Thursday, December 06, 2007

It's A-OK!

The Dept of Justice has declined to investigate the Nifong/Mangum Hoax. You know what that says to me?

It says what happened to Collin, Reade. and Dave in Durham, North Carolina is "A-OK."

Yes, "A-OK." That's an expression I picked up from Judge Ronald Stephens, the local judge/buddy boy who allowed the NBBP into the courtroom and later sobbed on the stand as he testified to Nifong's good upstanding character. Nifong, he hiccuped,,, was "A-OK."


Now this decision by the DOJ has expanded that "okay-ness" into many other areas. A lot of stuff we've been aghast at is ...apparently...A-OK. Let's see if I can take a deep breath and name a few.

Well, the treatment of Mr. Elmostafa is apparently A-OK. Intimidation of witnesses is now deemed a legitimate law enforcement tool . Likewise, changing Kim's "crock" into a "could be" with a sweet deal is just smart and sassy legal technique. That's A-OK as well.

That no-wrong answers line-up: that's A-OK. Any one of the many ever morphing excuses for it will suffice. Likewise the convenient absence of notes to thwart discovery and the creation of crucial notes months later is getting another affirmative nod of approval. Seems now it's confirmed that in Bull City, law enforcement officials know "Bull" can be their best friend. It's A-OK.

False Accusation is also A-OK. Crystal Mangum is a serial Accuser..six men, at least, have been victimized by her Fantastic Lies...but she is out there as we speak. Sane enough in N.C. to continue to "care" for her babies, but not sane enough to face legal consequences for her egregious actions.

Speaking of a SANE nurse and evaluator of rape accusers, Tara Levicy still has her license and may well be waiting in some ER room tonight,... waiting to assist Women Who NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER Lie About Rape to make their charges stick. Ideologues in white uniforms..A-OK.

Melanie Sill is California Dreamin' now. On her watch, the N&O's shrill and sensational faux coverage incited the community with a fairy tale meta-narrative of the shy young student, new to dancing, raped for thirty minutes by the swaggering boys whose parents had big houses up North. To accommodate the crazed outrage of the community, the N&O printed a convenient wanted poster of the Team with wanton disregard for the safety of these young men who were forced to remain on campus for finals. Hey, no consequences for Mel , the N&O has moved her along..this was, folks, all A-OK.

What about Kim Curtis? She is back teaching at Duke. Her treatment of the LAX players in her class sanctioned by Brother Brodhead...and we know HE knows "bad" when he sees it. Well, when he sees it in helmeted student athletes..not so much in campus classrooms or the halls of the D.A.'s office. Brodhead never chastised the Payback Profs at the Classroom Pulpit or mentioned Prosecutor Nifong wasn't A-OK back then, did he? .

And while I'm on the topic of Brodhead, whatever his leadership did to cause the huge settlements being handed about..apparently isn't "bad enough." Brother Brodhead is still the face, the persona, the stalwart symbol of Dukiness the BOT wishes to promote. He's A-OK for all of them. I think of the Spanish proverb..."take what you want, says God, and pay for it." As you surely will. Or Stevenson's couplet: "O wad some power the Giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us?" See your President...the President of a great University... too craven to meet with the anguished parents of his own students at the darkest moment of their lives. The esteemed wordsmith... too inept to find a few appropriate words for the families at the time. The noted English scholar..too afraid to read the complete case file as offered to him in desperation and despair. Brodhead: the personification of the best standards of Duke University: he is A-OK.

And City Manager Baker who assured the media of his personal, careful monitoring of the police investigation (akin to his oversight of the burning dump and hazardous parking garage) and the existence of just ONE story from Victim Crystal. Hey, Mayor Bell, this is the best you can offer Durham...your man Baker is A-OK?

Now we are being asked to fold our tents and accept this happy resolution, this "I'm okay, you're okay" wrap up party and go home. Be glad our Innocents are cleared. Don't think about the how, or the why, or the who-is-still-in-place. Don't think about tomorrow. Don't think about the next kids. The victims-to-come. Don't think at all.

Don't you get it? Power and corruption need your comfortable complacence. Move along. It's all A-OK.

Joan Foster


lynp said...

