Thursday, April 17, 2008

April 17, 2006 - Sad Day for Durham's Justice System

Today is the two year anniversary of one of the saddest days for Durham's Lady Justice.

DURHAM, N.C. - A grand jury issued sealed indictments Monday against two members of the Duke University lacrosse team in connection with allegations that a stripper was raped last month at a team party, NBC News’ Dan Abrams reported, citing two unnamed defense sources.

The charges against the two players are unclear, Abrams reported.

“Today, two young men have been charged with crimes they did not commit,” attorney Robert Ekstrand said in a statement. “This is a tragedy. For the two young men, an ordeal lies ahead. ... They are both innocent.” MSNBC

Looking back now we know the Grand Jury indicted Reade and Collin only on the testimony of DPD Officers Gottlieb and Himan, who knew the facts of the case disputed the false allegations. One can only assume they did not tell the Grand Jury the real evidence.

1) They knew there would be no matches to any Lacrosse Team player from the Rape Kit Swabs.

2) They knew the DNASI YSTR tests would prove no sexual assault happened with any Lacrosse Team player and that the test results included multiple male DNA hits from others

3) They knew Crystal had a history of mental illness

4) They knew Crystal was being driven around the Triangle meeting clients in motel rooms

5) They knew Crystal admitted to doctors at UNC that she was really drunk.

6) They knew the DUMC Sane kit did not collaborate any of the injuries she was claiming and they observed none in her interview of March 16

7) They knew Crystal had failed miserably in two previous line-ups and that they, themselves, had conducted a non standard line-up of only Lacrosse players which violated their own policy. They knew full well she had described her "attackers" as short and chubby and Reade & Collin are both over 6 feet!

8) They knew Kim had told them originally, "Crock" and that she was with Crystal for all but 5 minutes. Then a warrant was served on her, after which she received a sweetheart deal from Nifong and Judge Stephens. Her saying of "Crock and that she was with Crystal for all but 5 minutes" is not in her revised written statement

Yet the Durham Grand Jury Indicted. They must have not been told the truth.

Two years have passed.

a) No one is being criminally investigated.

b) No transcripts are as yet being kept in normal NC Grand Jury proceedings and the NC Assembly has not changed it, despite being requested.

c) No censure of Judge Stephens for his role in the Hoax/Frame has happened, no censure for the ADAs in the DA office, and no censure for any PD Officer.

That sad day continues for Durham and will never go away until the truth is confronted.


Anonymous said...

Give false accusers life in prison. Zero tolerance for lying about innocent men!

Anonymous said...

This abuse by Durham police of the grand jury process should be a crime. Is it? Did Gottlieb and Himan commit a crime by misleading the grand jury and causing the indictment of two innocent lacrosse players? Please send this to the new U.S. attorney general. If North Carolina won't clean up the Durham corruption, the feds need to step in.

Anonymous said...

Somebody should at least file a motion to remove Mangum's children from her custody.

Anonymous said...

Kick their asses!!!!!

Anonymous said...

No censure, no punishment, no impeachment of the judges, no change in the pathetic grand jury laws, which don't even require that a record be kept. Outrageous! Where is the North Carolina attorney general?