chances of getting justice, including the indicted and unindicted Duke lacrosse players.

What's getting old are the rants about how corrupt and evil the Durham government and police are and how unfair it all is. Believe me, Rhonda, we already know. Now we're looking to do something about it.

Anonymous said...

Getting attention has been extremely important. Some people KNOW of the corruption, others cannot begin to fathom. How pathetic I have trolls who follow me to try and make me look bad. I have a lot of proof on numerous FACTS, just waiting to go before the DA and courts.

How disturbing it is to have people go under another name, acting like another person, to try to sabotage Jack's death. I do plan on having these threads to be presented into evidence, so throw all you have people, it only helps me more.

I chose to take the suffering for us all. My family have written and called countless times as well. But after discussing this with our mother, decided to do this alone. There is no need for her, or our family to see his bloody and battered corpse. I do NOT want our mom or family to have these images trapped into their minds, I want them to have good memories, not nightmares and the pain of "seeing" what they did to him...I consider myself to be the mediator, he is my brother, and is not just my duty, but is my love of him to see his murderer punished, and his name and respect restored.

This is why I have also been so vocal about ALL of the murders, and the sexual slave ring. Jack did not die in vain. I pray many people will be helped from my quest. It is for love, and courage to do the right thing.

I am not going to go into details, this will soon be in the DA's hands, and he will deal with it all then. So, do not think by going "undercover" that you are going to unbalance me. It just shows me that somebody is worried of the truth.

And, the truth will SOON be forthcoming!

Ralph Phelan said...

I have a lot of proof on numerous FACTS, just waiting to go before the DA and courts. ... I am not going to go into details, this will soon be in the DA's hands, and he will deal with it all then.

I am not particularly trustful of DAs as a class these days. What harm would there be in putting any information you have into the public domain? One of the great strengths of Liestoppers was its ability to apply "distributed intelligence" to the gathering and processing of information - just ask the defense team. No reason this gang couldn't help with a prosecution too if they were so inclined.

But they want to help, not just sit around bitching.

This is why I have also been so vocal about ALL of the murders, and the sexual slave ring.

Vocal, but not particularly informative or useful, as I have no idea WTF you're talking about.

I do plan on having these threads to be presented into evidence, so throw all you have people, it only helps me more.

Please don't, you'll just make yourself look dumb. People get insulted on the Internet all the time, it's the nature of the beast. Your best bet is to shrug it off. Trust me on this, I've been getting into flamewars since back in the days when the ARPANET ran on vacuum tubes.

I chose to take the suffering for us all.

Ummm ... messiah complex much?

You know that old saying about "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?" Well if you google my name you'll see it sure doesn't apply to me! But I think you could stand to apply a modified version of it to your own postings:

"If you don't have anything new to say, don't say anything at all."

Anonymous said...

Whatever you said was nonsense. I am not here to DEBATE the issue, but to OUT it! If it bores you, what a sad man you are. Longtabbers plan to threaten me into making public details is not going to work. Ridicule me all you wish, it still does not change the fact that Jack is dead, and law enforcement definitely did nothing, and a murderer so far walks free.

Thank God jack was not your loved one. You people who waste your time insulting me, only gives yourselves less respect. I will have something "good" to say once the truth comes out. Maybe you should take your own advice than to ridicule a person who wants justice for their loved one.

Anonymous said...


You have had your say. Your nagging insistance is now turning people away from being sympathetic to your cause.

I agree that you have a point.

I hope that KC pulls the plug on further rants however.

I feel beat around the head with your issue.

I hope that people in Durham will put the pieces together and help to resolve the crime there.

Meanwhile, I hope you will get some professional counseling... not to loose your passion and commitment, but to deal with your obsession.

All the anger in the world will not bring your brother back. There are MANY others like you have suffered injustice and they have to go on with their lives.

I hope you will take care of yourself. But I also hope you will not alienate those who might assist you by trying to stuff your issues down their throats.

Anonymous said...

All I want is my brother's murder solved. PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

Fong had better things to do than punish such trivial crimes as murder. I can't believe people still don't understand that. We MUST get the imaginary rapists off of the streets.

He was an American hero, in spite of the evidence!

Anonymous said...