Ahhhhhhhhh - Nurses have not worn white uniforms in at least thirty years. SANE's are not evaluaters of the rape claimants story - that is the cops and DAs. An RN collects swabs, mateials and get the answers to the printed simple check list (which includes the first hand account of the accusser's story). The anti Levicy folk should write the Board of nursing (Nurses governing body)again with your complaints. See what kind of an answer you get this time.

Anonymous said...

Washington is as corrupt as Durham.

Anonymous said...

Nurse Levicy sold her house days after NC AG Cooper concluded this in his summary.

"No medical evidence confirmed her stories. The SANE based her opinion that the exam was consistent with what the accusing witness was reporting largely on the accusing witness’s de¬meanor and complaints of pain rather than on objective evidence."
Durham County Superior Court
case file Nos. 06 CRS 4332-4336, 5582-5583
NC AG Summary of Conclusions

Her North Carolina Nursing license is expired and she moved to New Hamsphire. A report of her actions is contained within her New Hampshire Nurse Licensing file.

Anonymous said...

Joan: LOVE your writing... but it wasn't Stevenson, it was Robert Burns I believe, and the name of the poem was "Ode to a Louse". Pretty appropriate to the current situation, eh?

(Setting, if I recall my English Lit class of a thousand years ago, was Burns' sitting behind an aristocratic lady in church who had a louse crawling through her hat.)


Carolyn said...

Joan, you're not the only one disgusted that feds care about a noose around a doorknob, or a noose hanging from a tree in Texas, or nooses around the necks of Vick's dogs - yet do NOT care about nooses around the necks of 3 innocent Duke kids.

No. This is NOT A-okay with me either!

Anonymous said...

Any idea what this does do the civil lawsuits pending in Federal Court?

Anonymous said...

Could you really expect from the current administration? One can only hope it lingers on for a year or more and gets a fresh look.

Anonymous said...

No - She let her NC license go inactive but can reactivate it any time she wants. Please, Please, Please link to the NH Nursing license file. I hope it is true because NH issued Levicy a new license which means the Governing Board found no fault with her actions. Joan - I am disappointed with this cheap shot. You know SANE are not rape evaluators - Even Ann Burgess, herself, does not evaluate rape accussers.simple collecting fri am don

Anonymous said...

The criminal portion of this case
was over many months ago. It ended the day the AG declared the boys innocent. Ironically, on the day when the boys experienced their vindication, it was that day when the vast majority of people who were following the case lost interest.

The feds have no interest in this case because criminally it's not a slam dunk case (Like Vic's was), and because losing it would have been politically embarrasing. Trust me Joan, it is difficult to criminally convict cops.

People like Addison and Gotlieb were peripheral players who did and said what their bosses told them to say. It was the COMMAND LEVEL officers who approved their actions and failed to confront Nifong. It was Nifong who willfully and knowingly took the "evidence" to the grand jury for the indictments to get elected.

Now the boys only legal relief is the civil case which is still pending. I predict that too will be settled out of court for less than the 30 million with some minor modifications to DPD's procedures as window dressing.

Joan, it's and many other people did their best and did make a difference, but it's time to move on.

Anonymous said...

SANE Nurse Levicy "based her opinion that the exam was consistent with what the accusing witness was reporting largely on the accusing witness's demeanor and complaints of pain rahter than on objective evidence"

"I wasn't suprised when I heard no DNA was found because rape is not about passion or ejaculation but about power."

her "findings were consistent with a sexual assault"

although none of the medical documentation supported her "findings".

Ms. Levicy was a huge enabler in this false rape case -- the only possible evidence of rape was the "difuse edema" which the MD later conceded could have come from a yeast infection. Of course we all know it could also have come from 4+ unidentified males... or her boyfriend.

Ms. Levicy claims that Mangum knew the lax used false names -- although PD didn't know about false names until that theory became convenient many days after the reported/alleged rape. There is little doubt the 'false names theory came from the PD and not from Mangum....

Levicy's feminism got the best of her .. her attitude that women don't lie about rape should make her ineligible to EVER serve as a SANE.

Complaints to the NH board are certainly confidential as are the actions of the board -- it will certainly be interesting to see if Levicy is ever SANE certified again. Maybe, in her spare time, she can continue her vagina chronicles in NH.... A-OK w/ me, NC doesn't need any more crazies.

Anonymous said...

