Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nifong files for Bankruptcy

Bloomberg.com is reporting that the disgraced, disbarred, and former DA of Durham county has filed for Bankruptcy.

Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Michael Nifong, the former North Carolina district attorney who unsuccessfully prosecuted Duke University lacrosse players for rape, sought bankruptcy protection from creditors including the athletes.

Nifong, listed debt of $180.3 million and assets of $243,898 in documents filed today in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Durham, North Carolina. The prosecutor stepped down last year. North Carolina officials stripped him of his law license for unethical conduct in the 2006 investigation of the allegations against the players.

The three former players who had rape charges against them dropped sued Nifong in federal court in Durham in October. Collin Finnerty, David F. Evans and Reade Seligmann were listed as unsecured creditors each owed $30 million.

``This looks like a smart move for Mr. Nifong,'' said Charles ``Chuck'' Tatelbaum, a Florida bankruptcy lawyer who has represented doctors who have used Chapter 11 to protect themselves from the fallout of lawsuits... Bloomberg.com

Nifong's Voluntary Petition for Bankruptcy

Hat Tip: John In Carolina and to Bloomberg Reporter Dawn McCarty


Anonymous said...

It never would have came to this if Nifong would have done the right thing just once before August 31, 2007.

Anonymous said...

Does Mr. Nifong's claim in Federal Court that he owes the plaintiffs, even before the trial, indicate that the answer to the court in the cases is that he is guilty? If Mr. Nifong files a claim with the bankruptcy court that he owes this money, before he actually does, isn't he in effect filing a fraudulent case with the bankruptcy court?

Anonymous said...

You will pay for this for the rest of your life!

Three Cheers for the 2006 Lacrosse Team & their Families!

GS said...

No way it will work for Nifong.

1 - He seems to admit that he owes the money, admitting the claims in the lawsuit are valid?

2 - He was convicted of lying to a court. Every other court in the US will consider that to be willful action and not drop any judgment against him concealing the Duke case.

Anonymous said...

I see he still owes the NC Bar 8K. He has included in his filing everyone associated with the case (lots of disputed $1 claims).

I guess he is trying to kill any future claims/suits as well.

Anonymous said...

Honestly it looks like he has given up hope. He has admitted "I'm really really F**ked!" If I was the City of Durham I would be mighty worried about my co-defendents Nifong & Wilson. They just might make a singing duo.

Anonymous said...

I also wonder if there will be a fraud issue here, if he's prematurely claiming the boys as creditors. Everything this guy does he does so well!

Now aren't you glad you bet on that ho? She sure paid off for you, didn't she?

Anonymous said...

(That was referring to Nifong, choosing to believe Mangum over the truth!)

Anonymous said...

SLY-FONG. How much you wanna bet he put all his "assets" into Cy's name along time ago.

Can we tie anything to her???

Anonymous said...

Nifong's theme song, "I Did It My Way"... probably the title of his expose tell all about the Lacross Hoax... destined to be a BIG seller ( because his publisher will do a better job thatn KC Johnson's publisher did for him). So the bankruptcy court better rule that any profit that man ever makes on anything to do with this Hoax, between now and purgatory, goes to the three defendants.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Thank you God.

Anonymous said...

I'm no bankruptcy practitioner, but the way I have always understood the law is that INTENTIONAL wrongdoing may not be discharged in a bankruptcy.

Of course, in order to just get past the immunity issues, the Plaintiffs will have to prove INTENTIONAL wrongdoing (and I think there is no doubt they succeed at this).

So, would there be any bankruptcy protection at all for his framing of the Duke boys? I understand he can claim bankruptcy on the attorney's fees and other credit-type debts, but not his intentional malfeasance.

P.S. Any humiliation of Nifong is good.

Anonymous said...

Humiliation is inadequate. The fact that this crook is walking around a free man is a national disgrace.