Elmo - Gotta feel good to seee Nifong do the prep walk.

Ralph Phelan said...

"prep walk"

What, was he wearing topsiders, chinos and a polo shirt?

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

Rhonda, you do have a messianic complex, or if not, you're obviously in too much pain to think rationally. You're not the only one to have lost a loved one to murder, to have seen justice denied for years, even decades, to have seen the pain passed onto the next generation. You're not the only one who has suffered as you do. However, do something constructive. If you want help, provide material evidence so that those who can do so. More importantly, seek counseling. I won't go into details, but I've seen what happens when someone sees graphic crime scene photos of their murdered loved ones. That individual who saw his loved one the way you saw your brother died far too young and left a young family behind, several years later, and not a day goes by that I don't think about him. I'm not saying to stop thinking about the pain; I'm saying to seek counseling to learn how to cope with it. I want justice for your brother and all other victims of violent crimes, but you're not achieving that here. I'm not asking you to be silent; I'm asking you to think and be more effective, and again, to seek the professional help you so desperately need.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

Rhonda, I'm not angry at you. I'm not angry with you for being in pain. Instead, I'm worried for you, for what you're letting this do to you. Remember your brother, fight for justice in his name, but above all else, LIVE, or else what's the point? What's the point if you end up driving away those who love you and those who would be your friend as a result of your monomania? What's the point if, after your brother's murderer is found, you end up utterly and completely alone? I'm not saying this in anger, or in judgment, or to mock you in any way. I'm asking you to find the strength to reach out and get help.

Anonymous said...

What will happen to us is we will be able to begin the healing process. As it is, it is a wound so deep that cannot be brushed off with a band aid. I have lawyers on the case now, and the DA will have to do something, even if he doesn't like it. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and although I may be extremely emotional, I am not ashamed, it just shows love and respect, not Joan of Arc, just a sister who cannot let go of a brutal murder, who is fighting for him, our mom and to give him the respect he deserves.

You have all ranted about the LAX case like it is soooo huge, imagine murder? You cannot compare, and yes I ache, we all do, and that fuels me to never give in. I am not here to gather friends, but to spread the word. There are much bigger cases unsolved, and far past time people listened and took action.


Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

You will be able to begin the healing process? What about after the conviction? What about what happens every time the bastard comes up for parole or appeals his conviction, or petitions the court for clemency, and you and your loved ones have to see your brother that way again? What about what happens when you are told, in unflinching detail in that courtroom, exactly what happened to him? Do you think the pain will go away or lessen when that happens? It won't! I've seen what that does to people I've loved, and each retelling only makes it worse, if you let it.

I'm not asking you to avoid seeking justice. I'm asking you to be strong enough to seek effective help in bringing that justice about, I'm asking you to allow those of us whose help you seek to actually help you, and I'm asking you to be strong enough to seek the professional help you need to find at least some measure of peace. The pain doesn't and won't go away, but it will get better, if you let it and if you seek the help you need.

Again, I say this not out of anger, but out of a deep concern for your well-being. You're not the only person to have experienced this. Seek support from those who have.

Anonymous said...

Have you? I have seen the pictures and viewed the evidence. We will live with the pain the rest of our lives. Yes, there will be healing when the guilty are behind bars, and is what I have fought for. Going to a shrink to pump me up on pills isn't going to solve anything, and not doing anything is not an option.

Speak your opinion at a PMRC meeting, all of us families of murdered loved ones STRONGLY want these bastards in jail, and to remain there! I know what was done to my brother and it is horrific, unimaginable, and unthinkable. You all go on about the rights of the LAX3, but you have yet to see far, far, far more abuses, stomach churning. You may look the other way, but we will not!

The only "professional" help we need is, and was in the hands of law enforcement, of to which you have only sampled a very small portion of corruption.

I never ever would have imagined what I know now. Saacks knows he HAS to reopen the case, and is stalling like his predecessors. Well, they have had nearly 3 years, and our cases long over due to our rights. Our loved ones are dead, somebody must speak out for them! Angry? You bet we are! Nobody is more anxious than I am to sit in that court every day, I want the murderer and jury to see the family. Nothing will bring them back, but seeking "JUSTICE" is the only way we can ever begin to heal.
Rhonda Fleming