Detective Stabler, himself, just said on Law and Order - "rape is not about sex - its about power and rage." which agrees with what the rape experts write. As the MD wrote "diffuse edema" on the rape report - what does that have to do with Levicy?
I believe she is still SANE certified from taking that 84 hour certification course.
Actually - all discipline action taken against any nurse is published on the states web site. you can verify this yourself by goggling. The Board wants the public to know who has been disciplined, put on probation, loss their license, etc. Anyone who has a cloud on their license. I am not the one who wrote there is a NH Nursing License file on her. I am eager to see the report.

Anonymous said...

BTW, what the AG said was "she based her opinion on Subjective evidence".

Anonymous said...

Diffuse edema is not evidence of rape.

Mr X said...

nice to see vegas is still with us!

Hi vegas.

do you get email alerts anytime your babygirl's name appears somewhere on the net? please drop the BON did nothing-so everthing is A OK bullshit. you don't have any clue what the BON did or did not do to Tara. it doesn't matter anyway, she will be returning for the civil trials soon enuf and we can her it directly from the horse's...err...mouth.

Anonymous said...

Mr X - Who is babygirl? Don't we haave a bet that she will not be returning for civil suits. What I heard from the horse's mouth at Nifong's bar hearing was a non event - guess you had to be there.
Yes, I do have a clue. NH gave her an RN icense and there is no mention of her for any discipline action from the NH BON - it would be there had any action been taken. This information is so available from the site - how come you do not use it?

Anonymous said...

Mangum's wondering: "why did those white boys get paid but not me and why doesn't Reverend Jackson return my phone calls? I gots bills to pay. And herbies in my mouf."

Mr said...

vegas- if you go look up my name on the NCBON, there is no record of action taken either. Now to be fair, I'm not a nurse in N.C., but neither is your babygirl Tara any longer. you have no clue what was said or done, unless you want to reveal your private conversations with your bff Tara to us.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Why should anybody believe a prosecution witness anywhere in the United States, when laws concerning perjury and filing false police reports don't even apply to a phony like Crystal Mangum? This stuff is happening all across the "land of liberty."

Anonymous said...

Love you too X but I have never talked or met the nurse. Whats fair is fair.

Anonymous said...

The system doesn't work, period. Don't support it.

Anonymous said...

Levicy's name shows up on the BC BON web sit - License inactive. Shown no cloud on the license. At the NH BON web site - show active license and when issued in July. Shows no cloud on the license. What more do you want? What system is not working?

Anonymous said...

There are no words to describe how infuriated I am over Mr Cooper, and the whole damn state of North Carolina. The corruption is so rampant and deep it boggles the mind! You people honestly have no idea of just how deep these roots grow, and the intentional cover-up to not disclose the truths is inexplicable! The DOJ watches these sites daily, as I have proof of it, and would gladly share them with others. I have sent them to another poster here, and he knows who he is, and who is watching, and doing NOTHING!

I NEVER imagined such depravity in our own government. They lie to protect themselves, then ignore the truths when slapped in the face with them. I have no trust whatsoever in Durham's officials, and am taking my own stand here with the help of my Congressman and Presidential hopeful, Dennis Kucinich.

If the state of NC wants to deny my family of our rights concerning my brother's murder, then the FBI, and national Government shall!
There is MUCH more to hit the fan, and I will NOT go to my grave without exposing them, seeing convictions, and massive change! My brother and our family are not alone in our sufferings. MANY families are in consummate pain each day due to the odiousness of the peanut gallery. I have no respect for these knaves, and hell is not enough for them!

Justice?! Honor?! Ethics?! These words exist in our dictionary, Durham has excluded them, and it is up to us the people to reinstate them. If 'they" refuse, we will not! This is not a game, and we have all waited long enough for "Federal Intervention." I implore you all to request your own elected officials to DEMAND disclosure, and to open the bloody lid of Pandora's box, we can handle the truth, can they?!
Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio

Anonymous said...

What more do I want? I want Mangum and Nifong in jail. That's what the hell I want.

Anonymous said...

people in hell want ice water. You do not always get what you want in life. the Doj is not supporting Cooper in this and you need to step back and ask yourself why? Why is the government not getting involved on Cooper's request? The obvouis answer is that they have reviewed the files and Cooper's report and it has been found lacking and the feds do not want to get involved in a questionable case.

Anonymous said...

The continued anger toward the SANE nurse is strange.

Why is such vitriol directed at the nurse and not toward Crystal Mangum - the liar who started it all.

