Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Durham takes Responsibility

Tuesday was response day for Durham! Today we woke up to read how Durham responded to the civil complaint filed by Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty, and Dave Evans. Would official Durham take responsibility for the Hoax/Frame attempt? Would they show any remorse for attempting to frame three innocent young men for a crime that didn't happen?

Naw! Truthfully we all have come to expect what passes for responsibility in Durham and they didn't exceed our expectations. The Blog Hooligans were quick to dissect.

Buddy: "It seems to me that the argument is that the police can lie, cheat, and steal, but if the grand jury indicts all is forgiven. What am I missing?"

Longtabber: "And you didn't see this coming?"

JenniferN: "This is a joke right? Gottlieb's conduct was wrong and outrageous but since it didn't work - Elmo and Shelton didn't change their stories, there was no successful prosecution based on the "notes" or "line-up" - Gottlieb shouldn't be held responsible for any wrongdoing. BWA HA HA HA HA HA."

Chicagolacrosse: "Bran Bannon said it best. "How can everyone agree that "it" is wrong, yet no one is responsible for "it."

The complete list of case documents & responses is on the Justia site


Be sure to check out Durham-In-Wonderland as Professor KC Johnson comments on the responses.


Anonymous said...

Bwa Ha Ha Ha Ha, indeed.

Anonymous said...

They just fucked up! OOOOOPS!

Anonymous said...

Another pathetic failure to hold people accountable on the part of the legal system.

Anonymous said...

Integrity? What's that? This is Durham & Duke and they haven't told the truth for the last two years. Mix them up with attorneys and now we really have a Liar's Banquet!

Anonymous said...

Durham PD up to no-good again and Judge Orlando Hudson makes reference to the Duke Lacrosse case.

Anonymous said...

I've read you as well as DIW since the breakout, even have KC's book. I've been glued and thanks for the coverage, it's been a sour lesson in civics. If there's no fed intervention, even from Beth Dole, and Durham continues there is a large cultural rat. Smells like New Orleans, same corruption, run our own world attitude, we don't need or want outside help, until. Word's been spread from these blogs, thank.