Why does Crystal always get a pass?

Anonymous said...

There is no case of the FEDS not finding "probable cause." Their "cause" is to sweep it all under the rug, the whole deal is a mockery of JUSTICE!
Rhonda Fleming

Anonymous said...

Why does Crystal get a free pass? Because there are lots and lots of Crystals out there, and the state doesn't want any attention drawn to them.

Observer said...


It's not clear to me at all that how the feds did not find enough evidence of wrongdoing to even launch an can it be they have made a determination like that when the NC AG has indicated he needs their help to evaluate whether there is a case worth pursuing? The feds should have INVESTIGATED, using their subpoena power...whether or not to prosecute was a decision to be made after the investigation, not before, non?

The DOJ perhaps had several reasons for turning down the case, but concluding that the crimes, to which incidentally there were many witnesses, were not committed-- before the parties have given testimony seems pretty odd.

Anonymous said...

It is not odd at all, it is a deliberate attempt to cover-up, and avoid "outing" the multitude of corrupt officials who want the power structure in Durham to remain the same.

The "FED'S" know everything they need to know, and a whole lot more, and has decided to turn a blind eye to the corruption. Again, I will say the DOJ, Administrative Office Of The Courts, and NUMEROUS governmental agencies in Washington monitor these sites, and knows damn well what is going on, and idly watches.

Leaving us like dogs to chase our own tails. The crimes committed in office far, far exceed the malfeasance of Nifong. It goes from the top all the way down. The wall of silence is deafening.

There is plenty of testimony, evidence, and countless cases of corruption and misconduct in the office of numerous officials.

What happened to the LAX3 is not the only injustice, and scores still exist. My family has waited nearly 3 years for the truth of my brother's death. It took over a year to be sent one single report?

Then, to see what is contained in the report is so shocking, that the world has yet to see just how corrupt and inept Durham is! Imagine your child, or loved one being found dead, executed with BLUE blood trailing from the entrance wound, to NO blood running from the exit wound, which took a one inch chunk from his head, and NO investigation into anything, until AFTER he was already cremated, and only because WE the family inquired? Plus countless other exampes of such horrendous abuses, which will leaves heads spinning in disbelief.

They lied and told us an autopsy was being done, one was not, he was sent to a funeral home from the crime scene for 30 hours before even being sent to the Medical Examiner's Office, and 3 days after being found dead, he was harvested for organs, and burned like an animal, without care or concern even unto this day. Law Enforcement never observed ONE minute element of protocol. Once I am able to make public ALL of the details, a new wave of gasps will pass many people's mouths, which we are praying will force our President, or "somebody" to do something, even if it is for "show."

We will be damned if it is A-OK to get away with what they are guilty of, and I will shout from every roof until the TRUTH is dealt with.

BriAnne Dopart has had the file, including the reports, and multiple copies of correspondence to countless officials, begging for help, only for the county to be blacklist, and laughed at us?! And Saaks is another flunky, put into office to remain status quo. Another sock puppet.

I will fight until there IS accountability, and am not intimidated by the good old boys, but instead know that they may have fooled many, and gotten away with many misdeeds, their time has come, and it is way past time to pay the Piper.

Hold onto your seats kids, it IS going to be a bumpy ride, and SHALL be made public, and I have ultimate faith God will intervene!
Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio

Anonymous said...

Now we know from Team Scheck's new filling that on March 29th the Durham big dogs - city counsel and DPD "browbeat" Gottleib and Himan to "press on with the case ins spite of evidence the three were innocent due to Nifong and DPD false and inflammatory statements." No mention of the staff nurse as part of the hoax and Gottlieb and Himan require a second look as perpatrators of the hoax. Between the DOJ turn down, the notice of this meeting and reelection of the Big Boys - a hard month for the Team Liestoppers posters.

Anonymous said...

It is only just the beginning....

Anonymous said...

looks more like the end

Anonymous said...

There is so much more to come out of Durham than the LAX case. The entire legal system is broken, the cops are thugs and worse than you can imagine. Countless elected officials from the Governor, down to the City Manager, to the County Clerk are involved. Many fingers have dipped into Durham's cookie jar, and the truth will be extremely explosive to many who have turned their backs on citizens, justice, and any code of ethics or valor. Embrace yourselves for an extreme shock. A tidal wave of truth will boggle your mind, the corruption SHALL be exposed!